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Hey, ambitious professionals.
It's Linda Rainer of linda rainer dot com, guiding you to a career and life you'll truly enjoy.
And today I have an awesome person to talk to you about.
His name is Chris.
He's here to share his story with you, to tell you a little bit more about how he went from someone who was in an industry.
He was in the construction industry doing work that he wasn't entirely happy about.
Now working in a job in a career that he's much more excited about that he can see himself doing in the long term.
And he's in the field and industry that he wants to stay in, so ready to get the job you want.
Top notch interview is coming soon for more info and free training to Chris.
Thank you so much for joining me here today.
Hey, thanks for having me, Linda.
So, Chris, can you share with us a little bit about your story and what happened after college at the university when you graduated, tell us a little bit about the job that you were in and what was going on.
Okay, so I was very blessed to get a job after college.
I was your typical 9 to 5 working in the construction company and essentially worked there for almost 5 to 6 years, but not gonna lie.
Once I hit that 50 year or so, I felt like I was kind of doing repetitive things, doing stuff that wasn't really challenging me.
I felt like there should be more to this.
Why do I feel like I'm stuck?
So then pretty much I quit that company.
And then I was like, trying to find another job.
But I realized how hard it was actually find another job so that I felt like I was duck.
And then a bit of a background for me is people in my family that can really guide me.
So then I was looking online for a bunch of stuff and your name came up.
So and then here we are today.
So let's talk about that.
So you you quit your job after you are unhappy in it, and you started looking for a new one.
How long was that search going for?
What were the results?
That you were getting a mother live when I first quit It was very like, find a job.
I have experienced that kind of thing.
And then I really started to pick it up.
After about 4 to 5 months, I was like, OK, I need money.
You know, like you money, that kind of thing and that I'm still do my MBA.
So that was another thing.
Like, I don't want to go back into loans, you know, like, I just paid it off for my undergrad, that kind of thing.
That was really, like, those types of things that, like, really kept pushing me.
And then I was I was like, Hey, I need help.
Like, worst case scenario, getting to ask for help if you don't have, you know, that kind of guidance?
So did you get interviews while you were searching or No, not I did get interviews, but it was more of like phone calls, like screenings.
And then nothing else.
That was kind of just like, and it those were very rare.
I would say those are like for every 10 applications, I would get Olympic.
Maybe one back.
Got it.
And so, overall, how many applications did you send over yonder that lost can.
I found a lot.
I found a lot.
So can you talk a little bit about what sparked you to reach out to me?
To apply for my stand out, get hired program.
What motivated you to do that?
Uh, well, the whole I need a job.
But I think it was more like I was having trouble doing on my own.
And I had no one to ask for help.
So, you know, I was just like, Well, my next best friend is Google on.
Then you actually came up.
So I was like, All right, when it'll ask for help, cause, you know, like, yours cases, you ask someone for help, and it's just like Okay, well, their advice wasn't helpful.
So next.
Yeah, and so what do you think that you really needed help with?
Like, what were you struggling with?
Do you feel I felt like that seven years ago?
How to find a job was a lot different.
Now then, today, 2019 Lincoln wasn't really big back then.
You know, Glassdoor, indeed, All those things weren't really relevant before.
It was really you hand write a letter to the place or you call them up or they go to your school.
I prefer job fairs, like I mean, they will probably do that.
Now is more like everything is online.
I feel like, yeah, everything is online.
So you feel a lot smaller and more invisible.
Yeah, because this because I wasn't used to that process.
I was like, All right, I already have a job.
Well, I'm good, you know, like, I don't have to worry about these different processes to find a job.
And so how how did it go?
Like, as we work together.
I mean, I know how it went, but can you share with the audience a little bit about you know, what were your big ah ha's or what you realized in what you were able to improve on?
It was really Ah, lot of investing in yourself.
Obviously, you weren't gonna do the job for me.
Well, you're gonna help me, but like if I didn't put the effort in, it will be so much harder.
I feel like so a lot of it was realizing like, Oh, wow.
There's different ways of applying for jobs, different ways of reaching out to people like that type of thing.
But I learned while I was doing this journey Awesome.
And so how did you feel before?
And how do you feel now in terms of how you feel about yourself is a professional just having gone through this process?
A lot of it was already knew.
A lot of it was just like being X close to it again, kind of thing.
And you really helped me with that?
I guess.
Like interviews, I felt like I already knew how to do an interview.
But it was more over reaching out, applying for that job.
That was like, the first step for me.
And then, like everything else, it was just like brushing up on those skills that I feel like I have.
Yeah, I agree.
I think that when you came into this program, you were already really self aware, and you are already aware of what you needed to do.
But it was really just refining it.
If that makes sense, because I didn't like use before you.
I did do like all those, but it was more like, Oh, what's happening?
I gonna get it like that kind of Yeah, I kind of forgot like, Oh, you should follow up with him after the interview, like that type of stuff.
Like it was just like those small things.
And I forgot because then, like, six years when we went through this program.
I know that part Way through you.
You started getting results almost immediately and you ended up with multiple job offers.
So let's talk about those you know, the first job offer that you got.
What was it?
What was it about?
And how did it help you with the current job that you're in eso I got a really good offer with a like a fast paced technology company, which is kind of more what I want instead of construction.
And the only downside was it was a contract position.
So it was kind of like that trial period, I guess.
What have you But like, it was the first step, you know, I was just like, I can't not have a job, so I'm gonna take this goes in.
Plus, it was more towards my field.
It was more towards what?
I wanted to do it like everything.
Just check the boxes.
So I really just had to go for it.
And then actually, during that time when I was working there, that's when my permanent position came up.
So it was just like, Wow, this is this Is it working?
Yeah, exactly.
And so what was that job again?
It was like a business analyst.
So it was, like, really helping with, I guess, people getting use of their in house system, anything it really documenting the process and like whatever they having troubles with, how can we make it better for this group department?
That kind of thing.
So I concentrated more with, like, the accounts payables, like the finance people.
So that was like more what I wanted, right?
So for everyone who's watching essentially what this contract opportunity did for you was it was sort of that transition.
It allows you to switch from a completely different industry construction doing work that was more clerical to then do a more business analysis work in a more technology environment, citizens in a technology company.
And then now you're able to do the work that you've been wanting to dio full time in a large company.
All right.
You've been in your new job now for how long has it been?
Several weeks.
A couple months.
I was like 2.5 Police say.
Okay, lets say two weeks.
Two weeks.
So how how these two weeks been like, How do you enjoy your coworkers?
How do you How do you feel now about yourself?
It's good.
It's good.
So, like, one thing that I wanted to was to have, like younger co workers, you know, just people to talk to every day about you know, this random pop culture stuff.
And I have that.
So that's pretty cool.
And then also, like, I wanted to ask vibes because construction was It's pretty fast pace.
So I wanted to keep that same vibe going.
I also have that, too.
So it's very like all the check marks were going off.
Essentially, that's good.
And moving forward, you know, no matter where, whether you stay here for the really long term or you end up moving on to another company, do you feel that you have the confidence now to do what you need to do in order to sell yourself and get the job that you want for when you're ready for that next level.
Yeah, yeah, and I'm talking.
I'm struggling, You know, you're always there now, too.
So that's the plus part.
Yes, exactly.
So I want to ask you, Chris, because you know a lot of people in my audience when they watch the videos like this where I'm interviewing successful clients they're always curious about, really.
Is this something that you would recommend?
Is this something that you would encourage somebody else to take on?
So for someone who's struggling, who's been unemployed or who's employed, But they haven't had that luck in finding a new job, what would you say to them?
What would your guide and speak?
Well, I mean, the big thing for me was because, obviously, like I said before having no job, it's a little hard when you have, like, the income doesn't come in anymore.
So when I was looking up for you, I was I gotta investing myself.
Do I want to really do this or keep struggling and not making money or just suck it up?
Investing yourself for us smaller term and then have someone that finally can help you?
Because, like I said, before, I didn't really have, Ah that I can ask for help because everyone in my family's during the medical field and then plus like like, they can't relate toe me, Who's in the business?
I t field kind of thing.
So it is really hard for me to ask for guidance, like they kind of just really be like, Oh, you know, you do this if you really want to, like, move up in, I t like that kind of thing.
Got it?
So can you tell us what you could say to someone who's watching?
Like I said before, like for me?
When I quit my job, I obviously wasn't making money.
So actually, what I did I didn't tell you this, but I did.
Ah, a small side gate.
Just so I had the funds for this thing.
So I did a delivered pizza, actually for did three nights, literally only three nights and actually gave me enough money for this program.
I was just like, you know, like I'm gonna suck it up small and plus like that was that night.
So it wasn't like it.
Interviewed during the day where most people are 95 there looking like at present.
So I dissected for three nights just, like, literally just delivered pizzas, made enough money so that I could invest in this program myself.
I was like, You know, once I finally get that pizza gate can go away I had no idea that you did that.
That's awesome.
I mean, it just shows the level of commitment that you had and, you know, you were so positive throat the program to and I'm so happy for the results that you've gotten.
So for somebody else who is struggling and thinking that they may not be able to afford or invest in themselves, what do you say?
Do you think they should also just go deliver pizzas or what?
What what words of advice or wisdom do you have for them?
I mean, they did that.
There's other ways to, you know, I guess, like find the funds to do it.
But yeah, like if you really, really, really struggling and you feel like you had a gun and I feel like this is a good opportunity because at the end of the day you are investing in yourself.
I feel a did no one else could do it for you kind of thing.
I agree.
Okay, Chris.
So just any final words for the individuals that are watching this right now in hearing your story?
What would you say to them?
You know, if they're currently struggling and they're not finding the up that they want, What would you say to them?
For me, it was really a find your big Why?
Why do I feel sucking?
How can I get out of this kind of thing?
So for me personally, like I like I said before, I was like, uh well, I feel like I could be doing so much more than just what I was doing before and put him on my parents.
They're very they're immigrants.
So it was like one of those, like, Oh, they gave me a lot kind of thing.
So I know I could do more than this because they gave me a lot and I could give them a lot back.
Finding out your big y Why do I want to, like, be in a better position than I am about so that for me, it wasn't like this finding of other ways to just really go find a job.
And then your name came up because, like I said before, I didn't really have a coach or just like someone a mentor.
Someone like really ask for career advice because my parents were not in the business deal more like blue color, I guess.
Workers, What have you Yeah, I can relate to that because my parents are also blue collar workers and a lot of the audience I think, are the same.
Their their parents are blue color workers and you know, they're the first generation that has had the opportunity to graduate from postsecondary and to take on professional jobs.
But at the same time, it's about asking for help even when you get to that level, if you're not able to get to the role or the career industry that you want to get into you and you find that there things that you need to improve on, that it's about asking for help, which is what you were able to dio.
And I'm so glad that you're able to do it and that you can share your success story with us today.
So, Chris, I just want to see Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone here.
I think you're gonna be super motivating and inspiring to everybody.
So, yeah, thanks for sharing your story in your time.
All right.
Now, for those of you who are currently in a similar position that Chris was in, you are struggling with finding the job that you want.
You haven't been able to get the interviews that you want or you haven't been able to do well in your interviews and you are ready for that 101 professional guidance for me.
Then feel free to reach out.
Head on over to my website.
Linda rainer dot com slash Stand out, get hired, read through the page, fill in the application form.
And from there, if it seems that where a potential match one of my team members will be reaching out to you directly Thank you so much for watching.
And I will see you in the next video ready to get the job you want.
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How to Get a Job With Only a Few Years of Experience

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