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seventy four thousand years ago
in indonesia
gigantic volcanic eruption
people asking the trial was a full-time international switches to the supreme
council of economic sense
attributable global panicked winter
the crater left behind by the some russian
was larger than the city of london
police was no ordinary eruption
it was a super corruption
at the time
the human race was in its infancy for just a few thousand people kya pine the
but what is the next half of the russians occurred in the heart of the
country system to three hundred million people
if we see one of the issues that because the defense today particularly in
industrialized country for example and another civilian is good
then the effects would be devastating not only that computer for the the whole
this is a rupture
the consequences
could be catastrophic there is some isn't constantly completely devastated
the load effects is groups
and by consulting with leading geologist invoking allah just from research
institutes all around the world
this program costs the question
how unlikely isn't
the pianist in super bowl canaan
one arrest in our lifetime
forth with the warning signs p
when most people think about forty minutes
they think about ones like mount saint helens here
don t ninety
freeway conduct online forms for approval one hundred and twenty years
with the explosive power form of some of our methods
blasted a huge clouds of foam comic every twenty kilometers high into the
and obliterated the surrounding landscape
it was the most violent eruption in modern american history
maybe twenty five years later the there is still hasn't recovered
but this is nothing compared to the devastation that could be unleashed
by super corruption
asleep eruption is the world's biggest bag
it's a volcanic explosion big enough to do a loaf all of us
and with the restriction after fake everyone on the planet
conference table
another characteristic that sits at the volcanoes apart
the same invisibility
normal volcanoes about classic handshake
and mount saint helens is an excellent example of that
super volcano is on the other hand of very flat buying structures that very
difficult to detect and we may not even know today
possible insist
after interrupted
when the underground chamber molten rock
leaving behind a creature in the granite
called account and
so fast of his countenance
pecan often
i'm delighted to find constraints
super bowl games have been found in internees year
but the world's most recent super eruption someplace dot in new zealand
and in south america
val even very engine company risk in britain
but like most superbowl cannons
their long extinct
one of the exceptions however
is the yellowstone super volcano
is america's most famous
unpopular national park
over three million visitors a traumatic every year
trip ma the biggest collection of hydrothermal features on the planet
a few people realize however
is that this spectacular display
is powered by a potentially deadly force
that lies just a few kilometers
beneath their feet
there is such a tremendous collection because this is
afterall sitting on top of
the large reservoir meghna
heats the rocks keeps the wires fuels the system
purchasing people going to yellowstone holidaying fixation with
the really surprised to know that they were walking a volcano which was close
to a hundred kilometers across
today pianist in super bowl came in
even in installments state
is an extremely hazardous and volatile environment
the huge reservoir of maxon beneath the ground
heats the overlying water
giving rise to the polling hot springs
cousins models
injured and killed
unsuspecting tourists
then of course as the ever-present threat of the future of all kind of
interruption the kabhi anything from a small flow of lava
to the biggest and most explosive eruption
off the mall
recent erupted fifty devastated
they were small eruptions maybe every twenty to thirty thousand years that we
have seen anything for seventy thousand that mike might tell you something was a
it's also said some of its gonna be another sleep eruption somewhere on the
whether they'll be another one of yellowstone is still questionable
there's a reason which also will be
they would in fact of the cat throughout its history than august stopped
occurring just because we the people missing
because the world's last super eruption occurred over seventy thousand years ago
it's difficult to know what to expect from the next point
intriguing because archaeologists working in the town of all chipped in
who first discovered evidence
just how devastating
super eruptions compete
a compost skeletons hundreds of prehistoric animals blueberries domestic
of folk and a catch
when scientists eventually trace the eruption that killed the animals
they had a shock
the volcano responsible
was at a place called bruno job ridge in hideout
an astonishing one thousand six hundred kilometers away from the fossil bird
in nebraska
the disturbing thing is
the power of the fueled the bruno job interruption
is now feeling the volcanic system
under yellowstone national park
many of the world for pain is in a treated ran the margins of the tectonic
plates which make up the v_ chip
out the kind of pace for the planet together stands it is a bit different
yell if any shipping above post-cold hot spot
and here you have
uh... hot mathilde bs mantle coming up with hitting the base of the s crust and
is affixed point
deep within the earth's interior
over which the north american plagues
slowly move
it melts the overlying crossed
to create a huge chain of molten rock
on nightline
which eventually accumulates
to produce a super induction
po for millions of years
the super eruptions
have left a trail of couse there is only scratched
bruno job bridge
is wonderful
over two million years ago
hosp authorized beneath yellowstone
avenue cyclists who put their options
as the scientist in charge of the day on the stand for children since the trip
jekyll island stir expert in the box volcanic potential
pressed the valley we see this note clad range
gallen reached and he's a rockstar far older than the yellowstone volcano
what's up
when you get to the south end of the range
that's where the car they re begins for the two point one million year old
there's an enormous gap in the mountain range
where it crosses the caldera formed by the first super eruption
for years
couldn't work out line
it appears that what happened is that the range did exist during that time
and that it was essentially swallowed up in formation of the collabera two point
one million years ago
says that the mountain century disappear
interruption capable of swallowing eighteen kilometers stretch of mountains
is beyond anything we've ever witnessed before
since then
boasting to more super corruption is concerned
one point three million years ago
and six hundred and forty thousand together
these eruptions appears to be honest cycle
between six hundred to seven hundred thousand years
and the last one
was six hundred and forty
thousand years ago
good enough of the imminent
she very difficult to say for sure what's happening and nathalie volcanoes
it could be that the mexican election
his another hundred passes from now
infantrymen brewing a few other stuff
for with the warning signs the
skies of based solely on a stone stressed popular tourist attractions
let in the summer of two thousand and three springsteen's to happen here
ground temperatures salt to boiling point
several guys has started to rub more frequently and a new series of things
opened up
spewing out
scorching photonic gases
closure was put into place immediately over the uh... area that have been at
the new thermal feature that was
spewing now boiling temperature city tonight on to the trail so we viewed it
it was unsafe for visitors to be walking through the area
trees are starting to died the trail was looking very very different
because dean was actually convincing on the surface of the trail
the stranger fence also appear to have an effect on the local wildlife
and just about done
twelve little bit more than half my alert kilometer behind me
ison all within about forty five meter radius of each other that we're just
fallen over
they have right where they stand
and so it turned into a bit of a mystery
scientists descended on to the area to try to work out what was going on
we went there and started looking at the geology measured very very high levels
of hydrogen sulfide and then when jake was that he really are
this summer in asia it's an extremely high concentration levels of carbon
it's test results pointed to the price sometimes explosives
and items so far it's jumped up and down outside items gases sunday night
black escaped from the chamber andy making its way to the surface
there's another mobile field science mathematics rising kit prior to our
options we're looking for ground information movement that the ground
it indicates that make mister price in
towards the surface and deforming rock as it goes
to keep track of improvement that the other students
scientists use g_p_s_ instruments
and a new highly advanced techniques cold inside
desires to sell a basic knowledge in
you're looking at the distance between the satellite and a point on the ground
you get one image and then you can compare it to another image taken it a
different time and by comparing those two images that you can see how much
each point in the ground has moved with respect to the satellite
when scientists analyzed the inside data further north spacesuit
they were surprised
one of the scientists here's a look at the gate and compared it with earlier
years nineteen ninety-six and saw that they have been sent up within the
northern part of the yellowstone collabera
centered around here not far from the north geyser basin and this was unusual
because it was a different area than the effort witnessed uplifting before
their data shows but over the last seven years ground-up numbers has been
steadily uplifting
should they be wiring
there at least two possibilities for why we might get tough with at norris
one possibility is that somewhere deep in the system ten to fifteen kilometers
there is a small injection of magma
that's pushing rock out of the way and causes a mud
another possibility is that gas build-up is causing some of the applicant asking
to be coming from the magma
or from the hydrothermal systems
did take the phenomena going
it could be there
mcnamee is moving
but it'll never reach the surface
this activity would die down that's a very common situation it could be that
michael will reach the
synthesis on stage in concert
a small eruption
possible that
if mcquay surface we could go into a much
bigger option
morris is not the only area if the park
that's been causing concern
in nineteen ninety nine
a team of scientists from the u_s_ to launch a consensus
began a detailed study
off the floor
yellowstone lake
one striking new feature
in particular
caught our attention
it was a seven hundred meter long boldchat
which rose thirteen inches above the lake floors
inflated play
to get a better look at this new feature
they used to remove the operated camera
the images revealed
the sentiments resting on the top of the bulge
showed signs of disturbance
an indication
but it could be swelling
forcing the moment is the so-called inflated claims is a sort of update
invariant beneath yellowstone lake
now that may at some point in the future herald
hypothermic place
the sixteen different lofty cooling effect immediate area
subside the religious studies it is it's really impossible to say what's gonna
hydrothermal exclusions
can indicates that a volcano history
whitaker threw out a list of history
without stryker interruptions
the thing about yellowstone is it service desk all day on that
means it is always doing something so you have clearly have magma dot mary
seeking groundwater festivities at the hoffman politica
he's also inflating the ground surface which is going up and down over pizza
decades of centuries
this activity is not unusual the others
difficulty for scientists
is that many of the signs they rely on to protect eruptions other volcanoes
accompanied the time of youngstown
there's another warning sign our the scientists comes in
magma thank you for mv
tens of comfort beneath the surface if not the load to get from there to the
make a powerful stuff in it does look like breaking rocks
that breaking the rock generates earthquakes that we can protect those
who we know the magnet on his way out
many earthquakes that yellowstone's very seismically active region there anywhere
between about one thousand three thousand earthquakes here in any given
most of the earthquakes is so small
but they can only be detected by seismologist
but they can be exceptions
fairy directly penitentiary doctor outdoor play
united american and fifteen million dollars american rock
pollinate alcohol problem
thundered across the park campground in one of the media landline
helicopters restaurant three hundred camera and what happened i mean the
mechanics fine
leading beyond all major most vacationers when alexander penelope
rendered north survivors continues throughout the
an evacuation of all a
here tremble
and a lot of american labor making land
although the collective group was devastated
it could have been so much worse
because the earthquakes of magnitude seven and higher
have the power to trigger election
and other markets around the world people have found a correlation between
large earthquakes standoff anger at least
that may happen in the past in yellowstone and distant past and it
potentially could happen in future
larger earthquakes pose a risk because they can fracture of the heart of the
the magnitude of
and allow its contents to skate
understanding what's going on inside the matching
is the only reliable way
to predict behavior folding
magnitude is really dimension
it's pots of
the process of leading up still interruption
mass was scientists we need to understand
what's going on hectic below the volcano
to build up an image of the magma chamber
professor bob smith
is harnessing the many earthquakes that take place afghanistan
using a network of sites moments was positions
all around the park
this photograph provided the data
waves passing through the roof
seismologist user data
as a window that is we're looking down into the earth to get a
three-dimensional m
earthquakes generates and waves constructing sewer through the heart
into inside the magnitude of
but they do through the cold surrounded by law
by measuring the different times taken for ways to reach the seismographs papas
revealed the size of the magma chamber
provided the also magnetic system
is about twenty to twenty-five thousand cubic kilometers
it's about fifty films as long
forty kilometers wide
and h kilometers d
in other words
the magma chamber is over three times the size
of new york city
coat size alone doesn't it takes the possibility
of a supermarket
many people might think that killer stand with the underlying vashi
defoliant molson rock
hope that's not really
quite the case because seismic studies completely understand show than in
actual fact the liquid look is distributed between solid
and maybe
thirty percent of cool
what you need for a suitable and corruption is for that liquid
will two separate informed and launching their of book almost purely quit
that led to the top of the change
and that's when you can get seafood conditions reciprocal and corruption
to qualify as a super corruption
one thousand cubic kilometers of macbeth needs to be erupted
yellowstone's mike mentioned uh...
contains around five times that amount
is the molten rock at the top of the chamber
this is one question scientists' current currently owns
trying to find out exactly what candle is on the ground
the images we get to the magma chamber or
very inexact so we can really known details of how this motion walkers
distributed to me concerts to the course of the moment the wrongs
uh... some pockets of purely emotional could which could erupt
although there's more than enough rocked a few minutes and corruption
statistically it's much more likely to commit starting this morning
almost a crowd
but didn't think that the science of scientists demand
far more likely that if there is an election it will be lost
instead price comparison
to mount saint helens
the yellowstone sciences don't believe the even smaller fraction is growing
the kinds of things that we see
have been going on ever since people have been coming to the park and
geologic evidence seems to indicate that they've been going on for at least the
last ten thousand lives
so at this point in time we don't really see indications from ground operation
from earthquakes or from cast that there's any sort of really unusual
activity going on at yellowstone it with the precursor to a of all can corruption
is there a chance
interruption could happen in our lifetime
i could say no
but i wont
this is a rock and assistant i don't know
but i'm very interested in finding out
we could have an eruption extn
but we could have to wait many thousands of years to come
though i wouldn't be surprised if there was another eruption in my lifetime but
i will also would be surprised if it wasn't
all right
the spectacular features of yellowstone national
for millions of people
every year
what few of them realize is that they inside the crater of the world's largest
decision runs it contributed to his head to a disaster
in human history
this is a russian happen
the consequences
could be catastrophic
size of the continent would be completely devastated
new beetle open effects four years old twins
based on specially commissioned research
for scientific organizations around the world
this program but it's the sequence of events that would follow a super
ruptured yellowstone week if not impossible for a future separately get a
kill more people the profit from it
than all previous volcanic eruptions put together
and reveals the consequences for america
and the rest of the world
we don't trained prepare for exercise anything near discuss at this event
need to do some large-scale multi-state multi region exercises for terrorism
biological nuclear kinds of events nothing comes close to the scaling the
magnitude of the city
and i hope i never see him out
simple canceled one of the latest rarest
most deadly phenomenon
massive eruption is the world's biggest bag
visible panic explosion
big enough to draw all others
and with the reach great enough to affect everyone on the planet
there are about forty simple hands around the world
one of the exceptions however
this weekend instead signify canada
three times in the financial stocks
which is about to for the force beyond anything mankind has ever witnessed
two point one million years ago
one point three million years ago
and six hundred and forty thousand years ago
these cycles suggests tomato soup corruption
maybe proving
trashy very difficult to say for sure what's happening and he says volcanoes
it could be that the mexican elections another hundred thousand years from now
the key to predicting the behavior of the super volcano lies beneath the
in the american agenda
which is filled with molten rock or montana
exp three kilometers long
forty kilometers wide
and trying to come on tuesday
that's almost the size
of yellowstone park excel
and there's more than enough magnet on that
to fuel another supernatant
someone could set it off
relieving corruption fiscal and could probably take place by
numeric not coming in from much greater depths of the earth coming into the
night but chamber increasing the pressure that pressures enough to make
the rocks failed and i think it's the surface to dropped cats professor
steve's crowds
is studying ways to stimulate is processed
c_n_n_'s against this is only the in this instant weekend is taking good for
the forests
and so was there and if you're staying with disintegrates speaking to a
tremendous insights into health nature behaves but by reproducing in the lab
conditions on the ground it's possible to see what happens when vast quantities
of gas trapped inside the magna under pressure what happens at the beginning
of the
security sufficiently something like this
some in the roof of the magnitude of crafts
police bubbles in the justice system
spontaneously disintegrate
that's really why begets dramatically violent explosive eruptions
sick of all kinds
i'd dimension of explosive eruptions damage they inflicted poorly understood
dental wandering in nineteen eighty
mount saint helens was the biggest explosive eruptions america as a witness
they provided scientists with valuable things
the transfer
can be applied was super option
suitable coming from russian
the first thing that would happen would be clouds of folk any cash that rises in
the atmosphere of alike in mount saint helens only the activity would be much
more intense and much more energetic so the cloud would probably go to forty or
fifty kilometers of his surface welcome about twenty is immense independents
scientists have calculated that the force of the mount saint helens around
was equivalent to one of two blocks from a bomb
exploding every second
asleep at the russian however would be the equivalent of over one thousand
corruption of arms
this force with the power eruption column of cast into action
high into the sky
by the first to be affected would be aircraft
on the evening of the twenty fourth of june nineteen eighty two
captain recommending
going to be a fun time
on route from kuala lumpur
across the indian ocean
for some trouble
attacking the display of an electrical phenomena
called centered on the spot
usually calls by and large thunderstorm
i was not the only on the radar to see where
perhaps this heavy thunder clap laws
that i could see nothing
soda discussing that when the five engineer who sits in the middle between
last fall the whole evening by the same number four engines failed
attorneys for the third by saying
number two is gone
number three strong
identified in the big screen tv said we've lost a lot but still four engines
and that just doesn't happen
london for the crew
the volcano in java interrupted and the plane's flight departs eleven straight
through the eruption com which if treated not justin thomas five total
engine failure
volcanic ash noncommercial aircraft just don't mix the reason for that is that
the ash
gets into the aircraft engines when the participant of their international
rather trying climate bothered
that means at our own heats up the engines emails u_s_ intervention by
mates minutes on said
displays a gentler we have a small problem all four inches filed
with a stupid
i trust reluctant to much distress
auditing terrified attendance
after from forming for twelve noon vitamins confinement
just from the crash we come down to around about it
twelve and a half hours because they said it has been
a number four engine the first whether the fire
donated a million and a half
number three staff
so we're beginning to think this light in the end of the tunnel
and then about twenty seconds after that one and two started up together
azeri guided the plane down for an emergency landing
he discovered yet another problem
it wasn't until
we've actually got down towards
i realized that
the windscreen
goal okay
because volcanic ash particles that shocked and pretty soon effectively
stand blasted the cockpit window
the only did we could
as seattle with to ensure bag inside of my uh... extreme nationalist revised its
offices with them
and i think they have a standing up
we talk about a hundred feet again the runway by south african restaurant stuff
incivility menachem diana the airplane almost and of itself
justice yahoo was wonderful
thousands of planes fly to american espace everyday
begins students interruption but not just jeopardize the safety
hit the ground all flights for months
because of the xio phone
you before coming to agree
that would be a ruptured
first yet if it refreshes
injected a bit two-and-a-half thousand cubic kilometers that they treat m_s_
analysis with want to keep it on to say with dealing with something
two-and-a-half thousand conficker it's it's almost unimaginable all
demonstration calls financing terms
couple marianne
approximately six hundred square kilometers
out experts predict principal option at least in what effect nearly
three-quarters fantasticks
find out how america would deal with the disaster such colossal scale
we consulted with the organization who would be responsible for trying to
control the disaster
the federal emergency management agency
mission is too
lead america in preparing for responding to my country from disasters
to date
the biggest emergency phenotypes coordinate
was the rescue operation following the nine eleven attacks
from new york city in two thousand won't
nine eleven or twelve zero zero three two and
covered up roughly sixteen acres and listen attentively corner
uh... with one point eight billion tons of debris
and as i understand the impacts the yellowstone russian
well we're talking about a million times the size of ground zero and certainly
would be by far bigger than anything we've ever responded to
it's just beyond anything comprehensible
to help them find and compare to the impact of impending disaster
feelings of powerful computer model
dana's houses
has this is a predictive modeling cool
what it does is give us an uh...
prediction of the overall impacts a disaster may have on
critical infrastructure
you can handle it brings visions in focus of our resources energy components
that specific
based on data gathered from previous yellowstone soup in the russians
we provided female with a math depicting the project inform and from interruption
one assumes going on
the programs this information
into houses to calculate the best human life within a series of zones
across the united states
just a part of plastic soon
pirate ashtec's searches of the most deadly product of an explosive eruptions
depression propelling the election column high into the m
did suggest a second
causing part of the column to spill from the start of the volcano
interfacing the name
perfect place
the form to explosive eruptions and they consist of
very high temperature mixtures of scorching volcanic gases
and very hard cash vision plus across state the surface of the earth of the
hostages tennessee exceed the speed of sound
so these are truly devastating phenomena
podcasting searches from them and sometimes about destroyed everything
within about twenty feet kilometer radius of the volcano
researchers from the super production at yellowstone
could stand up to one hundred kilometers from the volcano
annihilating an area of ten thousand square kilometers imposing devastating
threat everyone who lives there
doctor peter tax status familiar with the appalling injuries that can be
sustained by victims of particles extensions
these very large protested says the devotion survive
where people have been course in the intense heat
appointed recently
starts to cook very quickly
some extra bentsen's in nineteen twenty three percent
closest connection organized
incident cases reporting was destroyed in the heat
based upon the information
provided by fina
dr baxter and a team of other expense
but able to calculate the potential death toll
within the power of passed its own
in the world scenario people because of a
harvested from the forces of bridge
and people caught outside for example of a very good chance
all for the consumer experience
approximately eighty seven thousand people could be killed artistic flows
but some alternative h ninety percent
devastating there these figures are
they pale into insignificance twenty yellowstone's espoused begins to spread
teltanter i might occur
kismat was caught under the ash cloud from the mount saint helens about you
dance all also
the supplies tells the tale
for cutting taxes at the rolling innocuous looking substance is known as
spectacular has a good part of uh... loafers
but it's extremely damaging aniket cause or solve the problems
in an exclusive piece of research commissioned by the bbc
the u_k_ mets office run a model simulating the actual amount from a
future yellowstone superintendent
the results showed that in just a few days
actual but not just extend across the u_s_a_
the very fine man
would even medium
the greatest danger than
faces anyone called within a thousand kilometers of the volcano
by the action
is that it's the case
when the initiative starts to
films six inches of fifteen centimetres
unloading this condition
g grapes
groups of cave in
many houses would collapse and we would project to people with warned involved
since a one three people
swimming roofs collapsing buchanan
this would be the main course of this in the area
rounds of yellowstone
with the national institute says the two sentences
was projections just hundreds of thousands of people stars
either from rooftops all through suffocation from inhaling find actions
out in the open
further away from the volcano even tiny amounts of actual can bring disaster the
aspect of the computers
it can affect transport can bring down followings fiction contaminated water
damage crop season
because livestock to dari it can really be incredibly disrupt its as concisely
havoc with the winter tiny ask articles triggering form
financial crime into mark fuhrman's
known as the hearts
in nineteen eighty-five columbia lars killed at the twenty three thousand
the hostage used by super corruption
beyond an altogether different scale
according to hazards
the total death toll due to ash related courses with the approximately half a
but there's another much more insidiously volcanic ash content
methodist comes from a little-known rupture
the took place in iceland
and seventeen eighty-three unlocking
a huge with
over twenty five kilometers long
exp dot love at first step in the whole month
while this was a very different type of all kind of corruption stuff
insidiously comparison
because of its game
powerful way of understanding the it protected eruptions on the phone to look
relatively recent figure options and artificial is one of the biggest
eruptions of the past twelve thousand years
doctor john grafton has been researching the effects of the lock eruption
he's leaving the historical record
corner so much about the lucky eruption are slim because it was a remarkable man
pasta johnstone recently lived nearby
the in parts of the eruption we're almost like armageddon in this area in
east russia zepa trading is such that just north of those people
those people who did not have enough anderson's supplies francesca for these
kinds of questions
suffocate pain
the bodies became bloated
bristling implemented jones
feet drawings
sometimes eight drums and
inheritance gray
to find out how they died
archaeologists have recently begun excavating the lockheed victims
once the storms were removed from the graves
they were sent to the u_k_
for detailed analysis
by doctor peter baxter
when we took today's from the grave
for the first thing we could see it for some emotion based at times
the normal hit the industry would be quest news
what we're seeing here with these and locally owned grosses me print squad
into kind of negroes including libby thinker because both lyricist
this means that the amount of flooring they've been exposed to very high
un-christian contributor students
the analysis suggests
the bellagio russian released vast quantities of flooding
highly toxic cast
his calls a condition called flourishes
migrants deformities form in the balloons
killing the victims
or crippling them for life
cashflow from a super corruption of yellowstone release extremely high
levels of flirting casts into the atmosphere
but the real restaurants
comes not from flooring
from another volcanic campus
not explosive eruptions histories
which forced financial puts itself uric acid
for themselves
when they rejected high into the stratosphere
the stratosphere is the atmosphere about the highest files that you can see
what happens is when i watch that myself uric acid gets into the stratosphere
dogs clouds a water that rush to bring it out the problem is but you can stay
there for years and years
and so strange that they don't
defects sunlight away from the
causing temperatures dropped
automatically driver depends on how much is released
this model shows the aerosols generated by regular sized structure
hard to find out how much ourselves to be released by super corruptions
son to school to construct within the past
in greenland
high schools to play the ones to infinity reference festival recluse
what's happened in the climate of the last unintended house in years
we look back to leon schools we can see every single major volcanic eruption
and one of these high schools
scientists discover the self a signal bigger than anything they'd ever seen
all of the biggest forthcoming collection we see is about seventy four
thousand years ago
we believe this is the c_ probe option for the cousins paper
i don't know
this case is a very good idea of how much stuff you tested what has been
checked against the stratosphere
was the last super corruption
to have occurred on the planet
it's been calculated visitors jected over two thousand two million tons of
based on the state
max plank institution humber
simulating the global effects the super ruptured
until it's done
after just three weeks
the aerosols reformers sulfurous cloak around the world
suit instead of the trigger a global cooling
scale never witnessed before
a new stimulation from the left office
shows how dramatic these climate changes would be
after the other since you grew up simply walked into the planet
in the higher latitudes over you open it u_s_a_ attention to a point twelve
emailterms this would mean that police two to three years they would be seen
only ground throughout almost the whole year which was growing crops and calls
absolute chaos
even more shocking however
is what happens in the tropics
but temperatures would drop by up to fifteen degrees
distinction consequences
almost since the southeast asia would fail
these life giving names which are essential for feeding
two-fifths of the world's population would frail meaning that's they would be
mass starvation in southeast asia
while yellowstone's geothermal history suggests that there will be another
super corruption at some stage in the future
scientists agree
the chances of that happening in our lifetime
are extremely remote
if it were to happen however
booking essential
of cataclysmic
so how working on it a surprise
when the last three project at a table sit the four thousand years ago
there weren't many humans on the planet
they may well have been affected that's quite dramatically in terms of their
numbers being reduced
for pocket in otherwise we wouldn't be here today
now we're dealing with a planets have political prisoner six-and-a-half
billion people deficit-reduction happen tomorrow
allergy companies very vulnerable
ironically if this election happened in the dark ages
is and this is an affectionate is no like spontaneous by have great faith in
i think if something like this did occur
the nations of the planet would pull together because resource is www is so
limited but they would have to be shared supplied would see this as a opportunity
for humanity sheriff self-interest realized
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Supervolcano.The Truth About Yellowstone.

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羅致 published on May 13, 2014
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