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10 o'clock and I just arrived in Milan yesterday.
This time I finally brought Kiki here.
Where do you want to go, Tonto.
Now, for all my times to come, Teoh, Italy.
This is our first time to have a full day to ourselves.
We're pretty excited about it.
Just so distracted by the streets of video.
Look at this also.
If you don't know who Kiki is, I'm gonna Lincoln.
Amazing video of them playing Chevy set up here.
Lights change.
You know what?
We can make it.
Lights change really quick.
Way also had a little bit of a surprise last night when we went to the supermarket and tried to buy beer and they wouldn't let us buy beer because it was after, like, midnight.
I didn't know that that was the thing.
So a little bit of a culture shock, we learned something.
They're excited because they found a poster for the event.
They're playing at tomorrow, researching for a cafe, which, ironically, is a little bit hard to find a way.
Found a cafe outlet, and I have no idea what that is.
I'm assuming they probably have really cheap coffee, So we're gonna go check that out.
Also, random fountain you go.
It's really it's really bitter scouting locations because one of our goals for today is to make a little bit of a music video.
With Kiki playing shamisen in the streets of Italy, we just we gotta find a spot.
We're gonna get their semi said Wait a year for the shoot that we're about to do Run the search for audio shop Right now I'm just loving every single street here in Italy.
Think girls are enjoying it too.
All right, that ended in disappointment.
They do not have the parts that were looking for Citing part about this entire thing is the race against time because it's supposed to rain in like, two hours.
So we've got to get the equipment truck get set up and shoot the video all before it starts raining.
So I like it.
Venture back to it coming up on a guitar shop Now a hope is open And be hoping of the cable Lucky days.
They have the cable.
Now we just need to get set up, find a nice place to play and make some beautiful music I like way too happy you see to my face way too excited right now.
Also, I think we might need to get some pizza at some point, getting hungry.
And this is where we get set up.
I've really been looking forward to making this video for some time on the reason we needed the audio cables.
Because, as you see, the background isn't exactly quiet.
So I've got a record.
All the audio completely separately, Kiki and I have made music videos from northern Japan all the way down to southern Japan.
This is our first opportunity to record some music in another country.
The best part is this probably isn't gonna be our only opportunity.
This care wear just about set up.
I think it's music time.
And that's a wrap.
For now.
We got pretty cold out.
How are your hands?
Kind of me off.
Some of the songs that we did today we're actually gonna be recording in several different countries and mixing them together hopefully by the end of year to make like a proper around the world style music video that we're really excited.
Meat pizza Sounds good.
Let's do pizza.
Let me let me just finish packing up birth.
This just cars driving up behind you on the sidewalk is just something way cannot get used to.
So we've been walking for the better part of probably 2030 minutes, and we've come to one.
We've come to one solid conclusion, and that's most places aren't open for dinner until about seven.
It's a bit of a cultural experience in its own.
And there's something going on over here that was well worth being distracted for.
Those really need.
I guess it makes sense, since everybody has really big balcony windows.
But still that actually make a lot of sense for Japan to drop off of the hotel.
Come get some food.
But I've never heard of.
Have you guys heard of having cheese pizza with honey on it?
I've never heard that E e.
I always order my pizza in Japan from Domino's in the Englishmen.
You because it is dirt cheap.
Never heard of honey on cheese pizza.
Okay, guess I got to try it.
Yeah, I was a little cold was a little cold.
See you guys at 6 p.m. Fellow Pretty successful day and we don't even really start work, work until tomorrow.
About 20 minutes to get some work done.
So going to do that And then we're gonna get pizza.
So let's go check out the window.
You have to.
So considering the time that the shops open and the fact that there's nobody else here, I guess most people eat dinner a lot later in a Billy like 10 after six.
Right now, the pizza list is amazing.
Way asked, helping pizzas where she was like, Oh, yeah, they're just big enough for one person.
Thank you.
Yeah, that's really good.
Very simple.
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Japanese Shamisen Girls go to Italy!

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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