B2 High-Intermediate 3 Folder Collection
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- How do you do fruit lovers!
He's pear,
- He's orange.
- And today we're showing you how to fly a drone!
It's gonna be a pretty short video
cause there's nothing to it.
Just pick your unsuspecting target.
- Orange, why are you looking at me like that?
- And dive-bomb them!
(evil laughter)
(frustrated groan)
I need you to take this seriously.
Now can we start the episode?
- Sure thing pear.
Let's dive on in!
(frustrated yell)
(evil laughter)
- Okay.
Step one.
Get proper clearances.
- Clearances?
What you talkin bout?
- Well, if you plan to fly your drone
in controlled airspace,
you'll need to get permission from the FAA.
I brought along this law book
to help explain.
- A law book?
Pear, even for you
this is a new level of boring.
- Ahem!
The law can be quite complex in matters
pertaining to airspace
and aircraft-related ordinances.
- Aw man, this law book is getting so dive-bombed!
- I don't think so orange!
Not while I have this!
- Aw, suddenly I feel so out of control!
(evil laughter)
- In conclusion, check to ensure
you're not breaking any laws.
- Or breaking wind!
(fart noises)
- Gah!
Although, speaking of wind,
step two is to check the weather.
- Hmm.
Looks like windy with a chance of dive-bomb!
(evil laughter)
- Dude!
I have the control, remember?
You can't dive-bomb me if I have the..
Ah, ah, ah ah!
- Ha ha ha!
Got it back
and gust in the nick of time!
- Ah! Orange!
Land that drone right this instant!
You can't control it with so much wind!
Besides, you haven't learned the controls yet.
- How do you know?
- Because!
Learning the controls is step three
and we haven't gotten there.
- Don't worry about step three pear!
I'm movin straight to step four!
(evil laughter)
- Um, you didn't even get close to me!
See orange?
This is why you have to take the steps seriously!
But, you didn't learn the controls
and as a result you completely missed your target
with your dive-bomb.
- Or did I?
- The law can be quite complex
in matters pertaining to....
Say? What's that noi...
(electric guitar riff)
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HOW2: How to Fly a Drone!

3 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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