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Come on.
Come you up.
Good on the sponsor.
A cure or hello, everyone.
Welcome to new episode of Raffi Japanese Academy.
A show What?
I teach you the essentials to learn Japanese.
I promise you that after this, listen, you'll be better in Japanese than Jackie Chan and all the members of BTS combined.
But before we start today's video, here's a quick message from our sponsor.
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Come on, just just click the link.
Just click the link.
All right, guys, everybody's safe.
Yeah, everybody's safe.
So now let's, uh that's freaking do this.
Is it just me or did get incredibly hot in here Now, today I'm gonna teach you guys a very powerful plus old try useful phrase in Japanese.
I have used this phrase in Japan countless times, and I'm not making it up when I say that this one sentence has literally saved my life.
The phrase I want to teach you guys is punts.
And Lisa got your in denial, which literally translates Teoh.
I've got squirrels in my pants.
Now I know what you guys must be thinking.
Thank God somebody finally taught me this right?
Am I right, guys?
Am I right?
Yes, I am, Right.
Of course I am.
I mean, I'm just talking from experience here.
I have never learned this phrase in any of my textbooks.
Just just not there.
It's just not there.
My page Japanese teacher has never taught this to me.
But no worries.
Guys, email, email A dye job.
Because that's why I'm here to teach you guys all the wisdom I present the first time I ever encountered the sentence was in the show.
Phineas and Ferb.
All right, now settle down, everyone.
Let's break down this sentence dramatically.
Ponza is a Japanese loan word that in this context means pans.
But I know some of you already know what else it could mean.
Neat is the destination particle soap.
Mancini means in the pans.
Lisa is the Japanese word for a squirrel.
Fun fact.
The written word is composed of two Japanese characters.
Could eat, which means chestnut and MSM E, which means mouse or a rat.
So not rant is a squirrel.
God is the subject marker, meaning that we're talking about the squirrel in the pants.
And it India is just a form off the verb to be or to have to exist.
You could also say Ponsana deseg Amos.
Nobody cares about the polite form, Karen.
It doesn't really hit it.
You know, it doesn't really do the triple.
But why am I teaching this?
And now some situations in which you can use this sentence on on their three.
Our country.
No party need today show Jameson.
Wish that Monday Puns.
Nearly cigar.
You're in denial online.
Me dijo bika puns.
And you still got even.
And I hope I can I Sorry.
Do you mean you bring value?
So getting in a potential Solis, you getting you the We, uh, this, uh, this wasn't in the script.
All right.
Thanks for tuning in to Raffi is Japanese Academy took the sunk.
You who are watching?
Good up him on your home.
Got academia mixed timer ivy to teach you how to Could I forehead it?
So they are mother issue the guys who, uh, suppose he Slayer has me locked in Hiss attic.
I think it's been over a month now.
That's actually the reason why I haven't uploaded for such a long time.
Not because of school, but because I'm trapped in his attic.
I don't have much time, guys.
I can only communicate through videos, so please write in the comments.
What Japanese lesson should we make next?
And hopefully I'll be I'll be able to give you more info.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
Getty getting out the official.
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Most Useful Japanese Phrase

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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