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Hello, everybody.
Welcome back to the talking donkey variety travel a shar Tookie variety travel a donkey.
This video is about how I've kept myself saying during these times of being by my lonesome.
So on the same day as the lost video is published, I forget what day it was through The save emergency was lifted in Turkey are so now people kind of free to go out and everything.
I'm just going to stay inside for a little bit longer and just see how it plays out until I needed a work aware of So, uh, yeah, I'm still a home.
I mean harm for like, two months now on I live by myself.
So if you guys on away my boyfriend, Eric and I used to live together and then he had Teoh scoot on back to the U.
Due to various reasons of the whole video about it.
But yes, since then I've been living by myself.
Uh, you know, family or in Australia got friends around Japan, uh, rest my family in the UK and an axe in America.
And I'm all by my lonesome I am very lucky that I'm okay with being by myself.
I'm one of those people that just really enjoys hanging out by myself.
It's how I recharged.
But I want to show you guys what I've been doing.
What kind of things I've been walking on have been taking care of myself, all of that business while going through this whole thing.
So the categories are work, self care, daily things that I do with hubby's and social festival of the stuff would talk about whatever do for work.
Usually I went, took it creative and do my own YouTube channel.
And luckily for me, work has been able to continue Bean filming at home with ticket Creative.
So I will film the footage home.
They'll send me a package with, like things to do for the video topic Ah, film.
And then I will send them the footage and then attachable edit place.
So, you know, we've been able to adapt Teoh the whole situation.
Everything and you know we'll do meetings and we filmed some videos on Zuma's Well, also, I have a bit of time that hurt now is so I've been able to pursue twitch more, which has been super fun and super rewarding really nice people over there, and also it's been great for my routine.
So this will bring us into, like, the whole routine thing.
So because I stream registry in three times a week, occasionally more, it's kind of a reason to get up in the morning.
It's like there are people waiting, uh, t to see me or people expecting me to be there.
And when there's expectations, that kind of drives me to get out of bed and have a bit more energy.
So when it comes to a routine, you know, there's just like daily things around the house.
You know, low injury.
I have to do the washing up every night.
So every day I like to go and check on all of the plants, and I think that plants is well, give me a kind of responsibility, like take care of them.
They'll die.
So it's nice to have something that's like em up these washing me and I'm like, Don't worry, I'm here saved the day.
Here's a little bit juice Also, I have been lucky that this season is the season for fruit because I've got my mulberries and strawberries stories of stop now, by the way, but during this whole thing, I was able to, you know, sit on my balcony, eat strawberries and and harvest the fruits of of something that I can't fall us.
So it was really cool.
That kind of thing felt really genuine and natural.
And I want to talk about the self care kind of thing and self care.
You know, it could mean you don't.
I do bath.
Sometimes you like face packs, but mainly it's exercise and eating healthy.
It's felt really good.
I know that I just feel so much more positive and healthy as a person.
If I'm cooking for myself and cooking, you know, good meals.
So I exercise every two or three days, mostly every two days.
Uh, and I just do like a workout at home.
I make it up myself because if I follow you to work out, I get disheartened.
Maybe I could do it now them a bit more fit, but when I first started, I would go to even the beginning ones and it would be like, Alright, guys, 10 push ups and I'd be like and so I don't know, I get kind of disheartened when I do YouTube one.
So I kind of make up my own sets.
I dio work out, and then I will go for a jog, which is, like, the highlight of my day, because going outside, getting some sunshine sings trees, smell in a you know, all that good stuff.
So, yeah, I really love going my runs, and I've gotten better running.
I know it's supposed to expect that, you know, run.
It feels better.
But I don't feel like I'm dying the whole time anymore.
Now I want to show you a very quick and easy recipe for something I've been eating lately.
Uh, sad way love salad in this house.
A Just me.
I mean, so much salad lately.
And it's so easy.
If you guys have any salad tips, let me know in the comments.
Symbol it because I need to expand my salad horizons.
I'm gonna show you a quick recipe.
Full salad that I love to eat.
Hello, everybody.
Time for a salad break.
Some starting off with a base.
So I've got one kind of lettuce here and then some baby leaf greens.
Uh, that were pre cut, so I got to give them a wash.
Have a nice watch to start off with.
After the base screens are washed, I then just leave it to the side.
And first thing I do is I get some nuts.
Usually mixed nuts.
I don't like peanuts, so I leave them out of the equation on.
I put them in a frying pan with a little bit of salt.
I don't know if this helps.
I feel like it.
Does it feel it brings out more?
I get that going that I just had a little bit assault.
No, I think this is anything, but At least it heats up the pan for the rest stuff with them.
Using the next I'm gonna add to my salad is some homemade pickles.
Taylor be gave me this recipe overnight.
Pickled red onions.
And they're so good they elevate anything.
You put them on a little bit of a vinegary.
I just add a bunch like that.
I'm just gonna put them straight into the salad.
And then I put in any meat that I have left over from previous cooking said today, have a little bit of extra bacon kind up into little bits.
I'm scared.
No, no, no.
Sometimes all season.
Chicken, breast store.
I don't know.
Whatever happened.
Now, while the bacon's cooking, I'm gonna take a couple of grapes that I have left over.
I'm gonna cut these up into little bits.
I didn't great with something sweet like a sweet fruit salad.
Just enough of the dressing.
I've really been enjoying honey mustard.
So the way that I make my honey mustard is it Just do a better mustard, a bit of honey, a little bit of apple cider vinegar.
Dude, that was too much.
And then I just grind some black pepper into it for the dressing on the bacon.
Okay, so here's what that looks like.
Now give it a step.
You can have whatever you want to sell it.
It's nuts.
You cannot nuts.
You can have.
You know, Cobb, smoke protein, whatever you want to add, be it.
That's my take on salad.
So back to the rest of the video.
So another thing that I'd be spending time on is hobbies.
Uh, finally got some homies, guys, I'll show you what my hubby is.
It was my secret cause I was embarrassed about it, but now I can finally show you.
That's right, guys.
I'm gonna be D.
I'm just kidding.
I'm learning how to produce music and have been for a couple of weeks now, and it's It's difficult but rewarding journey.
I don't know if I'm ever going to do anything with it.
I want to be able to create music without meeting, like a band or anything to something I can do by myself.
And there's no expectations of me.
And if I create something cool and that's great if I crease and this sucks since totally fine and so yeah, I just felt like producing would be a cool way to do it.
So the D.
Using his FL studio because a friend of mine has it pulled.
He's great on.
I think if you ever wanna produce music having the same W as friends, we always tell people that you know is excellent because then if you have any problems, they can teach you how to get through it.
So I think that's that's really important.
I want to hear some stuff I made.
I'm a little embarrassed.
I am a full on McGuinness it please just band with me.
This is just a song made from the sounds from wind.
Wake up on the GameCube.
Yes, that is my sad song.
Thistles may test a lot of effects and stuff.
There's a lot of trial and error with my methods anyway.
Yeah, that's my, uh that's my homie that have taken up and it's been really fun.
I've seen, like having a really great time just learning and learning about notes and chords and all this kind of stuff.
So it's it's just being really great.
And who knows, maybe one day I could do something really cool with it, but for now it's just give me medal.
Little thing that I have It's like my hubby.
That's a cool thing that I like to get.
Let me know if you guys come up with any, like hobbies or things that you've been doing while you've been in isolation.
Because, yeah, I feel like for me it's really brought back this kind of creativity in this kind of excitement that I have served.
I don't know if it's been a really great time.
Oh my gosh, let me tell you that murdered here at night with the pink ice cream this light.
Often it's just like, Oh, I don't know if I could catch It just feels really cool.
I'm not just feels great, like doing something really cool.
It's great honor.
Also, that is Theo Tom a time.
That's great if you just want to get silly with it.
I don't know if I'll ever get good at the atomic time, but it's fun like and I think that's the purpose of all these.
It's just like mucking around and having a good time.
Another thing that I've been doing, I guess, is a hobby.
It's just playing video games.
Uh, but I'm like, really into GameCube.
I think it is my favorite of all time consoles.
I grew up on it.
It's just excellent.
The games on it, wonderful.
I've set that up and I'll be playing some games.
It's super fun.
I will be playing someone stream soon if you guys gonna come and join.
But I've been playing Super Monkey Bowl and Maria Sunshine and I don't know, it's just there's a different kind of level of relaxation when it comes to Yankees games for me.
I'm playing a lot of apple crossing.
A lot of people have asked for a tour of my island.
It's not that cool is not too much happening there.
I'm gradually working on it.
But, you know, it's just it's just a nice thing.
Check in every day, every two days, three days.
Just get some new furniture.
See some friends.
It's been great.
And seeing friends is nothing that brings me over to the social side of things because I'm by myself so much.
Luckily, already have a big system in place with my family because their embassies, I still cold them all the time, so nothing big has really changed in that way.
I call my family quite a bit, but I said Play Mario Kart with my dad and my sister, which is being super fun.
Markkaa Online feature is just really being a great way to interact with friends and family.
So just play like game markup.
My dad every every day we cover every couple of days, and it's just a way Teoh catch up while, uh, well, kicking some ass play merry hell said visiting friends in animal crossing.
Expensive of fun.
But also let my friends have been doing video chats, will watch movies or just catch up just like having a girls night.
But it just I don't have to find a way harm off, too.
It's also Oh my God, Yeah, Sorry, I haven't talked about him, Eric, we talked every morning and night.
We just chat, catch up in everything on video.
If everyone has been asking, Eric is totally fine.
He's living with his brother, now made back to us totally, totally safe.
He's got all of this stuff except for one thing that might be lost in the mail will figure it out.
I totally forgot.
Another thing that I've been doing is studying Japanese.
So once a week I have a Japanese tutor from I talkie and we chat, catch up, go through some grandma used the grandma, you know, it's been really great.
So the Japanese learning and also, you know, everything that I've been doing I've been trying to do in a way that I can carry it through with me back into my normal life after this is over.
You know, if I play animal crossing just playing in Japanese once a week have Japanese lessons in the evenings.
If I have some time, I can go back and lends a music.
Because I spent the time that I have now kind of learning the basics and getting into a routine.
So hopefully I can carry that into my normal life off this that's being the goal.
But we shall see things that kept me sane and kept me going during during this whole isolation things.
So please let me know in the comments.
Tumbler, How have you guys done it?
We'll have you managed to do it.
You doing okay out that I hope you're OK.
But thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed this video, please give it thumbs up.
We'll even call my damn lawyer.
I had subscribe.
If you want to see more videos like this but I will not leave this.
But thank you so much for watching.
I'll see you in the next video.
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How I've stayed sane while living alone during isolation!

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林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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