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This is what I like to call business class.
We are about to go.
Teoh Andrew was invited to speak at Videx, which is Dubai's first online video convention.
He invited me to come and just check out.
What do you buy was all about?
I have never flown business class internationally.
I'm just imagining luxury.
And that's exactly what it works.
The business and first class were on the top level on the general.
I don't even know what it's called a wicked me.
I'm so fancy already.
Economy regular.
That's on the That's on the bottom level.
So we're already in a different level, and I'm already like what is happening?
We climb up the stairs.
It's so much space.
Every seat is like its own pod.
Check out that full leg room stretch.
You didn't even need to buy your water a little dental kids, This is, um, let alone some cream soft eye patch here, and when you walk in, they give you champagne were just given and I was like, I want to just live in this place.
I was really, really excited to check out what type of food they would serve us the menu was ridiculous.
Okay, there are pages and pages and pages.
It was gonna be a multicourse meal.
We had like, an appetizer.
We had a main.
We had a sad we had a desert.
The one thing that I found really hilarious was that they had a dessert cheese plate like literally having dessert cheeses with port on an airplane like I didn't even know that existed.
And then we had, like, the drinks that went along with that.
So you had nearly predinner drinks.
You're like during dinner, drink your after dinner drink.
So Maney wine options, so many alcohol options.
That is the epitome of luxury.
Getting to Dubai is kind of an ordeal.
There isn't a direct flight.
It does make it better to be able to turn your chair into bed.
All it goes into full mode.
Pretty good.
And they had a regular sized pillow in a really comfortable blanket, and I just went to sleep, and then the other really cool thing is they had these noise canceling headphones.
I didn't realize how loud planes were until I've put on the noise canceling headphones.
I almost bought them from the duty free cart that goes by.
But I did not because they were $300 are layover ended up being in Frankfurt, Germany, which was really exciting because I'm a big, thin of Kinder's products and just German food in general.
I saw this drink it says live longer than Santa.
I don't know what that means, but before we got to go in the business class lounge again.
Wow, A game changer.
They have a full buffet.
I got a beer.
I poured it badly.
I got Tommy O soup, a sausage.
They had all kinds of desserts.
They have a shower.
You didn't take a school shower, There's towels and you could feel right after it was next level.
Get on the next flight.
This time we're going to do by the first leg was like 10 hours, and then the second leg was like 12 hours.
It's a full day of travel, and that that takes a toll.
It was the same deal.
Dead three course meal.
I was honestly, like pretty full.
I was like, I don't even want this, but I just got it and ate it so that I could taste it and try all the things that we've arrived at.
The lovely Dubai International Airport.
It is midnight on its exactly a 12 hour time difference from Los Angeles came from.
I feel great.
Business class was ridiculous and amazing and so much fun.
And I feel so lucky that I was able to do that for free.
Oh, my God.
If I was rich No, no, I probably still save my money for other things, but still it was I'm going to be really sad going back to my normal class with people.
Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel.
So described here, that was my partner.
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We Fly Business Class To Dubai

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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