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hey guys we're Samuel and Audrey and for the past seven years we've been
traveling around the world and bringing you along for the journey
well 2020 has turned out way different than we expected after three and a half
months spent mostly indoors we are slowly starting to travel again albeit
close to home we've been going on many road trips in search of tiny houses and
unusual accommodations close to nature and we have found some real gems so hit
that subscribe button and join us on the adventure
well Hello Hey guys and welcome to our little tiny-house in the woods yeah lovely is this this great this is just a
short little escape from wherever you live in Brampton exactly we didn't even
have to drive that far we basically went from Brampton to Scarborough crossed
north part of Toronto yeah and here we are 50 minutes later in our own little
oasis yeah here's a different little world like it's hard to believe that you
can be on the outskirts of Toronto and basically be in the woods like we are
like we are hearing the birds chirping it's just so nice to be out and the
weather is amazing this time last time it was a bit hot got a cool breeze and I
think it's like 25 degrees so we're not dealing with a heat wave so we are
continuing this series of unusual accommodation right today we chose this
lovely little place right we're gonna be giving you guys a tour while everything
is still tidy and organized you know before we start bringing out her clothes
and food and it doesn't take us long to make a mess not at all so why don't we
go inside and show you what it looks like check it out
inside yes and I better hop a quick yes for the mosquitoes too so we have a
magnetic mesh screen which is needed in summer in Ontario keep the bugs outside
oh yeah so yeah that's really nice and well this is a very small space so let's
begin with the tour right here first things first we've got our little
kitchen voila so apparently our sink operates
with a foot pump right here so just put your foot in there get a little bit of
water so it's basically gonna be enough to like you know wash your faces brush
our teeth Birds ah exactly this time I did bring some wipes some baby wipes so
we can freshen up a little bit after a sweaty day of hiking they left us some
pots and pans we have bowls dishes wine glasses mugs we have a few condiments
some tea coffee creamer to make a nice little breakfast we have some utensils
as well so it's pretty basic but I mean we're not making very complicated meals
while we're here so really it is everything we need yes indeed then over
here we've got the fireplace a lovely wood-burning fireplace where we can also
heat our kettle to make tea or coffee right now it's summer so there is no way
we're gonna be turning this on because we would just be rolling this would be a
sauna we'd be human marshmallows yeah
marshmallows so there is no need that but just in case they did leave us some
firewood yeah a nice little stash then we have the bedroom I mean big
queen-size bed it is so comfy Sam got here and he was look on new
doorknob so first things first we had a small little siesta just 10 or 15
minutes to freshen up again it's such a comfortable mattress yeah I'm gonna
sleep so well sometimes I actually prefer a harder mattress but this is the
type of soft mattress I can love speaking of marshmallows I feel like I'm
sleeping under working marshmallow pillows yeah we need to
mention the window of this circular window I think that's like the selling
feature for the leading out into a path that actually takes us right to where
we're gonna be cooking later yeah exactly if you just follow that little
trail through the woods it brings us to this fire pit where we can roast
marshmallows made me cook our burgers there's like some chairs where we can
sit out there so it's really nice and it feels very private and secluded okay
also when we first walked in we had two little chairs here but we've taken them
out to the deck so yeah enjoy the breeze but you can keep them in here maybe eat
at this little table also this is a nice little touch they left us some flowers
daisies and wild flowers also a candle this smells so nice it's called Toronto
cabin lavender and sage and we have some art on the walls yep watercolor and last
but not least the bathroom right I haven't even seen it so it's my first
time so see it we just have this tiny little light here so it doesn't light up
a lot but I mean we have a composting toilet so yeah we'll be using that for
the first time later I believe that is the interior of the cabin so this part
of the video is sponsored by glasses USA who have kindly sent us six glasses yeah
three pairs each that's also we've got a mix of sunglasses for summer as well as
some blue light blocking glasses because we spend a lot of hours editing video on
the computer yeah so basically it was super easy to use we ordered our glasses
online we just had to upload our prescription Sam's prescription because
the only one I really want to need yeah so then you can customize them if you
want them polarized mirrored bifocal single vision whatever you need and the
shipping was really fast I'm gonna say oh it arrived so quickly and also there
is a great selection they also have a virtual Tryon feature where you can
upload a photo try on different frames and see which one suits your face best
so super easy so now we're gonna be doing a little show I
all right so now I'm gonna show you the three I picked this is the case first of
all the cases are really nice and easy so it pretty sturdy so let's see which
is this one ooh okay so these are the Muse Brookline and these are actually
going to be my video editing glasses a stylish look at that check them out I
really like them I like the the black frames with a little bit of gold fancy
fancy so next up I'm going to show you the sunglasses that I was wearing
earlier today these ones are called moto Olga Bo and I really like them they
have like a gold and tortoiseshell rim and they have a green green glasses so
the world looks very green right now it's like you're in The Wizard of Oz
you're looking at this yes yeah I feel like a leprechaun should appear and even
it out I like him a lot I feel like I'm gonna be wearing these
over the summer my go-to my new go-to and then my final pair okay
I got a little bit fancy with these because Sam let me choose one of his
three pairs and I chose a model really similar to this one and then I was like
hey that's actually really cool so this one is called muse robin with clip-on
and I just thought the clip-on looked so retro and like vintage I really like
these so the the frames the rim is tortoiseshell with a little bit of blue
and then the clip-on part has a gold rim with brown shades so I'm gonna take it
off to show you guys you can actually wear these two separately and there's
the regular glasses look like so I can wear them as regular glasses these are
so cool they're also blue light blocking so I
can wear them to edit on my computer I asked for mine to be blue light blocking
since I spend all day Final Cut Pro hold it anyway yes these
are we nice I'm a fan and here is the clip-on
portion also my parents use clip-on glasses and I used to think that was
kind of dorky but now I like it now your know your own fashion part with
your dad I am there you go so that's it for my shades and now we're gonna hop
over to Sam's let's see what you got guys don't use your shirt I feel like
that's a PSA for me especially I'm the worst offender by far all right
well let's try the first one here so these should be my sunglasses mm-hmm
they are the muezzin I love these these like to me these feel like great Beach
glasses like if I was out on the beach that would be perfect it's got a fun
summer vibe to it and pair number two these are my video editing glasses these
are the Muse M muse and classic look at that I haven't had a new pair of glasses
like these in quite a while I've been using my green ones for about ten years
yeah so it's I've been I've been in need of an upgrade for a while and these are
great these are definitely a little bit bigger they cover more surface area on
my face and so far man I've been loving editing videos with them again they have
the blue light blocking capabilities and that means I can't stare in front of the
screen a little bit longer and last but not least I have a pair of the muse
Orion sunglasses yes and I wanted to be joining the fashion squad with the
clip-ons as well nice so out of the three glasses you let me pick one of
yours and that's the one I chose the clip I've never had round frames like
this before so I'm getting a little bit used to it but uh Audrey apparently
thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread okay you guys should let us know
in the comments which one you like that yeah please do so there you have it
thank you very much - glasses USA for sending us these lovely new spectacles
I feel fashionable so yeah if you want to check them out we'll have a link in
the description and also they offer free standard shipping anywhere in the world
and they have a policy where you can get a refund or exchange for
14 days and no questions asked so check them out so guys we are getting ready to
cook up some dinner I think so we're gonna be doing burgers this time oh
here's the lid check out that burger is that a jalapeno burger you picked them
up I got bacon and cheddar cheese that's even better yeah that's awesome
and then we also have old cheddar cheese to put on top mm-hmm put on a couple
slices and instead of burger buns I got the naan we're doing this simple and
easy method this is a propane grill basically it is so easy to turn on you
just turn the crank press the the red button and you've got
a flame it like that so we're gonna do this simple and easy method for for
dinner and then we're gonna go out and try to make a fire to do the
marshmallows later yeah exactly
all right to dinner is Sun burger time this is gonna be a messy meal so hair
goes up hair goes up what did you make for us well we've just basically had
naan burgers that's like improvising here huh yeah they look good they cook
really nicely on the UM like on the propane grill some time at all I
couldn't be bothered packing condiments mustard mayo
yeah we're just going super simple that's actually how I used to like my
burger when I was a kid I'm not on nan but I didn't like any condiments
whatsoever no lettuce no tomatoes no mayo no mustard no ketchup plain but now
I like all those things so how was it that's good you see I'm very juicy to be
honest because these are bacon and cheddar I feel like it almost a little
bit toppings because the bacon itself that's good stuff that's such a super
simple easy dinner I mean we'll put a little more effort into our into our
roasted marshmallows
once we were well fed it was time to continue with the tiny house tour this
time showing you around the exterior well here's the outside of our tiny
house yeah looks very old right my
wingspan is almost almost one and a half of year we've been in Hong Kong we were
stated accommodations in Hong Kong where we could touch the walls both of us yeah
so we're not quite there here but it is tiny so yeah there's basically a trail
that leads up to here and this is the house I'm gonna just take you for a walk
around have a little porch we've brought the chairs out here and sir we had our
dinner of course that's the entrance over here is a cool little cooking
station which is where we had our burgers they have everything you need
like even like this this tiny home living like you can you can totally do
it duck here so here is the main part of the tiny home and this is the beautiful
view we get the master enters your bedroom so we're gonna wake up in the
morning and we're gonna see nature out this way maybe we'll be able to see
stars what do you think it is a clear night come over here on this particular
side there isn't much this is just a tiny window and the rest of it is just
structure of the house but what I do want to show you is the path come follow
me over this way this is the path leading to basically the barbecue pit
the fire pit so this is the way that we take to the barbecue the fire pit some
beautiful flowers you get the flowers here I mean guys this is basically just
on the outskirts of the city yeah
approaching you can see that we have some plastic chairs we have a little
makeshift table over here here's the pit so let's lift it open so as you can see
there's a grill and then there's you know we're gonna we're gonna throw some
logs in there I'm hungry for dessert we didn't have a huge supper so I'm gonna
gonna have my share of Marcel
then it was time to roast some marshmallows we went back to the tiny
home and put on our PJs and making sure to cover up our arms and legs because
hello mosquitos then we could finally enjoy some s'mores
good morning friends how are you I'm good we slept amazing last night it's
kind of embarrassing to admit what time it is right now yeah it's it's it's
actually slightly past 9:00 we've been up for probably 20 30 minutes yeah not a
long time not a long time but I guess we needed to sleep we woke up once but I'd
say we got over nine hours for sure oh my gosh yeah
and right now we're just filling up our water bottles yep
it feels like it's gonna be a warm day it's gonna be a lot hotter today for
yeah you could tell already it's it almost feels like afternoon temperatures
yeah yeah all right well we are keeping things super simple with teas breakfast
as you can see pre-made muffin yeah so I got some carrot muffins and then some
blackberries and half a banana it'll do yeah it's kind of like camping so we
don't want to over complicate things well I figured like not every single
meal has to be like get up or prepared there you go so I mean we did the
burgers last night exactly and those were really good oh I know yeah I get
those again yes I was like you only brought two I could have had a second
one too yeah um but yeah this is breakfast today
how are those berries so really good and to give you guys a little idea of the
plan for today we want to go hiking I thought we could go to Rouge national
urban park there's a national park in the middle of the city like I never knew
this place even existed yeah totally yeah like totally like I had no I I
hadn't even heard the name it's right in the city and again it has like numerous
little trails that run along a creek and there's like rivers so it'll be really
nice to see what that's like let's do both I mean I had quite a few
marshmallows last night it's a quite a Verne low exactly that's the plan for
today we're gonna have an outdoorsy day enjoy some hiking it's gonna be nice and
sunny yeah can't wait let's get out
after a quick breakfast we drove over to Rouge National urban park this is
Canada's first national urban park and that encompasses forests Meadows cliffs
and wetlands perhaps most surprising of all is that this nature escape is not
that far from downtown skyscrapers
all right guys it's time for a little update we've been hiking for a bit we
made it to Rouge National urban park yeah it's been so nice there's sections
where you're just going through forest there are lookout so you can see the
cliffs it's also really close to our place to really close five-minute drive
yeah you basically you head towards the Toronto Zoo and then you have a parking
area exactly and there's like what three different trails and there's some
opportunities to see some wildlife here turtle we haven't seen any and
apparently coyotes too there's a sign for that you're not
likely to encounter yeah but we're currently on the Vista Trail
so we're getting some nice panoramic views along the way and yeah let's keep
hiking a little bit more before lunch
guys it's time for lunch yep we came to the fries halls breakfast
and burgers dining and take-out right now it's just take out mmm look look at
5:00 know what I'm totally cool with having another burger
we got them fully loaded hot peppers lettuce tomato onions relish ketchup
mustard mayo oh yeah that's a big burger amazing priced it was like seven bucks
for the combo this is huge it's delicious yeah yeah we're just eating in
a random Plaza this was the closest place to the park that we were just
hiking up so we're like you know what we're hungry we don't want to drive very
far think we're gonna visit a lake after
this too
after gobbling up those burgers we hopped in the car again and drove down
to Rouge Beach on the shores of Lake Ontario this is so part of bruges
national urban park and it offers a mix of sandy beaches and wetlands we hiked a
bit of the waterfront trail which is part of a massive trail system spanning
over 3,000 kilometers and connecting communities along the shores of the
Great Lakes
well that was Rouge beach park who knew yeah a little oasis a little oasis in
the city here such a lovely breeze by the water yeah there's a pond with lily
pads and we saw swans and so many different birds and yeah a nice port
it's like a wetland area yeah beautiful for bird-watching and so quiet then you
have an active beach there's a lot of people there today I feel like I keep
saying this in the video but like I didn't know these places existed and
like I've lived in the dispute for a long time so it's kind of cool to be
like exploring our own backyard and discovering these places it was a lot of
fun totally and there's people doing all kinds of activities here we saw people
canoeing there's a lot of people running in the middle of the day I don't know
how they're doing it they look like they're suffering
there's bikers there's people or bleed rollerblading
there's people I'm sunbathing so I mean there's something for everyone there's
and there's also people I think it just came to birdwatch too so yeah it's just
all kinds of activities happening here and now we're going to drive back to a
little tiny house in the woods and just cool down
chill for a bit maybe read yep so yeah see you then okay guys so we have
decided that we are going to have a little mid-afternoon snack and we
decided on welcome only and chips tortilla chips so I brought with me some
avocados ripe avocados we're gonna use three little ones I also like to walk in
Lolita seasoning keeping it simple and getting the flavor right yeah thank you
and some cherry tomatoes that I need to rinse and then when I cut them and crush
them I should've been there let's see oh look at that
perfection oh that's a nice one that's the color we like it is really hot out
right now it's the middle of the afternoon so that's why we've decided to
hang out oh it's we had a little nap indoors and that's
the thing about a lot of tiny houses they don't have air conditioning so if
you happen to be staying in the middle of summer you need to have a shady
escape for sure because inside it's it's like the world's best national sauna
you go through that screen door and you just like whoa it's really cool at night
yeah like I wasn't hot last night we kept both windows open so there was a
nice draft yeah it should also be fine tonight
it should cool down a bit but for the time being it's it's better to be
outside yeah it's really nice I mean we've got our little deck we have our
chairs outside there's shade welcome Olay look at that we got the little bite
bites I think they're called perfect or scoops I think they're called oops
do you have a scooping ability mm-hmm that's pretty good
hmm perfect little summer snack and I'd film you trying them but I mean you're
naked you're just sitting in your underwear in his I mean that's pretty
naked you know it's the only way but at least we're more secluded no one else
and just like that it was time to pack up clean up and say goodbye to a tiny
house in the woods
good morning sleep pretty good I mean I did wake up in the millet I had nothing
to do if the bed okay here was amazing oh yeah especially our first night of
sleep I mean we slept like oh look like little angels we woke up at 9:00 in the
morning which is really late for us yeah so yeah overall a really great trip I
really enjoyed our little tiny house in the woods it was very unique very cozy
yes like the last time just so appreciated getting out doing something
yeah I mean we loved it out here there's the sounds of nature we also had a few
sounds of civilization yeah you can't hear a bit of traffic in the train going
by at night but its just a cool reminder that you're in this like little pocket
of nature right in the city which is so unusual and yeah yesterday's hike was
also amazing going to Rouge National urban park so overall yeah I loved that
I loved that and then also go to the lake too so I chose that you can go out
here relax and also do a few little things so yeah this place we found it on
Airbnb a hundred and forty bucks a night Canadian so yeah we'll leave the details
below so you can check it out and also a huge thank you again to our sponsor
glasses USA for sending us these shades we'll also have a link for them in the
description in case you want to check them out so thanks so much for watching
guys and we'll have more adventures nearby you know
area see indeed fine if you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe hit that
notification bell and we'll see you soon with some more tiny houses and unusual
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64 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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