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- I feel like Gryffindors are the Hufflepuffs
that are, like, jerks.
- And Slytherins are the Hufflepuffs that are sneaky.
- Yeah, and Ravenclaws are the Hufflepuffs
that care more about smarts.
(magical music)
- Hello, I'm here with Kelsey,
and we're huge Harry Potter fans.
So, we've taken the Pottermore quiz before,
and probably a thousand quizzes.
- Yes. - But, I wanna take it again,
just to make sure.
- Yeah, I always love a new quiz.
- I do too.
- I will always take it,
and all the ones that say I'm anything but my chosen house,
Gryffindor, is wrong.
- Didn't the sorting hat tell Harry Potter that
it actually really comes down to what you decide?
- Yes, yes it did. - So, a quiz is a quiz.
- [Kelsey] You know yourself better.
- You know what house you're in.
So, I have always gotten Slytherin,
which, when I was a child, I was very upset by,
- Yeah. - because everyone
wanted to be Gryffindor.
But, you know, I've learned to accept it.
- I also like knowing people's secondary house.
So, my first house is, I'm Gryffindor, but if I wasn't,
if you took that option away, I'd be a Slytherin, actually.
- Oh, I think I would be both Slytherin
and Ravenclaw out of the two.
But, all right, let's do it! - Yeah, let's do it.
- So this is a yes or no Harry Potter quiz.
- Oh, (bleep).
- Would you play Quidditch at Hogwarts?
- [Kelsey] I would.
- Yes! 100%. - Oh, yeah.
- [Ella] I think I would like to be a Seeker.
- [Kelsey] Yeah, same.
- But I don't know if I would. - I want the glory.
I would not be a Beater, probably.
I don't think I have the upper body strength.
- [Ella] I just don't want to be a Beater
because I feel like that's so dangerous.
- That's probably the most dangerous.
Would you excel in defense against the Dark Arts?
- Yes. - Yeah, I would. Yeah.
I love working out in physical things,
but also boxing and kind of defensive stuff, too.
- [Ella] Yeah, and I feel like it's an interesting subject.
Are you any good at playing Wizard's Chess?
- No.
- No.
I just don't like regular chess.
- [Kelsey] Yeah, I don't like regular chess;
however, I would really enjoy watching it.
- Yeah, I would like it. - I want all the pieces
to crack each other down. - Wait, don't you die
in Wizard's Chess?
- You don't, but your pieces break apart and stuff,
or they magically got back together at the end.
- That's Wizard's Chess.
- You catch a classmate cheating on their exams.
Do you tell on them?
- No.
- No, I wouldn't. - I don't.
- Really, they're just cheating themselves, okay?
They're cheating their learning.
- Would you ever receive a Howler from your parents?
- Yeah.
I think so, yeah.
My parents got mad at me a couple times in high school.
- I'm gonna say no, I don't think so.
I would literally get so mad at them if they ever did that.
(Howler blows raspberry)
- Would you have a pet while at Hogwarts?
Yes. - Yes.
- [Kelsey] And it'd be an owl,
because it's the most useful Hogwarts pet.
Cats are cute, but owls are also just useful.
Like, you can send letters and stuff.
- [Ella] That's true.
I wonder what mine would be.
I mean, I don't think I would have an owl;
maybe a cat.
- [Kelsey] It's owl, cat, or toad.
- [Ella] Could you have a dog?
Why didn't anyone have dogs?
- No, it wasn't on the list.
- "And they bring, if they desire,
"either an owl, a cat, or a toad."
- [Kelsey] Apparently dogs aren't as magical or,
I don't know, maybe they would be running around Hogwarts.
- Alright, then I'll pick cat.
Would you ever go exploring in the Forbidden Forest?
- Yeah!
- No.
- Really? Not even on a dare?
- [Ella] No.
- You wouldn't? - I'm a scaredy-cat,
I would not... - I would so go.
If you were like, "Unicorns are in there"?
I'm there.
- I would be, like, "Bye."
- Would you ever want to work at the Ministry of Magic?
Depends on the job. Maybe.
Like, Auror sounds pretty dope.
- [Ella] Mm-hmm. It does sound--
- [Kelsey] But most everybody works there, I feel like.
- [Ella] I'm gonna say no.
I'd rather have a shop in Diagon Alley or something.
- [Kelsey] Ooh, that sounds fun.
- Would you ever want to have the Elder Wand?
- So, my Griffindor heart says yes,
because, like, cool.
But also my rational mind says absolutely not at all.
If you had to pick, why would you pick that--
That wand is gonna kill you!
- Yeah, I'm gonna say no.
- I would say no.
- [Ella] I don't want that responsibility.
- Would you ever go snooping
in the Forbidden Section of the library?
- [Ella] No.
(slams book shut)
I'm gonna just not do that.
- I'd probably do it.
I wanna know!
I wanna know what's in there!
- I would be like, who's the goody-est character
in Harry Potter?
- [Kelsey] Hermione's pretty good.
- No, but she-- - But she still does it.
- She does everything.
- Who are you, and what have you done with Hermione Granger?
- [Kelsey] Neville.
Neville's the one that was like, "Guys, don't do it!"
- [Ella] But Neville still gets into trouble.
- [Kelsey] I guess they were all rule breakers in Hogwarts.
- [Ella] Maybe Cho Chang?
Was she pretty goody?
- [Kelsey] I think Cedric Diggory was
a pretty much, a solid--
- [Ella] Agh, but I hate him.
- [Kelsey] You don't like--
- [Ella] He's a pretty boy.
- Is Moaning Myrtle annoying?
- [Kelsey] I mean, yeah.
- [Ella] I'm gonna say yes.
- [Kelsey] Yeah.
- Would you ever participate in a duel?
- No.
- Yeah.
Yeah, how're you gonna get better?
- [Ella] I don't wanna duel.
- I think it sounds fun.
However, I've never gotten in an actual fight,
so I feel like that might be actually fairly similar,
but I'm gonna say that I'd do it.
Was Harry actually a good wizard?
- Yes. - No.
- [Kelsey] He's a good guy, but the smart one was Hermione!
- He wasn't that good
at being a wizard. - I felt like
he was good, though.
- [Kelsey] I don't know.
I think he was solid.
- [Ella] I'm gonna say yes.
Or, I think he was.
- [Kelsey] Well, now I feel bad.
- [Ella] It's your opinion.
- [Kelsey] I mean, he got it done in the end, though.
- [Ella] Yeah, he battled Voldemort.
- [Kelsey] That's fair.
Okay, I'm gonna say yeah. - You have to be pretty good
to do that.
- [Kelsey] Yeah, that's a good point.
Yes, I prefer the books over the movies.
- Yes. Do you prefer the books
over the movies? Yeah. - What kind of
question is that?
What'd you get?
- Slytherin.
- I got Slytherin, too.
- Because you did so many of the same answers as me!
- How did that happen?
- Maybe you're feeling Slytherin-y today.
- Maybe. - Maybe you're just having
a Slytherin type of day.
- Might be.
- [Ella] You're always a leader and never a follower.
You're super ambitious and are never afraid
to fight for your opinions to be heard.
Your friends often turn to you when they need a good laugh.
You may be someone who breaks the rules,
but you always have the best intentions.
- That sounds way more like Gryffindor to me.
- I mean, Slytherins and Gryffindors are similar.
- Yeah.
- I wish I was a Hufflepuff.
- I think I wish the whole world
was a Hufflepuff. - Yeah.
- The world would be
such a great place. - Harmonious and beautiful.
- Cheers to all of you Hufflepuffs out there.
I'm so proud of you.
- Well, anyways, thank you guys for watching this video.
Please like and subscribe,
and let us know what your house is.
(mysterious music)
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Does This Quiz Match Your Hogwarts House?

1 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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