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In this video, I'm going to show you a sushi omakase A course for less than $100.
So we're back with another episode of Hold My Me.
So where I take you on an adventure of hidden spots and gems in Tokyo.
So a lot of people in the comments always ask me where is a good sushi spot here in Tokyo where I can have lunch in this video?
I'm gonna actually show you has part of this series.
And one thing that's nice about this place is that you can actually have a full course.
Oh, Marcus, A sushi lunch for less than $100.
So one of the things about Marcus a Sushi Courses is that they're quite expensive, especially at dinner time.
So one of things that I like to do is go during lunch time, you get the same exact sushi, but for a more affordable price, which is pretty awesome.
But before I start, if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily, check on my instagram account, if you want to support the general, check out the Japan merch And if you want to connect with people who love Japan or you have questions about your travel to Japan, check out my discord community.
And that all said somebody hold by me.
So cause I'm gonna take you on a hidden food adventure just a few minutes walk from Higashi Ginza Station.
I'm taking you to today's lunch.
Sushi Ginza Onodera Onodera is a sister restaurant in New York and L.
A is Michelin star shops and this skin the shop is a must visit destination if you're looking for a delectable sushi.
Oh, Marcus, a course experience.
The head chef has 31 years of experience, with many of those years spent in Hokkaido honing his craft.
So it's no surprise that the ingredients used that own Odetta are picked from Hokkaido Market.
In addition to Taos, a market Marcus, of course, comes in several different price ranges.
5000 8000, 10,000 and 30,000 yen.
So you get to really, really decide now if you get the mosaics offensive course and you're actually going to get the sushi on top of that, you'll get some sashimi and some advertisers on the side.
But the day.
Since we want to keep it all under $100 we're going to go for the 10,000 course.
After he takes my order, he prepares the Netta, which are the ingredients that are placed on top of the sushi rice.
He takes the fish from the wooden boxes and delicately cuts it into calculated portions so neither the Netta or rice overwhelm each other, creating that perfect sushi combination.
Just looking at the masterwork has my mouth watering.
And so the first course that we get is this challenge machine you can see that has something put up there.
You can see all of the salmon ruin their whole good.
That is a quite creamy that challenge.
Bushy is kind of like an egg putting salmon roe really pops.
It gives you that like, say, venous and that actually that they use is really nice.
It was like simply a beautiful dish thing is starting off to be a great deal For the first diggity, I'm served a white fish Khatami, also known as flounder things.
This is our first fight.
That fish is so fresh and tasty.
Show you that was painted on there has kind of like a citrusy taste.
I think he actually sprinkled a little bit of lime on there.
Oh, that's beautiful.
How does she need to?
You know?
So this is good.
Oh, you can see that again.
The same sauce, to it writes, is actually a little bit reddish.
It's not like a straight white from what I hear is that it's actually uses like an opposite, which means kind of like a red Venator to help flavor the rice.
Wow, that to know, just melt in your mouth.
Taste all of the oils and all of that just a melting on your tongue.
Serve next is squid seasoned with salt and a dash of lime.
Wow, does that look good?
You can see it glistening right there.
That's nice.
It has that lime Citrus days as well, to it just goes down the so a smoothly, Literally.
The fish is so fresh air next is cut, so Skipjack accented on top with a Georgia garlic from Hokkaido.
Season with the shops original soy sauce.
So this beauty is cut.
So take the fight of this.
Everything just goes down so easily, like you almost don't even eat any of the fish because it just melts so quickly into your mouth.
Next is Tony Guy.
The chef slightly grows the surface and scores it lightly and then seasons it with salt and lime drops.
And this chi is actually from Ocado.
It almost sounds like a crunchy outside and kind of like a soft inside.
It actually sprinkled some salt on top of its kind of have the savory nous.
But overall, like it has like a really, really interesting texture.
Osama deficient challenges like melts in your mouth more kind of like a smooth, more playful texture.
What I love is us like each bite you have.
You have, like, a different experience altogether before we continue and wanted to give a quick shoutout to our sponsor.
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Of course, Nash Paolo from Tokyo and get 10% off your first domain or website thing ago and when you've actually probably noticed already, is that you don't actually have a soy sauce, but they've actually put the soy sauce on for you.
So you have the perfect I'm Mountain like how they want you to actually eat.
Let's have a bite of this holy crap.
That's good love.
Kind of like meaty.
That piece waas feel like you got a hearty piece of Mago and in between the rice and associate that actually put like a user, which is ready, citrusy.
So the next piece here is dodgy.
Call it in Japanese.
He got Imano, meaning that it's kind like over fish.
I'm not too much of a fan with silverfish because usually it's fishing, especially at the really, really inexpensive places.
So let's see how this is.
So silver fish is really hard to prepare because what you'll find is that it's not prepared very well, then I'll be like, really, really fishy.
But this one was not fishy at all.
Really, really tasty and thinking.
Taste all the flavors for your fish and I can do definitely more that it's so good.
No, no, not going still, I don't know.
Thing is Nega Total at its most splendid version.
You saw them when they were preparing it.
It was kind of like a ball like minced tuna to see it glistening off the lights, consuming all of the rights.
Right now that is just beautiful.
IHS mood at this so buttery, literally.
You do not have to chew at all, but I just like a slid down my throat.
There's just so much oil in it.
It feels like you're having to she butter.
It could be one of my favorite so far.
This is a yellow tails, Okay, which is quite rare.
And instead of using wasabi, the chef uses a Japanese mustard called Wag Arashi.
That's nice.
That's a hearty cut, usually get less army.
But now you get like mustard.
Definitely an interesting taste, and I just love how they cut it like a really, really fixed piece.
So this is Constable, which is a Thai fish and, in fact, very rare fish.
And that's the whole point of coming to these kind of places is because you get fish that you normally don't get, and just inside they actually have this.
So this is called a B, No bottle on crumbled.
Maybe you could say this is actually inside between the fish and the right way.
Taste a little bit more like a silverfish, but it has that interesting flavor of the baby.
Nobody a little bit of like shrimp flavor tumbled almost has that kind of like a cheesy texture to it?
That's interesting.
I'm looking down right now, and they have some Karuma, maybe just a sitting on a plate in front of me.
You can see that it's still moving.
I think this is the shrimp that was just alive a few minutes ago.
Basically, it's half cooked.
They put the partially just to give it that oranges.
Right ish color but it's still super fresh.
Okay, that's insane.
That's really good.
You can tell that maybe itself was just kind of, like half cooked.
It wasn't fully cooked.
Just have that fresh flavor.
And in between the rice and the fish, they actually had a brain.
Parts of the actual shrink that they call it made me so here, in Japan.
But also nice is that Michael can't really eat raw shrimp.
Just told him I can't eat raw shrimp.
So what they did was actually prepared it and they grilled it for her.
Kind of gave her a different look in a different taste all together.
A lot of these, Marcus A places.
When you come here for the first time, they're really good about kind of serving you when you can eat.
Basically will ask you What are you allergic to or what you can't eat?
Just tell them in a village to make sure that they don't prepare that specific seafood for you so you can enjoy the full course on here.
Some gods dripping with some of that show you that they painted on so lightly.
That angle is a very, very unique as like kind of like a nice crunchy texture to it.
It's not like a dry crunches, like a very moist and went crunch.
Very, very interesting and unique texture really like biting into something that's like pops with flavor.
So this is a nodal Goudeau, also known as the black vote Fish You can see that has been grilled on the top.
Just just have a bite that could be my favorite so far texture that I was really soft and moist in the center.
But it had that kind of blame towards the grilled kissed by the heavens.
Outer skin layer.
Oh, beautiful Got money from Hokkaido area.
So the chef uses a purple sea urchins, which has long spikes and yellowish meat.
The taste is lighter and more Elgon compared to the buffoon.
See urgent.
Very spry de Bruyne, like some of the money, is really, really sweet, whereas this one is super alive and like springing that's insanely delicious.
Courses finish off with eggs, which has a unique cake like texture, almost like a desert, and for dessert, coconut cream talked with much a sauce.
All right, so that concludes a second video.
Hold my me.
So if you like this type of videos?
Help me out that, like button.
If you want to see what I'm doing a daily check out her instagram account.
If you want to help support the channel, check out the job pan merch.
And if you want to see more of these videos by Japan guards on my damn life, it is That's its carbon and the bubbling catch you guys in the next month.
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Omakase Sushi Full Course Tour in Tokyo Ginza | Hold my Miso

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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