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  • education is changing.

  • Many teachers now show videos in their classrooms, and students use them for their homework or to prepare for exams.

  • This development is great when technology helps students to improve their learning, but it can be a disadvantage for those who have to consume endless hours of boring or misleading information at sprouts.

  • We imagine a world where teachers and students have free access to a wide range of interesting materials that were developed following high academic standards.

  • We are on a mission to explain complicated ideas with short cartoon animations that inspire teachers and students to do projects and dive deeper into the subject sprouts.

  • Videos are published under the Creative Commons license.

  • That means our videos are free and anyone can download, edit and play them for personal use and public schools, governments and nonprofit organizations can also use them for training online courses or designing new curriculums.

  • Today, over a 1,000,000 students watch sprouts videos every month, and because our videos are presented as cartoons, students from all around the world can relate.

  • As a result, volunteers have translated our videos into Chinese, French, Hebrew and many, many other languages.

  • It all began in 2014.

  • At the time, Jonas Copeland was working in the corner office of a successful marketing company, thinking about how to follow his true calling, improving education for disadvantaged Children.

  • Ah, kilometer down the road.

  • Mark Schwinn had just started minute videos with a mission to democratize video production for education.

  • When the two met, they became friends and started working together.

  • Mark brought along his team, including Pascal Gelli, who draws all of our cartoons.

  • Jonas convinced his sister, Selena Badar toe, leave her teaching position and join as head of content.

  • Today we are a committed team of independent teachers, academics, creators and producers who are working remotely from around the globe, trying to help revolutionize learning.

  • It is our aim to make a difference, and you can, too.

  • If you have deep insights into academic topics and want to help us explain complicated ideas and simple language, please contact us at sprouts schools dot com to help us stay independent and support our work.

  • You can join our patrons and contribute.

  • Just visit patri on dot com slash sprouts.

education is changing.

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