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  • What's up Kenny White? Kenny White has a question, 'What's better, power-lifting or body-building?'

  • Write this down everybody, S-A-I-D, this is the law of specificity and what S.A.I.D stands

  • for is, Specific Adaptations to Impose Demand. This is one of the most accepted principles

  • in the resistance training community and this basically means that whatever you subject

  • your body to, whatever specific activity that you expose your body to, whatever movement

  • patterns you expose your body too, those are the adaptations that you will make.

  • So let me spell this out for you in English, if you want to become a better swimmer, you

  • swim. If you want to become a better tennis player, you play tennis. If you want to be

  • a better cross-fitter, do cross-fit. If you want to become a better power-lifter, you

  • should do power-lifting. If you want to become a better body-builder, you should body-build.

  • So what does that mean when it comes to body-building? Body-building specifically requires us to

  • three things to increase the hypertrophic response. Number one is mechanical stress,

  • the muscles need to be under stress for a period of time, approximately 40-60 seconds,

  • with loads of 60-75% under 1 rep max or greater. That has to happen. Another key requirement

  • that some new research is showing, and I'm not going to say too much about this because

  • it is extremely early and extremely exciting, but it is blood flow restriction training.

  • We will talk about that another day. The third thing is lactic acid. There's been some amazing

  • research coming out of the University of Tampa, from the world's leading doctor in hypergaphy

  • on the importance of lactic acid in relation to hypergaphy. I don't want to spoil the surprise

  • because we've got something big coming up later this year on how to do this and what

  • you need to know is that training with movements that do those three things that shorten a

  • muscle and lengthen a muscle through its full range of motion is going to create a hyprgaphy

  • response for that targeted muscle group.

  • So if you want to look like a body-builder then your program needs to be revolved around

  • how body-builders train. We'll keep it at that, it's a set principle that is very important

  • to understand so that you can make fast decisions when you are looking at different programs

  • out there and asking yourself, 'If I want to build muscle is cross-fit a good idea?'

  • No cross-fit is going to help you be better at cross-fit. If you want to be strong you

  • need to power-lift, if you want to build muscle size then you need to be body building. If

  • you want to be better at Pilates you should be doing Pilates, if you want to be amazing

  • at yoga you need to be doing yoga. It's very, very specific because your body always defaults

  • to the principle of specificity in terms of training and response.

  • Great question Kenny and let's get 400 likes on this video. If we get 400 likes on this

  • video then the next video I post will be on caloric counting and why Charles Poliquin

  • would say that it's for certified morons. We're going to talk about why calorie counting

  • is ridiculous and why people that think that losing fat or building muscle only has to

  • do with calories are complete morons to be honest. We'll discuss that in the next video.

What's up Kenny White? Kenny White has a question, 'What's better, power-lifting or body-building?'

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