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You and I are going to Carmel, California today you don't know anything about Carmelo is a superdawg friendly town and it's known for being very artistic.
And also, there's some facts about this town like Clint Eastwood used to be the mayor of this cute little town, and I had no idea.
Obviously, like, these are facts and we looked up.
But what we're telling our dad, we talked her down on Skype yesterday in Japan, were telling you about our little trip.
And he was like, like every new Carmel, like, you don't think you like.
He had no idea where this place was and he wasn't.
Oh, yeah, You said it was mayor there.
Wow, that's very interesting that you knew that not surprising because he's a huge monies with Western.
So it makes sense that he knew that other interesting found about this town is that high heels are banned.
But you literally our heels.
And this has to be like, if it's over to it, just you cannot wear the heels you can if you get a permanent from the city hall.
But I highly doubt anybody would do that unless you really needed to wear those heals.
Apparently, they have banned it in the sixties or seventies because they didn't want to get sued.
They have a lot of uneven pavement there from CCI roots growing underneath.
So they're just like, all right, no more high heels because we don't get sued.
I am most interested in doing all the dog friendly things.
So his first trip, uh, Kuma is a veteran in the car.
She's, you know, very long term.
Crystal was recently to from Florida to California.
It's always longest trip has been three hours, so he's a little nervous how she does.
So we're super duper excited that we get to take our dogs with us.
We've always talked about this, but you know, I always figure like, you know, it's never gonna happen, never gonna bring with me.
But since it's quarantine have been, I've been working from home and basically work from anywhere, but decided to drive Florida to California last week on, um, took a total of five days and wanted so awesome on this road trip.
She is a true roaster.
I can't believe how well she did for like, five days of the car but yeah, we've always talked about this here in California.
That was Cuba.
So we're taking our dogs everywhere we can A so long as I'm here.
So our first stop is gonna be Carmel.
All right, so we made it into our hotel, but it can be moving stuff around.
It was so hard to find our place because it's so dark here.
We arrived at 9 p.m. So is very dark.
And again, there's no streetlights here, so it's hard to see.
And there's really no street times that there are, like, really tiny, like, very difficult.
I was afraid I was gonna pull down like a little I don't know, a little something when I'm backing out because I can't see the goodness for review of videos, because that pretty much safe.
So we made it.
We're going to get some rest and have some from tomorrow doggies like, Yeah, yeah, I loathe.
This is really cute.
When I checked in last night, they gave us a two portable travel doggie bags, which these always come in handy.
They're like little bulls.
They could put water and food in it, and it was a towel and she have food for the dollars as well?
Because they have a dog beach here.
That's only like a 10 minute walk from our hotel.
Were Definitely.
I go check it out.
And if they do get dirty, we washed them with this, and it's You have a job, Joey.
So he's like, I just want to go.
We're making our way.
Teoh the beach at Carmel.
Carmel by the sea, whatever they call it.
But the dog beach, that's, um, off leash.
So hopefully they will enjoy you.
So too.
It's always for his time at the beach.
Yeah, and I know you're not gonna go in the water.
You could NJ like running in the sand or something.
Yeah, thank you.
Number 100% cabernet.
That's good.
I love cabernet, but I think I like the peanut most, you know, nice dog way station.
They were down here all my life.
Number 38.
We're back at the beach this morning at 7 a.m. We woke up at six.
So you know, we're like, you know what?
Stuff on the beach.
One more time so that the dogs get some energy.
Oh, at the beach because they loved it so much.
They were enjoying it so much.
It made me so happy.
Yeah, yes.
Zoe is ready to go Run.
Cooper Looks like she's a little tired today, but I think it's good.
Teoh, you know, comes to the beach one last time before you go all right way were able to go the beef.
So, Sergio, we're going home now.
Back to L.
A r Time Actor Mel Waas Awesome!
I really enjoyed it.
I wish the weather was better on the first day Way were there.
California does have this thing called June group.
So I don't know this because of that or because Carmelo were by the sea that it just is kind of like how it is how it is.
Yeah, but other than that, if it's a great talent for dogs, I mean way found out that they've won numerous awards in the past for, like, most pet friendly town in the nation.
So it's pretty apparent when you walk around like everywhere you go, you just you just take your dog, right?
I was like a lot of dogs out.
So tons of definitely restaurants even, you know, wine tasting, so I just love that we didn't have to ever leave the two dogs at home.
Well, our hotel location of the hotel is amazing price, because it is pretty expensive this day in Carmel.
Uh, a lot of the hotel that was finding or gosh, I like to at least 200 a night, So yeah, it is a more expensive area.
Plus, if you have, he had a little bit more because I will do that.
Have a good time.
And I have my pets with me candy with me.
So it didn't really matter, but that was the best option.
As far as price and location and having are with us like a car, all of a lot of the shops are pet friendly, But we didn't really go into the shops were mainly focused on the dog beach, the wine tasting and a pet friendly restaurant.
Yeah, three things that we did and dog made with by far the best for us because the pats really, really enjoyed it.
Yes, they were having a blast overall.
Good time.
I think the dog had a good time.
Yeah, like I if you know, if I had the chance or someone offered to go again.
You know, like, Hey, do you want to go to come out?
I definitely would.
If you like this video, please give it up.
That's up.
And if you want, watch more videos.
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How To Spend a Day With Your Dog in Carmel, California - the Most Pet-Friendly Town in the U.S.A.

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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