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- So!
(package rustling)
This is at home videos you guys.
I'm not made for this. (sighing)
(upbeat music)
So, my first step in getting unready
is to sleep on this super cute,
where is this from?
It's from SLIP, I love SLIP.
Okay, hold on. (chuckling)
Never looks cute going on (chuckling).
Okay, so first off, I wash my hands.
I definitely gotten more conscious about that
since being in quarantine.
But also, I don't know,
I'm such a germophobe,
like I feel like you touch so many things,
there's is so much like dirt and oil and stuff like that.
So I never like to touch my face
until I have washed my hands.
So, BRB.
Now that I have clean hands,
I always start,
I never do a pre-cleanse,
this is all I ever need.
This is my favorite cleanser ever.
I have really dry skin.
I do get a little oily kinda of like in here and here.
A little bit in here.
But it's so hard.
For me to keep my skin hydrated
I have to go to like the ultimate,
like I have to do the most
just to keep my skin hydrated.
So this cleansing oil is literally like
the consistency of like a light olive oil.
It's so oily.
It is so good for my skin.
I find that it like I don't get blackheads,
I don't get anything,
and it melts my makeup off like nothing.
You see that.
Whoo baby!
I love that (beep).
(hands rubbing)
So, I do this before I take my eye makeup off,
I don't know why.
There is no real reason.
Watch you guys are gonna see me go
from eyebrows to no eyebrows.
I have such blonde eyebrows.
Does anybody else have this?
Like around the edge of your eyebrows?
They are really like.
Coz when I get them, I get them tinted
every once in a while, like oh my God, I have eyebrows.
My whole life I thought that I didn't have eyebrows
but just turns out they are like selectively really blonde.
(water running)
I forgot to say this at the start.
But if I count this,
I think this is a 12-step night time routine.
It's a little excessive,
but I'm getting a little fancy for you guys
coz I wanna show you the full extent
of my night time routine.
I've said that I don't use makeup wipes in the past.
What I meant to say, I don't use it on my skin, skin.
I definitely need makeup wipes
to get all of my eye makeup off.
And you can see my little individual lashes falling.
If I'm going for like a full look,
what I do, as you can see,
is I wear like three little individual lashes
just on the corner.
Just to give it a little bit of like
a lift at the corner of the eye.
These are my absolute favorite makeup removing wipes.
The Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes.
Every other makeup removing wipe I try to use
it makes my eyes hurt.
Maybe their towels are really rough,
maybe their solution just is not very strong,
but I find myself like rubbing my eyes
to the point that they hurt.
Next up, once I've gotten my eye makeup off,
is this unbelievable serum.
Dr. Barbara Sturm, Molecular Cosmetics, Hyaluronic Serum.
As you can tell, it's almost completely out.
I use this stuff night and day.
And I use it just directly following my cleansing ritual.
I'm saying it like I'm super fancy.
My cleansing ritual.
And I always put it on the back of my hand
coz I have this weird thing
like that, so nice.
I have this weird thing where I feel like
if I put it in my palm it like sinks into my palm.
I don't know if that's true or I'm making it up.
But I had a sort on my cheeks
and I work my way up.
I don't understand how people do that thing
where they like squeeze it into their palms,
and then they like, rubbing together
and then they just like, pat it.
I'm always like,
my OCD kicks in and I'm like there's no way
that you getting it everywhere it needs to go.
I just let that kinda of sit for a minute.
It's a little jelly but it's so nice.
It like makes it feel so like moist and plump.
I don't even know what Hyaluronic Serum does.
I just know that you are absolutely supposed
to work it into your skincare routine, so.
Was that step 3?
Are you guys counting?
Counting at home?
So, while I'm waiting for that to sink in
I will brush my teeth.
I have been using this really cute toothbrush lately.
I picked it up just before quarantine.
How cute is this?
It's just like a little...
I have this really big problem with like
massive plug-in electronic toothbrushes.
Something about them makes me not wanna use them.
I'm like, it's too much, I can't commit.
But I always like to buy those,
like five dollar toothbrushes.
They just feel nicer.
I don't know.
So this is like a cute little blend for me.
Next up, I've been using, lately,
just since quarantine, this Mario Badescu vitamin C serum.
Do you ever feel like there is a product mentioned
in the world by somebody that you see
and then suddenly it's everywhere?
Vitamin C Serum was that for me.
All of a sudden it's just everywhere.
I started using it because I heard it was really
good for cell turnover.
I could be totally making that up.
I'm gonna end up on one of those like,
esthetician reviews of Cameron's skincare routine.
She's like no, that's not what it is.
But I do know it's really good for anti-aging.
They say it is really good for skin brightening.
Which I can get a little dull,
especially if I'm really short slept
or like I've been inside for a month and a half
or something like that.
After I have put my first serum on,
I will let it set there for a minute
And then I learned this trick on set
when I was like 18 years old on a movie.
Basically, I was working with this makeup artist
who used to be an esthetician
and she insisted on taking our makeup off every night
because she said that she was responsible
for the state of our skin
and she don't wanna be covering up zits,
and I was like, I'm not gonna complain.
(chuckling) You do your thing.
But she took her makeup off every night
and then she put some serums in,
and what she would do,
the first time she did it I was like,
what the (beep) is happening.
But she would work her way up our face
and sort of like
(slapping sound)
softly slap us with her fingertips.
And she said it just brought blood flow
to the surface and it helped the serum seep in.
Maybe she was just taking out her aggression out on us.
I don't know.
I still do it.
It kinda feels nice, weirdly.
After that, I will quickly follow with
this Creme Riche velvet moisturizing cream
from Tata Harper.
As you can tell, I love it so much.
I'm basically out.
It's super, super rich.
I don't know if you guys can tell, but It's like,
I would say it's like pancake batter.
Smells (sniffing) unbelievable.
I just put it on little bits of my face
so I don't waste any.
I know approximately how much I am gonna use and
I don't want it to go to waste.
And I'll just work it in all over.
I put it on the top of my eyes as well.
I always see people skip their eyelid
and that freaks me out.
I mean, this skin is just as thin as this skin, right?
We should be giving it just as much attention.
Oh my god, this smells so amazing.
I'm like getting sleepy
because this is my every night routine.
I'm having like a Pavlovian response.
After that, I go in with this unbelievable Sturm eye cream.
As you guys can tell, I'm a big Barbara Sturm fan.
Look, it's like Jello.
Can you see it bouncing?
No, am I just being weird?
Why are we getting so quiet? (laughing)
This is like an ASMR video now.
And I just put it like probably
like a pretty good amount under my eyes.
I'm a big eye cream fan.
I don't know how different it is from regular moisturizer
but I enjoy it.
It like just kinda of like reminds me
to give my eye some extra care.
And I use this little roller,
it's filled with rose quartz.
I don't really think the rose quartz does anything
but it is cute.
And I do think that the rolling effect helps
get the product into the skin.
And I'll sometimes even take it up like above my eyebrow.
Just because that area kinda deserves some extra attention.
I really revel in my night time routine.
Any kind of self-care act, like physical self-care act,
I think is so important.
I think when people talk about
like spending time on taking care of yourself
and equating it to vanity,
and calling vanity a negative thing,
I think that's really misinformed.
I think that psychologically,
giving yourself that extra time and attention
improves your self esteem
and improves your relationship with yourself.
Centers you.
You know, makes you feel loved and valued.
And I think that's really important.
I think that's really important for your life
and I think that's really important for your mental state.
I'm getting lost. (chuckling)
This is a therapy session now.
We are gonna talk really softly
and we are gonna talk about our feelings.
So next up, after I have done my moisturizer,
I know that people go back and forth
on kind of the order of steps,
but what works best for me is
I will end with straight up vitamin E oil.
Now I got this on Amazon,
so it actually is mixed with jojoba and avocado oil.
But normally, I would end
with just a straight vitamin E oil.
Coz its super, super intense.
You see like a drop on my forehead,
a drop on my cheeks, little dot on my nose,
a drop on my chin.
I love to really saturate my skin with oil and product
before I go to sleep, so it can really soak in overnight.
Like I said in the beginning, I have very dry skin.
And the most important thing
about taking care of your skin,
so that you look good longer, is moisture.
A big thing for me is drinking lots of water.
Coz moisture is not just outside in,
I would say it's is mostly inside out.
So I'll let that sit and do its thing.
Live its life.
And while I do,
this is just for me, this isn't really for anybody else.
No one's like smelling me in my sleep
except for me and my boyfriend.
But I love to put on this Rose Absolute oil,
just on my wrists.
It is very strong, but it just smells unbelievable.
I love rose scented things, I love lavender.
I love actually gardenia scented things.
Lilly scented things.
Just anything floral.
And like the straight essence of it.
(exhaling) Bitch.
This is the Kora,
love for all organics, Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil.
I love this stuff.
I love to sleep in it.
Lastly, second to last,
I love to, I have to moisturize my lips
before I go to bed because a bitch is dry.
This is the Burt's Bees Hydrating Lip Oil.
Again oil based.
I love some oil.
And it looks like a gloss.
It's a little extra to go to bed,
but it stays on my lips for ages.
So most nights that is where
I will end my skincare routine.
Lately, just since quarantine has started,
I've been using this Pure Avacado Oil
just on a little brush like this.
And I work it into my brows.
Just a little bit to kinda like condition
my brows and my lashes.
I could not know that we were all supposed
to be conditioning our brows and lashes.
Like our hair, I mean it like makes sense, right?
Like we condition the hair on our head,
moisturize our skin.
Why wouldn't we?
Why would we skip the lashes and brows, guys?
And then, if I wanna go one step further
or I'm feeling like my skin is really, really dry,
this is my ultimate beauty hack trick.
This is something that I swear by,
besides water and sleep, first and foremost,
and staying out of the sun.
This Lancome Multi-Action ultra lift,
double wrapping cream mask.
This thing is unbelievable.
I'm not affiliated with any of these brands
but I will put this on my face
and I don't know if you can tell, it comes in two.
So it just like sits on your face and you sleep in it.
Like it changes, it will change your life.
This one has cream,
so it doesn't like drip all over the place.
It's not messy, it's really like,
(mouth sucking)
it's like suctioning on your face.
I'll put that on and I'll go to sleep.
And that's it.
That's my whole thing.
A lot of the time I will have like a little melatonin
before I go to sleep or some night time tea,
and I'll put my face mask on and I will stare
at the ceiling for another three hours
coz I'm a terrible sleeper. (laughing)
But yeah, that's it.
That's my night time routine.
Thank you so much for getting ready to go to bed with me.
I hope that you learned something new
from my skincare routine.
I love you guys so much.
Stay strong, stay kind to yourselves, stay home.
And I'll see you guys next time.
(kissing) (upbeat music)
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Dove Cameron's 12 Step #StayHome Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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