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hey guys sam here with another india travel video and in today's episode
we'll be going on a mouth-watering bangalore food tour
after saying farewell to amritsar david and i hopped on an overnight flight and
traveled down to bangalore i managed to get a few hours of sleep on the plane
and the following morning it was time to hit the ground running
here we met up with aneshwara who kindly offered to show us some of the best
places to eat in bangalore oh my gosh look at that chutney
together we explored the gandhi fruit and flower market
had vada and dosas for breakfast wandered around bangalore fort and the
tipu sultan summer palace and feasted on some incredible biryani
and curry served on a banana leaf it was a fun first day in the city
exploring some of bangalore's top attractions and sampling some of the
local cuisine now let's dive right into our bangalore
food tour good morning good morning guys greetings from bengaluru
india i'm joined with my good friend anishwara and we're going to be having a
delicious south indian breakfast this morning yeah
so this place has been around for like approximately 70 years you get dosa's
cds everything that's you know the typical south indian breakfast and also
the karnataka filter coffee oh my gosh i love dosas in italy
and you know what i need a coffee we've been here for a while we will walk
around the flower market wonderful that's right we have an hour's
wait they gave us a ticket a specific number so we have to be back at that set
time and then they'll call our number then we get to go inside but in the
meantime let's go check out the flower market
this is a fruit and flower market as well as like
you know random things like beers and stuff that gets active during the
festive season oh wow and um everything comes in fresh
in the morning like early in the morning see around five in the morning five to
six months oh that's so cool and uh yeah so that's what happens and
it gets over everything gets over by like twelve
busy in the morning super busy early in the morning and i've noticed
some very colorful displays so far yeah it's impressive
the flower market here is incredible just so many colors
it's so neat to see all the vendors setting up shop and all the people
coming by and purchasing the flowers and also it's great to be visiting when
it's busy but not crazy we visited the flower market in hyderabad during the
diwali and we didn't even have so much as an inch to get around
here it's busy but not crazy busy so i'm able to comfortably walk around
and kind of take it all in
when do people typically buy flowers here so here people buy flowers
mostly during the festive season there are people who buy flowers like every
day for you know like worship and all that also
for weddings we have this ritual where people put garlands around each other so
yeah that's when people buy flowers so over
here this lady is making a garland that looks just like that
oh let's use for weddings yeah that's the one i was telling you about that's
what people put around each other for weddings
oh it looks beautiful this is literally the biggest line i've ever seen to go
into a restaurant i'm gonna pop the camera for you so you
can just see how big it is check out this one
that is the line to get it
that is incredible i don't think i've ever been more excited
to sit down for food oh my gosh
started way back in 1943 okay started as a small students eatery
to south to the students who are studying nearby
this breakfast was legendary we wanted to sample a mix of typical south indian
breakfast items so we got a large puri with aloo which
is potato curry paired with a spicy chutney italy a
savory rice cake that was floating in sambar
vada a savory fried doughnut also accompanied by sambar and with two types
of semolina karabad which was spicy and kasaribad
which was sweet all right i'm so excited all the
breakfast items have arrived and i have to say already i think it's
worth the wait we waited for an hour i think it's worth the wait so we're
just gonna grab a piece of the puri oh my gosh that's one thing that we've
been having a lot on this channel yeah we've been eating a lot of puri
it's been delicious so i'm gonna put a little bit of the potato mash on here
and dip it into those i should dip it into the chutney as well
wow oh my gosh it's so good so tasty
it's a little bit spicier than i expected and is this where we get the
spice from yeah from the chutney so that's made
with coconut green chillies and coriander so this one has been soaking
in the sambal sauce so i've got i've got a lot of the sambal
don't get into the chutney oh that's going to be awesome
oh my gosh i've never had this so saturated before
it actually tastes more like sauce than anything else basically has a
sponge-like consistency it absorbs all those sauces any sauce
you throw at it it absorbs completely so moving on we
have the the batter and the neat thing about tavara it's
basically a crispy savory doughnut it's batter that's deep
fried and then you have it with the sambal
okay and so oh wow it's piping hot it's hot in the hands swimming in there
swimming in there what about the chutney
this is spicy or spicy okay
oh that's nice is it spicy for you a little bit but not as spicy as the
chutney the chinese number one okay and moving
on this is kind of the sweeter one yeah that's the sweeter version of
the same thing the same thing and it has a polenta like consistency
oh i really like the sweet one i have to admit i like the sweet one
because we've been having a lot of savory juices and i still have the dosa
tacoma whoa chutney oh my gosh look at that
chutney then it was time for the main event
dosas this dosa was thicker from other ones i've tried before and it reminded
me of a fluffy pancake it was very crispy and golden on the outside but
soft and spongy in the interior it was stuffed with a potato mash and there was
lots of chutney and sambar for dipping dip it in the chutney into the chutney
no wait there's more oh there's so there's there's a lot to do here into
the sambal
oh my god this is so good best dosa hands down ever i've never had anything
quite like this where it's actually on the outside
spongy in the middle absorbs the wonderful chutneys
of course you have that the spicy coconut one you have the sambal
that's a game changing though game changing are you gonna come back
yeah i'll stand in line again for an hour i do that
this is the typical filter coffee which you get famously in karnataka
so it comes in this sort of cup and a glass
so you pour it in here and then you drink it bit by bit so
you see how there's a lot of thoughts so they pour it back and forth to create
that frost you can cool it down in your cup little by little and then take a sip
that's how it works dude nice nice
oh this coffee is delicious it's like the best coffee in india i actually
haven't had any coffee in india so it has to be the best it's the best it's
better than chai we needed to walk off that massive south
indian breakfast so after that feast of a meal
we made our way to bangalore fork
so this is the bangalore fort it was built in like around the 1537
and it was built by kempe gowda who's the founder of bangalore so
initially it was built as a mud fort and now it's become stone they've made it
through stone later and only a small part of the fort
actually remains now this is the part that we're gonna go
explore today
today the fort's deli gate and the two bastions are all that really remains of
the fort so it is small but still very
interesting to visit
one of the great things about the fort is that it's a free attraction
typically when we've traveled through india and gone to visit major sites
we're usually looking at paying roughly 300 rupees or maybe more but
this one is absolutely free my favorite thing about the fort so far
is just how impressive the walls are and the doors it's like everywhere you
look there's something unique and different about this place it's been a
great experience so far and it hasn't been too
crowded either there's just a few people out here visiting
chai chai thai time before lunch but definitely definitely check out
these two attractions they're must visits and they're really close to each
other i mean they're five minute walk from each other and then you can get
some chai and then you can have some chai and you
got some more chai and then maybe lunch
we're getting hurricane water the best it's super refreshing
it is getting some kind of fiercely hot here in bangladesh
and what better way to cool off than with some sugar cane juice
freshly made right in front of us let's try that
naturally refreshing and actually really sweet too
like it's very sugary but man it's just what you need in the heat
helps you beat the heat basically we got some special directors
if you want to show thanks guys
so we're now entering deeper sultan's summer palace yeah it's a good example
of indo-islamic architecture and apparently it was built
in 1791 so that was a very long time ago let's go check it out
this palace was the summer residence of tipu sultan
and it's an impressive structure built entirely of teak and adorned with
pillars arches and balconies it's super close to
the fort and definitely worth visiting if you're traveling in bangalore
after all that sightseeing it was time for lunch we hopped in an uber and drove
to shivaji military hotel don't let the name fool you this is in
fact a restaurant and is best known for its biryani
okay so we've entered into the restaurant and it's packed as a saturday
it's a very popular place instead of waiting in a queue
you basically stand by a table that you think is going to be finishing soon
and then you jump in strategically so as soon as one person gets up
you attack the chair there's no time not a second to waste yeah so do what
he's doing
all right so after waiting about 20-25 minutes we found a table
we pounced on it we were actually waiting at another table and they
notified us and said go guys go and we like ran over and sat down
anyways we've got our banana leaves here and what we're going to be doing is
cleaning them so we just pour a little bit on
a bit of water on our hands and i just go like this on the banana leaf
and what this does is it cleans the leaf hopefully i did an okay job
now we're just waiting thank you now we're just waiting for the food
so before we start eating let me give you a tour of everything that was served
on the banana leaf we had a nice mix of biryani as well as different curries all
varying in their level of spice here you'll notice liver chicken dry mun
dry green chili chicken a cucumber yogurt
salad mud and biryani chicken biryani and ghee
rice which is cooked in clarified butter now let's dig in wow what a feast we
have here this is probably my favorite southern indian lunch of all
time look at this i mean we're eating it on top of banana leaf
we're eating with our hands that is a traditional way here in southern india
so the way you do it is you just grab one start breaking up
mix it with the brianna and then you put it like this and you go
like that with your thumb right so i'm gonna go with my favorite thing of all
time which is mud and brianni
oh wow huge sauce of butter so tender i'm just blown away by this
i'm so excited it's going to be a south indian
feast on a banana leaf and we have eight different items if you can believe it
all right i'm gonna take some chicken here
oh look at that mixing it all together oh
wonderful buttery chicken with masala just absolutely delicious
and then this rice with ghee oh my gosh that's game changing okay pouring the
gravy on here oh my gosh so now it's taking on a green
color okay let's try this i love biryani oh wow
that's a bit spicier than i expected just wasn't anticipating that taste
wow it's really tasty i do like it i do like it
chili chicken oh yeah i feel that kick
but it's very tender chicken delicious so basically you mix
everything with rice whatever the gravy you mix it with rice
okay and chili chicken you can just have it on the side
and that's a way of ensuring that you get the gravy gets absorbed
absorbed and utilized in the meal and you have some flavor in the rice as well
oh i'm yeah i'm not oh man i'm not a fan of liver
sorry guys that'll be my last bite of that i do like the other ones the
chicken has been delicious so far this is just a wonderful meal
and with all this variety it's like you don't even know which one to go for
they're all so tasty it's like do i go here do i go there
if i cool down a bit which i'm gonna do
okay guys so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up
subscribe to our channel samuel audrey the davis channel david's been here
and can you please tell us about what you're doing yeah so i have a travel
account on instagram as well okay and you can follow me on there you've
been showing me your pictures and i love them
off the beaten track travel yeah in india of course
incredible india yeah okay so we'll see you guys soon with another episode
that's a little taste of our first day eating our way through the city
we hope you enjoyed the bangalore food tour featuring typical south indian
dishes in the next episode we'll be taking you
on a nighttime street food tour so stay tuned for more tasty adventures
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BANGALORE FOOD TOUR! South Indian Cuisine (DOSA + VADA + PURI + IDLI + BIRYANI) in Bengaluru, India

18 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 31, 2020
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