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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you
to a career and life you'll truly enjoy. If you happen to be a recruiter a hiring
manager or an HR professional then you're in luck because today's episode
is actually the very first of a five week series that I'll be doing right
here on YouTube where I'll be teaching you how to
recruit and find the best job candidates for your company and so in today's
episode I'm going to show you the very first step on how to recruit the best
job candidates and that is all about how to write a compelling job description
as a career strategist I've been able to help numerous professionals land their
dream job offers and if this is something that you're interested in
working with me one on one I can give you details about that at the end of
this video let's face it it's actually really difficult to find a good job
candidate who you would love to work at your company and because it isn't easy
the key to finding attracting and recruiting the best job candidates is in
knowing how to bait them I have seen thousands of job descriptions throughout
my career and I can say from my own personal opinion that about 95 percent
of all the job descriptions that I've seen are not all that attractive or
compelling to job candidates if you're looking for that amazing top-of-the-line
candidate so are many other hire managers and companies and so because of
that these candidates have the luxury to be picky and they don't necessarily have
to interview for your company if your job description isn't all that
attractive to them so here are my four tips on how to write a compelling
attractive job description that will get more of those amazing job candidates
applying to your position tip number one hook them with intriguing questions so
the first thing that you want to do is to have a compelling is this you section
in the beginning of your job description this is where you can lure them with
intriguing questions that basically describe the job candidate and what they
would be looking for in their next career move these key questions are
going to spark their interests and perk their ears and make them want to read
the job description further the reason for this is because typically job
descriptions just are very straight to the point this is what you'll be doing
jumping into the duties and responsibilities of the position but
instead when you can ask questions as the starter to your job description it
makes it that much more interactive for the candidate who's reading it and it
feels like you're speaking directly to them so let me explain by sharing an
example with you let's say that you're a recruiter
and the job that you are currently recruiting for hiring for is a designer
position to start your job description you can ask are you passionate about
developing designs for exciting brands do you love advertising and sharing
creative ideas do you have vision and talent to develop design work for
innovative media concepts now these questions are fairly simple they're
straightforward and there are even a little bit broad but they still relate
to the job and the key is that they are intriguing for the job candidate who
happens to be reading it at the end of the day what you want to do with this
intriguing questions section on your job description is to get the job candidate
interested and reading it saying yes that's me yes that's me nodding their
head and like I said wanting to read the rest of the job description to find out
more tip number 2 summarize the job before getting into the details this is
all about having an overview description paragraph on your job description rather
than just right away jumping into the details and to do's so in this overview
or summary section of your job description you want to describe the
overall purpose of this position and what goal this job is meant to achieve
for the company and again you want to stick to the theme of making it
compelling and meaningful and the key to making things meaningful is to explain
why this person will be doing what they'll be doing so if we go back to our
designer example in this section you can say something along the lines of this
designer will help to create front-end design for websites emails and print to
help clients express the story of their brands in a refreshing way so anyone who
can relate to this goal or purpose of helping clients to refresh their brands
in an exciting way is likely going to be interested in doing this job and
therefore applying for your position tip number three write detailed job duties
that explain not just what they'll be doing
but why once you get to the section on your job description where you have to
write up the responsibilities make sure to not just make a
grocery list of tasks that they need to do without explaining the purpose behind
why they need to do them so remember to write your duties in the order of
importance and give each bullet point a purpose for example it's not just create
designs for the product or service instead its create designs that are
appealing and unique and help intended audiences to feel personally connected
to the product or service adding the y-component to every bullet
point changes the vibe of every duty that you list down on your job
description and again attracts the top candidates and finally tip number four
qualify them at the end what I mean here is to now finish off your job
description with a additional qualification section that goes above
and beyond the duties the task that you've already written out as well as
the summary from before here you want to list out anything else that from a
technical perspective you are really looking for from this job candidate so
it could be additional certifications or courses that they may have taken or
certain types of technical knowledge that you really want them to have
software skills you can list them all in this section to help you refine your
search and make sure that you are able to find the best job candidate there you
have it my four tips on how to write a compelling attractive job description so
that you can find and hire the best talent into your company now if you are
someone who is currently on the path of looking for a job rather than hiring and
recruiting and you have found that you've been struggling with your job
search you haven't been getting that many interviews and you haven't been
getting any job offers and you're ready to receive one-on-one professional
guidance from me then feel free to reach out to me on my website at lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired
read through the page fill in the application
form and from there if it seems that we are a potential match then one of my
team members will be reaching out to you directly so if you liked this video then
please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with your friends thank you so
much for watching and I will see you in the next video
Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch Interview is coming soon.
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How to Write a Job Description - How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (1 of 5)

9 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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