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song is thinking maybe a battle scene, but also it could be there trying to help.
There's a fire and they're trying to put it in.
Yeah, yeah, Oh, yeah way could be carrying a bucket.
All right.
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Mo.
Matt is Japan's first national art museum.
Located across the Imperial Palace, the museum is home to one of Japan's largest art collections, comprising a total of over 13,000 items, including countless masterpieces dating from the early 20th century to the present day by both Japanese and foreign artists today were invited to a Let's Talk part event, which provides a new way to enjoy arts and help visitors to get the most out of their visit.
So the moment is a great travel destination.
Surrounded by the Imperial Palace, Kitano Madu Park and Tokyo Station, Way met a couple pretty cool people today while we talked about Japanese art and I never learned so much.
Today I'm gonna show you what our experience was like.
And if you'd like to book a ticket to the let's talk event when you're in Tokyo, I will link everything and down below.
Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, your virtual ticket to Japan and with Gretchen.
And I'm also with, I think, our first time meeting.
We've talked before, but, like, legit first time.
So we decided to come to the museum today and enjoy some Japanese are gonna check out some of the art.
We're gonna get a tour guide later and everything.
So if you're in the Tokyo area Great.
I'm sorry.
It's so loud, that huge building.
Oh, my God.
And we're right in front of the Imperial Palace, which is even better.
So all right, freshener ready.
There's a really cool view on the brand of the building.
So if you want to catch a good glimpse of the Imperial Palace, this is where it's at.
You can also view it from inside the building as well.
Keep in mind the artworks air changed three times a year, So the works that we filmed today might not be there when you guys go.
Well, that's Umed.
How do I zoom out?
That is welcome to the Gretchen camp.
On the fourth to second floors.
The collection exhibition moment collection presents in each exhibition period about 200 pieces with replacement of work several times a year.
It is the only exhibition in Japan that allows you to trace the history of Japanese art from the 20th century onwards, along with overseas works that had influence on Japanese artists.
That was armpits this morning before I shave, if you have a lot of anxiety around crowds and museum is a great place to visit.
And for second time visitors to Japan, you made over to some places you've already traveled to depicted in these paintings.
I actually climbed this mountain.
If you're pressed for time, you can head on over to the highlight section of the museum where they house all the masterpieces and splendid works.
At 6 30 we began our let's talk art event and met with our tour guide along with two other art fanatics.
Once the program starts, you can join in on the event with foreigners from around the world.
Welcome to the National Museum.
Open with your call me Mommy.
I'm a facilitator today.
Very good today.
Thank you for my name is Kelly.
Um and I live in Japan as a teacher in English.
Yeah, it's teacher, and I do YouTube of course it.
So I like to be creative and everything.
And I love kids and I studied education, so that's why I wanted to come here.
And, yeah, I like to travel.
I've been here for, I think, nine years.
Total way started off the Let's talk to her by introducing ourselves and talking about a place we love the most.
This was to get to know everyone who would be in the tour with us.
We're exploring that blocks over our city will have a conversation, a conversation in blue.
So everybody's idea is very important.
And let's share your idea about the outward today that you may know there's no only one right.
No wrong answer sending.
So every idea is very welcome.
And after that we headed to the first art piece out of three that we would see today, and the facilitator would ask us how we felt about it.
What story?
We thought it told and asked us about what we could see within the painting.
I remember doing this in art class when I was in elementary school and junior high school, so it was a very nostalgic experience for me.
Please look at the painting by yourself with that leading the capture.
Are you ready?
Friends Day.
So, what do you see?
Looks like a kind of like war.
Like a bateau kind of the bottle.
Looks like, you know, from what part of the painting I do think that this is a kind of the battle.
Um, well, there's, like fire, but in the background fires.
Looks like everybody's holding kind of weapon.
Oh, yes.
I'm Yeah, you're have some, but the people, like, stop and landing on.
And it kind of looks like I was thinking it was like a fire.
And people are running away.
At first I looked more closely and I notice severance running towards the fire.
So I was thinking maybe a battle scene.
But also, it could be there trying to help.
There's a fire, and they're trying to put it.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah, sure.
We could be carrying a bucket run like running away, But then some people trying to get control of the fire.
We didn't know that cause of the fire.
It could be.
The batter's just a fire broke out.
So cherry blossoms the facilitator finally told us that the artist intended on the viewer to see this scene as if you were away from the fire and viewing it from a distance.
Hence the cherry blossoms.
The fire was not a battle, but a team of Villagers attempting to put out the fire of a burning building.
In the end, I really got to know everyone in the group because we ended up talking about natural disasters that happened from where we're from.
It's kind of like getting closer to the cities now.
And it's a problem for the wildlife, like koalas and kangaroos that like losing their houses.
Basically, Yeah.
Yeah, it's like this, right?
The next art piece was a statue of a woman kneeling and looking up into the distance.
What do you think the artists had envisioned here?
My first impression is it looked kind of like sensual because kind of you here it's not wearing.
Yeah, Her body language is very open, like Okay, so now why don't you choose the position?
You think the best position to look at this?
Start your Oh, did you choose?
I feel like overhears this three dimensional.
Okay, Okay.
Yeah, that way.
How do they?
You're right.
Yeah, yeah, way i e.
I felt like it was difficult, but like there was something I don't know.
Like it's like a hard, difficult thing.
But it was something positive.
Like, there's something that that's coming that's going to happen.
But it's difficult, but some of how beautiful hole Yes, the little exercises we did connected us to the art pieces and made us all have fun laugh and share ideas at the same time.
Yeah, Hiding Loomis showcases are masterpieces and essence off the museum.
The last piece of art looked like it wasn't from Japan, but little did we know it.
It was the most difficult to predict and interpret really jumped out of these like the warm colors like highlight on his face and puts his hair red on his nose and his lips and his cheeks And some parts of this are you?
Yeah, I really jumped out, Theo.
Warm colors, like always.
Like he's indoors.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, looks like he could be Maybe your ex kind of sad.
Oh, yes.
Kind of thought.
Or like he's thinking really hard.
Our facilitator told us that this was painted by the owner of a bakery, where he met a man from Russia in the late 18 hundreds.
The warm tones bring out his chiseled features and suggest a warm environment.
At the end of the Let's Talk to her, we talked about what we loved about the experience and what we learned.
First of all, you learn other perspectives like Oh, I didn't see that like, Oh, she could be in banging I don't know why didn't think of that and then also, you taught us a lot of things about the firefighters.
One e didn't know any of that.
So I learned a lot of interesting.
I never would have about certain things that you guys said Are you guys said I like learning what other people's people were imagining thinking, even though you wouldn't be thinking, is very new to other.
Yeah, on, especially because this event is very much like other people from other countries like Australia talking about Austria and comparing it, paintings like that.
So, like I thought that was really interesting.
If you guys would like to know more about this fun event while you're traveling in Tokyo, check out the links below visitors may take photos of some of the artwork, but video is not allowed.
Thank you guys were watching this inside.
Look at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
I decided to check this out in hopes that it would allow travelers like you to meet people from other countries and learn something new about Japan.
Don't forget to share this video with friends or family who dream of visiting or are visiting Japan sometime soon.
And don't miss out on more information like this by subscribing and hitting the bell icon for notifications.
See you guys next time.
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Learning about Japanese Art in a Different Way

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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