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You love them but can't stand them.
Sure they may copy your every move and cramp you style from time to time.
But that doesn't change the fact that they're your blood and will have your back for life.
But as mad as you may get at them, just remember, they're your #1 bestie.
Whether you like it or not.
If you have a sibling, you know that movie night can lead to serious drama.
And it's all because of one pesky little device: the remote control.
Will Lana get to choose what to watch?
Or will Lily be in charge of their movie-watching fate?
Hey! That's no fair we watched your movie last night!
Yes!! I got it!
Ooh, when things escalate into hair-pulling, you know things are about to get crazy.
And Lana's back in the lead!
Oh man, this could seriously go on forever.
Woah!! Lily! Don't bite your sister!
Well, looks like these sisters don't need to pic a drama to watch — they created one all on their own!
Wanna put on that horror movie you've been dying to watch?
Hey! I totally forgot I bought this sweater last month!
It'll definitely be wearing this to my lunch date tomorrow.
Little did Lana know, her little sister was lurking around the corner.
And she needs something to wear to her party tonight.
Let's see…
Ooh! What's this?
Lana wouldn't mind if I borrowed this, would she?
Woah! Lana!
Uh, I was just checking out this dress…uh…
Hand it over, sis. C'mon…
Next time you want to borrow something, Lily, you'd better just ask.
Oh man, I'm so tired.
I'll be super fast, ok? Thanks!
Why is it that siblings always play dirty when it comes to using the bathroom?
It's fine, she can totally wait.
Open up, Lily!
Did you die in there?
As far as Lily's concerned, she may as well be having an at-home spa day in there.
I swear, I'm never talking to her again!
Well, it looks like Lily's not going anywhere.
She's right in the middle of her solo, for cryin' out loud!
Oh man, i really needed that.
Bathroom's all yours, sis!
Resist the urge, Lana!
You love her, remember?
Aw, cute outfit, Lana!
Is that a new shirt?
First day of school, here I come!
Uh oh, it looks like we've got a bad case of twinning on our hands!
Oh man, even their shoes match!
While these sisters naturally look alike, they probably don't want to dress a like too.
Only one question remains.
Who exactly copied who?
How did you —
Okay, that's it.
You're gonna have to change!
Why do I have to be the one who changes?
Do it.
This is not gonna end well…
Yes, I finally have some time to catch up on Instagram.
Um, Lily? I don't think you're alone in there…
Lily! Hurry! You gotta get outta there!
Oh no, Lily, your last moments can't be spent sitting on the toilet!
Weird, I thought I saw a shadow or something.
Look again, Lily! Seriously!
What is that?
That's the face of pure fear, ladies and gentlemen!
Lana, you nearly made me pee my pants!
Well, you were sure in the right place for that to happen, Lilly!
Hey, cute dress, Lana!
Better put it back in the closet before your sister gets to it.
I'll hang it up right — hey!!
Help! There's a monster in my closet!
Please, let go of me!
See, I told you I'd get you back, sis!
Looks like Lana didn't think that was nearly as funny as Lily did.
That's sisters for ya.
It's almost four o'clock, Amy should definitely be here by now.
Oh, there she is.
If you have a sibling, you know that fighting over who gets to ride shotgun can turn ugly, fast.
And they're off!
Ooh, didn't see that hill, did ya?
Hey, let go of my leg!
Man, Lana fights dirty!
Looks like Lily's gonna get to the car first!
Well Lana, that backseat is yours for the taking.
Wow, this front seat is super comfortable.
Indulging in a little salty snack, are we, Lily?
These sure are salty.
Too bad I left my soda all the way over on the coffee table.
Ugh, why can't I just move it with my mind?
Ugh, forget it. I'll just be thirsty forever.
Maybe I can reach it with my leg!
Maybe I just need to use double arm power.
Why does it look so delicious?
It's no use.
Maybe I just need a little help.
Lana, hey come here for a sec!
You rang?
Can you hand me that soda?
I can't believe I got up for this.
Yay, my precious soda!
You're such a good sister.
Have you ever been minding you own business when suddenly a bully comes out from nowhere?
Woah, that's one tall dude!
Take whatever you want!
Don't hurt me!
I'll just take this lollipop, thank you very much.
Aw man, my best friend gave that to me.
Hey there, mister. What do you think you're doing to my sister?
Even though you may not always get along you can always count on your sibling to protect you from scary bullies.
See, it worked!
Hey, uh, you want my soda too?
That's right, go run home to your mama, sucker!!
Wow, you really saved the day, sis!
Anything for you, kiddo.
Aw! Someone grab the tissues, this is gonna make me cry!
Okay, we've seen enough fighting for the day, it's time for some laughs!
Check out these hilarious bloopers!
Are you sibling who could relate to these scenarios?
Be sure to share this video with your siblings or friends who need a laugh!
Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel 123Go so you never miss out on awesome videos like these.
Until next time, friends!
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FUNNY SIBLING STRUGGLES || Growing Up With Siblings Moments by 123 GO!

53 Folder Collection
YHC0305 published on July 30, 2020
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