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thank you guys for coming out.
What I made for you is basically pickled fish on toast, the classic Jewish dish informed by all of the influences of Los Angeles.
You have Japanese influences.
Korean influences I hope you enjoy.
Michael's is a restaurant that's been in Santa Monica, California for about 40 years.
It's taken lots of young chefs and giving them a place to find their voice.
I've been in Michael's for a little over two years now, and I think it's just it's time for me to move on when you're driving through L.
You can get.
You can get anything fresh along all that's going United States.
You can find the lamb head.
There's this amazing resurgence of so many cultures and so much food.
But I feel like one that you're not seeing its Jewish food.
You know, the rial deep core stuff that nobody knows about.
Okay, so on advertising shop is a style of delicatessen, a riel apothecary.
There's this storm of bees inside of you.
When you walk into a place like this, it doesn't exist anywhere in L.
I think Mom, what do you know about those?
Did you ever go to any of those when you were growing up.
I remember so wonderful Smell when you open the door was amazing.
I'm just curious about all this stuff because I'm thinking of like, uh, formulating an appetizing shop and put it through a modern lens of, you know, technique and ingredients.
No way.
Thinking about a possible appetizing shop, you're gonna need menu items.
I think that everything needs to be super vocal in the way that it expressed itself.
Flavor wise.
Traditionally, Jewish Deli, when you get a sandwich, comes with a recital pickle.
But I love understanding and making things that are untraditional manner.
But then I like turning it on its head.
Baby, it took us that strong.
I'm single Bashkim, And then I'm gonna Bashkim I didn't want her to new happy man.
You told me You Michigan keep bound tongues on.
So if you have the acidity of the Kim cheese fermentation and it's like Tang and it's funk and then the funk of the mackerel product itself of the fish born and raised in San Pedro, third generation Wow.
My grandfather came over here was all Austria Hungarian.
My family is also from Monster 100.
He probably left their same reason why my grandfather, Because the war was coming.
Wow, Beautiful.
This is your blue mackerel.
Okay, A lot of the Slavin, Italians, the creations, all the barbecue.
Mom, They do all sorts of stuff with him, but they like anything else.
You all come in different shapes and sizes.
It's so funny.
When all of these immigrants came, a lot of their Children, they were not allowed to speak the native language.
They were like this embarrassing.
Like, you are an American, you need to be an American.
And I think, like the most beautiful thing about a city like Los Angeles is that you can be anyone here.
Yes, or is acceptance.
Jewish food is by no means flashy.
It's very, very comforting and soulful and about reminding you that you're safe and reminding you off the feeling of being home.
My food is based in that.
That's why I grew up eating Cassie.
Feel like it's ringing.
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「多様性」を体現するLAの料理人マイルズ・トンプソン、その飽くなき探究心はこうして生まれる | Journeys in Taste | WIRED × LEXUS

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林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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