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for my story.
I'm gonna probably use us, guy.
Yeah, but what you're doing, like, explain it better.
When I was 16 I got quite with my then boyfriend in a car parked outside of a football field.
No one was around, were just screaming at each other.
How long way data most of sophomore year.
So cute, very serious is yelling.
I'm getting so nervous that I'm fighting like my nails.
Ever tried to bite your nails?
Or if you been biting your nails consistently for a while, you can get to this point where you weaken a part of the nail that's pretty worn down.
You mean like so this part of the nail was getting very like like a has the of, like the nail and won this fight.
But then all of a sudden, he has this, like epiphany that I'm right and that he's being irrational or something like that.
So clearly I'm like doing this in this whatever.
And he's like like and then also he stops and he goes, What about you?
I love you.
He turned to me and he's like, I'm so sorry.
And now he's like locking eyes, me and this is like this big moment, and I can't look away.
But my finger was like, right here and right as he turns nails, I have never had someone stops staring me in the eyes and tell me that they love me.
And they were sorry.
I'm like, 16.
This is like a movie.
So I'm like, Oh, my God.
And then the nails in my mouth.
And believe it or not, because he's, like, in this trance with me, I actually then forget about the nail and he leans.
And second, no, I died inside like a part of me is still not alive.
From that moment, I e mortify pulls away and he pulled out a nail.
Oh, no.
Did you can see after that?
No, he drove me.
And that's the end of that story and no man way continue dating.
Oh, you did?
So that wasn't the end.
I know.
He he persevered.
That's a good man.
Okay, um, so I'm high.
I'm dating this guy, right?
And like, you know, you have, like, sleepovers and times, like, roughly help you.
Not that old, but like yeah, your twenties.
Okay, but you're not like lower.
No, I'm like, OK, and I'm, you know, my stomach starts to just, like start e have a weird, weak stomach sometimes.
Like it'll just like I don't like Let's amount like walking down the road and the covers air, like, you know, on us.
I just so happen to like, Let one rip.
And I was like, I thought it would just be, like a little quiet one, like, you know, how sometimes I like, And I was like, Oh, my God, I'm mortar by mortar by it.
It smelled It was loud and kind of sound.
A little way No.
So I fired it, and I was like, Oh, my God.
So he just, like, kind of was like, Okay with it.
I gas like, what do you do?
Like everyone farts.
Everyone moves.
He's like it's not.
Might not have been the most ideal.
Like that's not very sexy.
No, you continue to date after that.
Yeah, we did.
Um, yeah, we're no longer dating thes.
I think we're very humanizing stories.
What are some weird, embarrassing stories that you have Please share?
It's good to share.
It's cathartic.
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Gross Date Stories

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 31, 2020
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