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hey guys Sam here with another video from our food adventures across India
and today we're going to be trying some bangalore street food at VV Puram food street
in this episode we meet up with Abhishek who joined us as we went in
search of late-night eats this was such a great place to dive into the street
food scene VV puram food street is lined with food vendors creating an open-air
market where you can sample a mix of sweet savory spicy and fiery dishes over
the course of the evening we tried thatte idli with coconut and tomato chutney
floating pani puri which was a delicious explosion of flavors sugarcane juice
infused with ginger fire pann which is lit on fire before being shoved into
your mouth gobi manchurian in Indo Chinese cauliflower dish potato twisters
coated in spices nitrogen wafers that made us look like fire-breathing dragons
chili corn that kept getting spicier with each fight and obbattu a fluffy
pancake drizzled with ghee and cane sugar now let's kick off this tasty
bangalore street food tour okay good evening good evening guys fittings from
Bangalore India and tonight's a very special episode because we're gonna be
eating Indian Street food I'm joined with my friend Sheikh Zilla and where
are we right now my friend we are at VV Puram in a place called
the food street okay most popular places in Bangalore (Bengaluru) for local food although right now it's
good as usual we first scouted out the food market to get an idea of the food
options and decide what we wanted to eat it was still plenty early in the night
but the street was buzzing and queues forming around each food stall even
though we had been feasting on South Indian food all day I was feeling hungry
and ready for more
this is one of the busier night Street food markets I've been to you in a
really long time it's just a bustling hive of activity
you've got vendors set up on both sides of the street it's just a sea of people
and yeah everyone is loving the street food right now we're gonna try our very
first Street food in Bengaluru of the evening what do we have here we have a thatte idli
over here so the thatte idli is very popular in Karnataka simply because
as it translate it means plate and the size that's what explains it and then of
course it comes accompanied with the coconut chutney and the tomato chutney
which are a delicacy out here on the south it looks incredible that's the
biggest idli I've actually ever seen this is the coconut first blending into
the tomato okay Oh wonderful it so has such a nice texture to it very spongy
I can't wait to try that actually
but that's very good what a bit of spice to it I said yeah I've been close to it
we're gonna go him for some more come on what I like about this too is that it's
not this quite light right it's a nice light thing to start out with
so we'll try the tomato and then we fight both together Oh
all completely different size
I can see that's delicious what are we having over here smoke wafers how do they taste
is the best one Wow that shot looks delicious is it good yeah very good very
good oh I think we might try that one yeah
we're not good you didn't even fit oh wow
next up it was time for floating pani puri one of the most popular dishes
available at the street food market pani puri literally means water bread and
it's a hollow ball shaped crispy dough that is filled with flavored water and a
mix of tamarind chutney chili chaat masala onions coriander and chickpeas
the reason this particular dish has floating in its name is because the
puris bread are floating on a base of pani water not only is this dish
colorful and visually appealing but it's also an explosion of flavors and
textures that wake up the tastebuds it's spicy tangy and sweet
it's definitely a snack that you can't get enough of all right so this is round
two and this is a pani puri this is actually one of my favourite Indian
Street food snacks I can't wait today gonna try
of so good so saturated with the liquid so many different textures to it in the
front we'll try another vice peak equipped own pleasure for someone to
pani inside is so good this cool like this yep competed in it they just
shake it and bathe and
mmm oh my gosh now we're talking alright onions
that's the juiciest house I'm just going to go ahead and say that is the best pani puri I ever had
and it's so juicy oh my gosh I find it very refreshing and have another
one I just can't help myself here the best chaat foodie varieties I tried the
floating pani puri for the first time my favorite pani puri okay thank you so
much I love that I love that this is Barney okay
spicy super spicy water like so this chili water basically killing water oh
whoa like Bernie that'll clear the throat
it's so amazing I can have this every day
Wow like a shot that's right dude next up
we're having some sugarcane juice infused with ginger because we've been
having some spicy things to start off with we thought we cool down a little
bit this should be really refreshing only twenty rupees so let's try it
oh my gosh it's so good like I keep saying everything with the best but I
feel like this is the best sugarcane juice I've ever had maybe I've just sat
thirsty it's so good my gosh and you could taste the ginger too
it gives it a little bit of a burn going down the throat love it man love this
stuff this really is the best thing ever sir
cane juice with ginger oh wow I need that back after that whoo my
pilot's cleanse now let's go eat what are you try fire pan if you guys
don't know paan is it's a like a leaf right and then they mix it with like
dried fruit and I got all different other things like mint what else is in
there Conchita chilli chilli jellies and and then they put some ice as well yeah
let me get a cold side and light it on fire and shove in your mouth
dude you alright y'all do one those are very what up a1 biter a flame flow like
gummy yeah nutty yeah very minty hmm a lot of ice in there what happens with
the fire in the mouth no so it's gracious that is ice in it so second
thing he lights it on fire the ice starts melting shows in your mouth is
huge smoky taste then you have a lot of water it's running down your throat it's
crazy that meson used to try try it here Bangalore India
I try to the first time back in Delhi but yeah it's a wild experience but
definitely a must do if you're into adventures food have you ever tried this
before that's my first time as well hang on excited nervous yes Gavin a bit of
everything bit of everything a bit of everything
ready oh whoa you handle it like a pro
there's a lot to you it's impossible yeah so a lot of elements is like hard
is basically like Katy Perry song Gordon cold yeah all in your mouth there you go
and yeah it just takes a while Theater like show it a bit well good
it's a big boy it is a big bite with a lot of elements inside
one thing that stood out for me at the VV Puram food street is that everyone
was so friendly we'd be standing in line to order food and people would be
offering to give us a taste of their dishes we ended up chatting with
different groups of families and friends and that made her visit all the more
memorable so I'm trying Gobi Manchuria this lovely
lady was kind enough to share forever this thank you so much oh look we got
what's this but Dana twist potato twisters those are
very big the potato twister or tornado potato was another fun Street food snack
to try at the market this is a deep-fried spiral-cut potato on a skewer
coated in various seasonings and spices this one in particular brought back
memories of the street food in Korea it's gonna dig right in
oh yeah
it's like crunchy and I love the seasoning they put on
it is wonderful and his 70 rupees so roughly one u.s. dollar
and then we somehow all ended up sharing nitrogen wafers with some really
friendly people at the market
oh good
it's maturity so much booyah it's called mixed flavour cheese
and wave of smoke dragon breath ice cream
Oh Oh the dragon came out that time because it go for the wafer
go for the wafer out there
so we're having a chili corn really spicy corn I've never tried this before
me neither I haven't heard anything on this like you know
so random isn't it so amazing all right so we are trying chili corn it's quite
juicy yep not a spicy but it's big into second time all I'm filling this place
on the second bite it's like a delayed on sound the more
you have it the longer this place lingers in your mouth acne so we have
over here is the green chili corn this was like really spicy
ha oh my gosh lastly it was time to end the night with
a little something sweet fluffy pancakes were a great idea and we're ending off
with something sweet in Bengaluru this one note and a bottom okay obbattu
and it has Jack vm2 done inside it's drizzled a lot of ghee on the top
it's gonna be ready I saw them putting that yeah drowning it you that's hot
that's wonderful it's got natural sweetness to it
oh my gosh I love that alright guys so we're gonna end things off here in Bengaluru
what an incredible street food tour VV Puram Food Street and it's open every
night yes oh my gosh you got to come here
that's just incredible anyways if you like this video give it a thumbs up
subscribe to our Channel Samuel and Audrey Davis channel David's button here
and how about you tell us about your flat format so you can catch me on
Instagram I go by the name shake Cinna you can follow me for my food adventures
around the country let's do it okay we'll see you with more travel and food
videos from India very soon bye for now
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BANGALORE STREET FOOD at VV Puram Food Street [Amazing INDIAN STREET FOOD in Bengaluru, India]

10 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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