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He has an existing relationship with clients and a bunch of international experience.
So she was a better fit.
Yeah, I understand.
Thank you for considering me.
No problem.
And don't worry about it.
I wasn't handling clients like this until I was 29.
Your money?
Yeah, he's out here.
But before you talkto Hassan, it'll call me rendered.
What's the matter, buddy?
He said that all these people are here to celebrate your birthday.
It must be so hard for you.
I just came to get some air, OK, but everybody's starting to ask where the birthday boy is.
Just tell all the people who spend money on gifts and uber's that the birthday boy's currently outside having an existential crisis.
I didn't get the promotion.
I'm sorry.
Olivia said your energy was off.
Just so we celebrate that everything in my life is a mess.
Can we at least do it inside?
All right.
All right, fine.
Maybe we should stay outside.
No, no, no.
This this is gonna fix everything.
This is no good.
Somebody want to tell me what my ex girlfriend is doing at my birthday party, so don't be mad.
but I may have invited her one time.
You make a decision.
It's the worst possible one of all time.
No, he was happy with her.
I just wanted to be happy.
So what better way than for him to celebrate his birthday than with the girl who broke his heart?
Let's roll up the sleeves on.
Get to stitching up that hard.
Who are you?
This is just perfect.
Why is she here?
I'm sorry.
I guess I didn't make that clear.
I invited her.
I know that.
Why did she accept?
Because maybe just maybe she's no.
Twin flame.
That was so dumb.
I don't even have a clever response toe because it's right.
I mean, she's here, isn't she?
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Hey, there.
Thanks for coming, Jackie.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Well, we'll leave you two alone.
Yes, I am.
And I are going to have a private discussion on boundary issues.
Good to see you again, Jackie, too.
Thank you for the name of that kind of character.
She is really?
Dr Houston is a miracle worker.
No one knows their way around a vertebrate like that's enough.
Um, did you want to get a drink?
You You look really good.
You too.
I mean, you know, you look really good to Thanks.
That's all I've come here for, so I'm gonna get going.
Oh, okay.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding, Right.
It's good to know you're just gullible that God.
Oh, come on.
Convinced you that BNP we stayed at in state of Barbara was the scene of this grisly quadruple murder.
Because why would I think that my beautiful, sane girlfriend would tell me something like that?
That was your first mistake.
Yeah, and that was a good weekend, Bilic.
Well, maybe think about opening gifts, so Oh, um whoa.
You guys got me a gift.
Uh, it's your birthday.
Get you gifts on your birthday.
Did you get a gift for Noah?
Jackie High know Liam, Did you not tell jacket this was a birthday party?
I definitely did.
Okay, um, guys give me, like, five minutes.
You know what?
Take six.
Why are you here?
I don't know why I'm here.
I guess I missed you.
You missed me.
Whose fault is that?
You left me.
And now What A There's not just one reason why top reason.
I don't know.
I I got bored.
I'm boring, not men.
And we've aboard moving on Sunday brunch, then a monthly trip up the coast.
So your solution instead of saying anything is, is just Just leave.
No, I wanted that great wild love.
If it I thought we had that, You know, when you're great, wild love affair.
How did that work out?
It Didn't you know it didn't come here?
He's not Know that six minutes.
That's six minutes.
We're just really excited about your dad.
Oh, thank you.
Think you're the only guy we know that still uses those states?
Even Olivia says that writing things down or for those that are stuck in the past.
And we thank you, Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
Bringing a All right.
Well, we'll leave you to it.
Unless you want us to stay here.
Whatever I got, I got it.
I got, I got, I got, I got You're right, though.
Planner is a better gift than Olivia's period candles.
How about we just start over?
You can have a great wild love affair and we can talk about stuff.
I changed, and I have changed.
Yeah, but more, you know.
Okay, we can We can talk about things you get there.
No, I don't want to do this again.
Because I've changed.
Let's just take on my trip up the coast.
Then we'll see.
Everything's I know where this goes.
Thank you for coming way.
Hey, you're usually not on the elevator already.
Yeah, I drove today.
The parking garages, one floor below.
So when I drive you park in the parking garage?
Yeah, we should solve mysteries.
That's my life.
I know.
It was good.
Oh, hey, um, to you, I want some banana bread.
I meet it.
Yeah, I think.
Uh okay, it's good.
Like that would have been really super awkward.
How would you told me that my dreams of owning a food truck we're doomed?
I would've said is delicious.
I would have got off the elevator, quit my job immediately and never.
Um, so I'm sorry for what?
Uh, well, you were right about wanting to take a cooking class.
I could have said it.
I know it sounds super cheesy.
but sometimes dreams air just safer when they stay.
This is May.
Hey, um, you're you're really good cook.
Thank you, Sosa.
Catering, Mrs.
M I.
How may I make your event more spectacular?
Come on, man.
You know that I can't refill your prescriptions far high.
Do you want to go to lunch with me?
I mean I mean, it's 8 45 in the morning.
Oh, right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just I'm Noah.
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Noah & Jackie

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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