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I've always loved the weekends.
It's when all the hard work of the week pays off and we take time out to recharge our batteries and refocus our energy.
Yes, the weekend is more than just a break — it's a necessary part of a healthy life!
Get ready for the weekend, Life in Japan style!
Getting ready to go...
It's Friday! Yeah! Yeah!
Are you having a good attitude, honey?
Look at the bear — he's saying bye bye to the camera.
We love Fridays — even if you're tired from the week, you can practically taste the weekend! It's so close!
Hey, don't mess with my stuffed animal! OK, let's go. Go outside.
Say bye. Bye.
We're finding just the right cars, right?
We're going to do a Mario race?
After the girls go to school, I have 30 minutes to play with Joshua before I take him to kindergarten.
We have that Donkey Kong. We have the small Donkey Kong.
We have the cheering Donkey Kong...
We've got the Joshua-Kong.
No! No?
He's Donkey Kong! Oh, that's Donkey Kong? OK
Beep, beep, BEEP!
Shortcut? What a huge shortcut!
I'm going to do a huge paraglide off of Big J.
I'm going to do a huge paraglide off of Daddy!
Whoa, that's huge dude!
These special play times together have helped Joshua enjoy going to school.
That was a huge jump, Dude! Huge jump!
There you go! Good job cleaning up before school. Good job!
Let's go dude?
Can you check in my backpack? Check in your backpack and see what kind of lunch you're having today?
If it's a school lunch or if it's a mommy lunch?
Here's how we roll in the rain here. On my bike, but I stay dry like this. I got my new boots on.
What a rainy, rainy day today!
So in the rain, the mask comes off, otherwise it gets soaking wet when you're on the bike.
But when you get off the bike, the mask goes back on.
We have to decide what colors are going to be on our new signs — oh my goodness!
There's 6840, this medium color, and then this one as the highlight color.
Are you enjoying a cookie? Oh my goodness, slow down a little bit! Is it so good?
Once everyone's off to school it's time to get busy and work. Here we go- there's a lot on the plate.
Joshua got a special cookie today, but I have a special lunch date
We're having another date in Shinjuku while we can.
Lunch date: some fish and chips, potatoes and some other yummies here with this beautiful lady.
It was good, wasn't it? It was good!
We got our Under Armor purchase too, didn't we?
We're going to pick up Sarah!
This is like the jungle way, huh?
Sarah we came to pick you up!
Hey Sarah, how was school today? Good.
I missed you so much, Sarah.
Now we're going to walk home with Sarah.
Working on another "Life in Japan."
It is a lot of work doing this!
I don't think it's a lot of work.
Well it's not a lot of work for you! You just lay there and look pretty.
I've gotta do all the work of putting the video together,
Because you're a Daddy. Yeah, I'm a Daddy and that's what daddy's do, huh?
On Friday nights we watch Life in Japan. I have my computer out so I can respond to all the comments that are out there.
While we all watch — it's always fun!
10, 9, 8, 7...
Good morning, Dude! Good morning.
What's everybody doing up here? Good morning, Sarah.
Good morning. Did you sleep so good?
Oooooo - sun, sun, sun!
Thank you sun for coming out finally!
(Singing) Finally the sun has come to say good morning, finally the sun has come to...
It feels nice that the sun's out to wake us up in the morning.
This is a very common sound in the Reutter household in the mornings.
One of the first things I do is make coffee.
What are you drawing, Sarah?
I'm just making everything black.
Whoa. It's a camera.
It does kind of look like a camera, doesn't it?
Hi camera!
Ah, there you go.
There's the camera. That's what Sarah sees all the time, huh?
It's Saturday which means we're giving Ruth a chance to sleep in.
I'll try to get some of the breakfast going for the kids so she can just have a nice morning off because she works so hard.
Going to make some pancakes.
It's hard to stir and film!
(Joshua) I can help you stir.
You can help me stir? Uh huh.
You're doing it, Dude. Good job, good job!
The pancakes are on, my coffee is done and being enjoyed.
It's Saturday at the Reutter's, yea!
I love Saturdays. This is the only day we can eat pancakes.
And we can play with our friends all day.
Saturdays are fun, aren't they?
No school.
Alright, the kids are fed, so I'm going to take Ruth coffee in bed. She'll love it.
OK, now what do you want?
I like my pancakes cut.
You want your pancakes cut? Why aren't the girls doing that? They were doing that.
Not now, they're not.
Oh no!
So this bed, if you didn't see this in earlier episodes, because the earlier episodes aren't subtitled in Japanese,
But this is our bed!
And it changes back and forth to a couch.
And this is part of my routine every morning and every evening, is getting the bed ready.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
We're getting our morning visit from Joey. What 'cha doing, Joey?
Oh, is that what you're doing? Are you drawing on there? I want to...
Are you drawing on there while Becca helps?
I want to draw on there! No you don't!
Joey came over to visit and he found the hose outside really fast.
Alright Dude, let's do some Uno?!
Well, the day started off sunny but... I know!
But what happened here? At least it's not raining, huh?
Well Ben and I got our 6k in
It feels good. It did, and it's hot out!
The kids are enjoying the stream here.
This is the way to do it in the summer. Living the life!
It's Ramen time here for us, right?
Is it Ramen time, dude?
Is it so yummy, dude?
Here we are! I'm heading into our beloved Coffee Shop because tomorrow's our first day back at our church in months!
We're super excited about that!
So I came in here tonight just to make sure that we have everything setup, working properly
Because it's been months since we used this equipment like the keyboard and the sound system live,
So I'm going to give it a little test before tomorrow.
I've got my Sunday shoes on today, heading to church. Oh yeah.
Alright, we're just about ready to start! I've got my family up here on the front row with us, and other people are coming in!
We are ready to rock and roll! Common!
It feels good to be back!
He didn't even flinch!
Cat, cat, I'm a cat.
It was a busy day and now everyone's just chilling. Watching a show, huh?
And that's just a part of our weekend routine. Thanks for making us a part of yours! See you next time on Life in Japan.
Reviewing Japanese before class. The student, being a good student!
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Summer Weekends in 2020 | Life in Japan Episode 65

2 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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