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These days, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look absolutely flawless.
Yeah, Vicki, we see you!
But if you're a girl in today's world, you're well aware that not everything is always as it seems.
Man, could these jeans be any tighter?
Perhaps it's because they're stuffed with giant maxi-pads!
Sure they make your curves look great but boy are they uncomfortable.
We're about to let you in on some of our favorite weird beauty hacks.
Hey, Lilly!
Oh man, my mouth is too sore to talk to Vicki right now.
Okay, you won't believe what Kevin did in class yesterday!
Unfortunately, chatting with your friends in class sometimes requires you to react, or, you know, smile a little.
Hey, what's wrong with you, Lilly? Are you okay?
Doesn't she see that I have a mouth full of fresh braces?!
Yikes! Those look painful, alright.
Those are nothing to be embarrassed about, Lilly!
Ugh, these earrings keep bothering me.
The back piece is too loose or something.
Yep, this just isn't working.
But perhaps there's something else I can do with this little guy…
Take a small, thin rubber band like this one and attach the earring back to it like this.
Go ahead and add on about five or six more if you have them.
Want to know what to do next?
Hook the rubber band onto the back of your molars like this and place the band over your front teeth.
Aw, see? You're not alone, Lilly! Vicki's got braces too!
Sometimes when you're in the middle of doing something fun, you don't realize you may look a little off.
Ooh, Lilly, you're looking a little moist there…
Your hair seems to be sticking to your face a bit.
You're skin's super oily, Lilly!
Unfortunately, some of us ladies get greasy throughout the day!
Oh no! It looks like I just took a dip in the pool!
Why did this have to happen on our second date?
Hey! I wonder if there's anything in here that can help me.
Toilet seat covers?
That actually might work.
If you find yourself boasting an oily sheen, try using a toilet seat cover to blot your skin with.
Simply put the paper to your skin and watch it absorb the grease right off your face.
Man, that's a lot of oil!
Dab it wherever you need a little drying and before you know it, you'll be fresh-faced and ready to go.
Ah, that's so much better.
Sorry about that, I just needed to freshen up a bit.
Hey, at least we know your skin is super moisturized now.
And your date isn't too grossed out to look at you!
For most girls, doing makeup can feel like second nature.
That is, of course, until it's time to draw in your eyebrows.
It's okay, Lilly, you got this!
Or, uh, maybe you don't got this…
With all this outlining and shading, you often end up with eyebrows a little more intense than you intended.
See what I mean?
Lose this, Vicki?
Before you give those tweezers back, try something new…
Did you know if you put some of the pencil onto the metal part of tweezers you can use them to trace on your brows more easily?
Okay, here's how it's done.
Start at one end of your brow and move to the other end without lifting the tool.
Pinch it off at the end.
Using a brush can help keep the hairs in line.
Plus it smooths out the harshness of the lines you just drew.
Okay, you can have this back now.
Hey, maybe I should give that trick a try…
While Lilly is hard at work, Vicki seems to be more focused on her new nails.
So glad I went with candy-apple red.
Ugh, c'mon…
I just got these done! I can't believe this!
It's okay, Vic, it's just a nail.
Here! Do you want the last sip of my soda?
That's kind of gross but you're sweet to offer, thanks.
Nothing like a little sugar to cure the blues, right?
Wait a second, this red bottle matches my nails.
Maybe I can do something to fix this awful situation.
First, cut the plastic bottle down the middle like this.
Then take off the bottom part of the wrapper and remove it from the plastic it's attached to.
Now snag a pair of scissors and cut the plastic ring.
Wrap the plastic tightly around a pen like this.
Keep going 'til it's wrapped tightly all the way around.
Once you run out of plastic to wrap, secure it closed with a thin piece of tape.
Drop it in a little bowl and fill it with piping hot water.
Fill it up all the way!
After some time passes and the water cools off a bit, you can take the little plastic piece out.
Get rid of the bowl and cut the plastic long ways.
Now flip it around and do the same thing on the other side.
There ya go!
See all those plastic pieces? All you need is one for this one.
Nail glue will serve as the base of your new acrylic nail.
Now take the plastic and place it over your nail.
And add some nail polish to top things off!
Hey! That looks pretty good!
And you'd never guess it wasn't part of the original set, would you?
That was a close call!
Check it out!
It's official, you're the most fabulous girl in the class, Vicky.
Oh man, I'm so tired! I just had such a long night!
Look how cool this club was!
Wow, that place is awesome!
But as most girls know, the end of the night means it's time to take off all that makeup!
And seeing what Vicki has on, this is gonna be a process.
At least she has a lot to talk to Lilly about in the mean time!
Do you know how to get this sparkly stuff off me?
Ooh! Think I could snag a piece of that tape?
Thank you!
Looks like Vicki is creating her own makeup removal tool!
Can I get a snip?
Okay, hopefully this will work a little better.
And it looks like the glitter is actually sticking to the tape!
Very nice!
I wonder what else this stuff can do!
Looks like another school picture day is upon us!
C'mon, the more we wait to more nervous we're gonna get!
Sophia, you're up!
Yikes! Didn't you get any sleep last night, Lilly?
I don't know how I'm gonna stay awake for this.
I look okay to take my picture, right?
Um, have you not looked in a mirror yet today, Lilly?
Oh no! These bags under my eyes are atrocious!
I have concealer but I'm not sure it's the right color for you.
But this lipstick ought to do the trick!
This stuff's gonna save the day, trust me.
What? Lipstick for my eye bags?
I'll give anything a try at this point.
If you have dark bags under your eyes, red lipstick can be used to cancel out the color.
Simply dab it on lightly just like this.
Once that's done, use a blending brush to smooth things out.
Yep, just like that.
Pretty soon the colors will start to cancel each other out.
But to combat the leftover color, dab some concealer on top.
Once you've dabbed that stuff on, blend it in with your brush.
Lookin' good!
Hey! Your bags are gone, Lilly!
That's one awesome trick!
Hey! Looks like they're ready for you!
Vicki saved your butt today, Lilly, but next year, try to get some sleep before the big day!
Did you love these beauty hacks?
Share them with your girlfriends who could use a couple new tricks.
And as always, subscribe to our YouTube channel, 123Go for more awesome videos like this one!
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WEIRD BEAUTY HACKS FOR SMART GIRLS || Easy DIY Beauty Hacks And Tricks by 123 GO!

28 Folder Collection
YHC0305 published on July 30, 2020
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