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- Howdydoo Howtootleys!
Orange here and today I'm joined by Passion!
- Hey everyone!
Contrary to some of the rumors,
I've seen floating around the internet, I am alive.
I did not get encased in Carbonite and I am not living
a secretive life as a secret agent.
- Really, people are saying you're a secret agent?
- No, but sometimes it's good
to nip those rumors in the bud.
- Oh Passion, we do have fun and the fun ain't stopping
anytime soon 'cause today we're showing the audience,
how to dance with someone.
- Oh, this is perfect!
- I agree!
- I mean, it's perfect because my boyfriend Gigi,
is an amazing ballroom dancer.
- Of course he is!
- Do you mind if he helps out today?
Gigi, come here. It's how to dance with someone!
- Ah, one of the numerous arenas,
in which I am a certified expert.
Step one, ask your partner to dance.
This may take a good deal of courage,
but be direct and make strong eye contact.
- Orange, you wanna demonstrate?
- Um, sure, um, hey Passion, you um, want to dance or?
- Yes, it was perfection!
- It was?
- It was a perfect example of what not to do!
- Oh, I have an idea.
For the rest of the video, maybe Orange can show us
what not to do and Gigi can show us the correct way.
- Yeah, sounds really fun!
- Now Passion, man I have the pleasure of this dance?
- You may!
- Step two, do not be self conscious on the dance floor.
Remember, there's no wrong way to express yourself dancing.
- Really, so I can just be myself?
- I stand corrected.
Evidently, there is an incorrect way to express yourself
on the dance floor.
For one thing, do not set off TNT.
- Do set off TNT?
- Do not set off TNT!
- Do not, not set off TNT?
- Do not set off TNT!
- Now then, another thing to remember about dance...
- What happens if I get into a dance off?
- A dance off?
- Yeah, what if someone challenges me to a dance off yo?
- That literally never happens.
- What happens if I step on my partner's toes?
- You don't have toes!
Neither does she.
- What if the music inside my head is louder than the music
playing in real life?
Which one should I dance to?
- Enough!
- GG, don't lose your temper.
Orange is just showing us what not to do, remember?
- Indeed, and he is doing an incredible job of that.
Now then, Orange may I now demonstrate
how to dance with passion correctly?
- That's okay, thanks to all the tips you gave me,
I can demonstrate that myself.
- What the, you come back here!
- What's the matter?
- Wow, Orange, you got good at dancing really fast.
- I'm just doing all the things GG taught me.
Don't be self conscious,
don't step on your toes, set off TNT.
- Wait, Orange, he, no, he said not to set off TNT!
- I always get that one wrong!
- Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Thanks for dancing with me Orange.
I had a blast.
(upbeat music)
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HOW2: How to Dance with Someone!

13 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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