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  • Pleasuring yourself is common with over 50% of women and 70% of men masturbating on a monthly basis.

  • But what would happen if you just completely stopped masturbating forever?

  • After a week, male testosterone levels go up by 40%, or at least that is what a 2003 study found,

  • which caught worldwide media attention and in part lead to the "No Fap" community, "Fapping" being slang for masturbating.

  • Supporters of the No Fap movement also claim improved sexual performance and high sperm quality along with feelings of improved motivation, self-esteem and happiness.

  • But how valid are all these claims?

  • What most media did not mention is that while the study did see increased testosterone, it went back down to normal levels on day 8 with no explanation.

  • Other abstinence studies have found no difference at all in testosterone levels between those who masturbated and those who abstained,

  • suggesting that other variables like changing diet and exercise, which also impact testosterone, may more likely be the cause for any changes found in people who stopped masturbating.

  • In terms of sexual performance, abstinence from masturbation does't seem to improve premature ejaculation either.

  • After three weeks of no masturbation, a study found that participants had roughly the same ejaculation time as those that did masturbate.

  • And as for sperm quality, it turns out that those who ejaculated more frequently had sperm that were stronger swimmers, which improves chances of fertilization.

  • In fact, this is one theory behind why not masturbating for extended periods of time may lead to more nocturnal admissions or wet dreams as a mechanism to cycle out old sperm.

  • 83% of men and 37% of women have experienced a wet dream at least once.

  • But the evidence for why is still inconclusive as there haven't been many studies, given the awkward nature of studying people orgasm in their sleep.

  • Apart from this, for men when sperm isn't ejaculated, it can be broken down, and the nutrients are recycled back inside the body.

  • Now masturbation addiction is a real thing, and curbing the habit can potentially impact your motivation, self-esteem, and happiness.

  • Masturbation can increase dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitter release, which stimulates the reward pathway in the brain.

  • The only issue is that constant masturbation leads to constant release of serotonin and dopamine, which leads to our brain becoming desensitized to these specific neurotransmitters.

  • Our brain would then require a higher level of dopamine and serotonin to obtain normal levels of happiness and motivation.

  • So if you stop masturbation, you then allow the brain to become sensitive to dopamine and serotonin again.

  • But the science behind masturbation shows that it can improve sleep, reduce stress and pain, and improve your immune system along with a slew of other health benefits

  • which we covered in another video on masturbation here.

  • In men, it can even reduce prostate cancer risk.

  • Of course, these studies investigated primarily the experiences of men, and currently there is a lack of evidence to suggest that polishing the pearl is anything but beneficial to women

  • So if you want to stop masturbating for personal reasons, go for it.

  • Some say it helped their lives.

  • But for most, in moderation, masturbation is a healthy activity with some genuine scientific benefits.

  • if you wanna know even more masturbation's healthy effects, we just uploaded the newest episode of our podcast side note to YouTube for the first time where we have a scientific debate about masturbation.

  • You can click here to listen and subscribe to the new channel.

  • We also tell very candid and personal stories about this touchy subject and then debate both sides of the issue including a discussion on porn addiction.

  • Things get pretty heated so be sure to check it out.

Pleasuring yourself is common with over 50% of women and 70% of men masturbating on a monthly basis.

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