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Disney is under construction.
Yeah, fun, Good slice.
It's been two months now since I've worked in.
The emergency in Japan is lifted.
The country is still taking precautions since the virus is still at large.
But it feels nice to breathe a little again and have a cup of coffee knowing that I can go outside now.
Good morning, everybody.
So beauty is sleeping right now.
He spot to make up soon because he has to work here.
I unfortunately have to go back to work.
I have no choice.
Sadly, even though my lessons are online thing, the software, everything that they use, like the the books and stuff like that aren't at the office today.
I haven't work for only a couple hours.
Like my hours are really, really low.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen.
So it's It's a struggle right now, so I'm gonna eat my breakfast, which is curry curry last night, and I actually Japan.
Japanese people love any curry in the morning.
It's weird.
Curry and coffee isn't think.
You'll see a lot of curry and coffee shops in Japan.
It's weird.
Going back to work almost doesn't feel good again as I'm someone who has always wanted to work for myself.
But my job is my biggest investor at this point.
All right, so I am heading to work and I'm at the park after this.
I'm gonna go toe doctor to get a referral.
I explained all of that on my instagram.
Not really Talk about it on here.
It's so boring.
I need to get checked still on.
Make sure everything's OK.
All right?
I'm headed to work a cat film inside.
So also extremely hot outside to wear a mask on And then it started to rain.
Was not fun day when to work off works are pouring rain Thank God I have a number Love got to the clinic realized that my health insurance expired and I was like, Oh, well me, I should have got a card in the mail.
Turns out that because I changed my visa and my old one expired they did not renew it for some reason I don't know why it must be a new thing or something, but I have to go to City Hall to get another hell insurance card.
You a so funny.
Took a shower.
That's on my hair is a mess.
Yeah, I'm gonna watch some home movies because those are fun to watch.
I'm just gonna relax.
Today was tough rain pouring outside rainy season right now.
So this was my traumatizing puppet show experience.
That's not me.
But I will remember this moment and it was scary.
It is like wine bottles and crap behind.
There was the thing.
I think it was like a play group and like, it was like one of the moms or something.
Look at that.
It was so scary.
How cute looking.
A little black eyes get those eighties 90 every nineties here cuts Gary are right.
Good morning, everybody.
So it is two days later is Thursday When I went to work was a really bad day, and I was just stressed because it's finally catching up to me because I didn't work for two months because I didn't work for two months, you know, money runs out.
All the money that I saved is like gone, so I'm trying to work, but I have no choice.
My job, you know, gives me hours and I have no choice over those hours.
So the company is kind of, like half open.
So there or not putting a lot of people in the office, So it's less people in the office.
They're not giving everybody hours or enough hours, so people are still struggling.
Okay, I gotta stop talking.
I'm gonna make breakfast, and we're gonna have a good day.
We're gonna have a good show.
Is this banana?
It's grown.
So right, so very right with sweet so done way have our magical breakfast.
We haven't had breakfast together like this.
It's a long Oh, I made some hot coffee.
Let's get some coffee.
Thank you to do.
Jeez, parents for sending us this amazing bacon and sausage has zero preservatives in it.
It's so good.
It's delicious.
It is a rainy season in Japan.
It's raining every single day for the next two weeks ago.
Oh, my gosh.
Are you serious?
All about Corona virus?
You guys, when you walk in, they have this, like, little device.
Take your temperature when you walk in and you don't do anything, you just walk in and it takes The temperature is so high talking crazy.
I don't know about that.
And I think they probably do.
Harry Potter.
Is that Harry Potter?
It's not Harry Potter.
They like ripping him off.
That's not even Harry Potter.
It's him cutter, someone Japanese.
Look, he's very you copped closest that you're gonna get you Disney Land were directly next outdoor mall.
There's so much stuff to do here, and it's open now.
Does need not open.
But this place is opens.
Everybody's coming here because they miss Disney.
Probably my favorite store packaging is so beautiful on this makeup.
Oh, my gosh.
Everything looks so I havent shopped and so long like my really, really want to buy stuff.
But I just like can It's a gay boot.
Gonna be okay.
Look at these little ball of cookies.
Like what?
The hat.
Hello, Kitty.
Oh, my God.
These are so cute.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Can get cookies, or you can get dried fish.
This one was so good.
Risotto, Chicken mushroom, have hamburgers.
Oh, butter, chicken curry.
Oh, my goodness.
Smoked bacon and penna with cheese and tomato sauce.
It's like pasta inside the little one.
So American, my God, Give me your baby's Oh, my God.
You, Me?
We're in line for Disney Disney store.
This is what we have to do because of the covered.
Waited in line.
And look how crowded it is here.
Like what?
The way.
Holy crap.
Look at these shoes.
What's the actual help?
I love these ones.
Oh, so Q $50 for the mini mouse kimono style pool bags for going to school.
Kids would die for this.
Look how much they are.
$700 for a school backpack.
Yeah, they have turkey sandwich.
They have everything.
Things is all fake.
You guys.
It's a big plastic.
So this is an option.
I gotta get this.
My mom.
Oh, my God.
Happy Tokyo Way!
Did not expect it to be so crowded this day, But most shops were having sales, and that was why so people were flocking to the mall.
All of the check out counters have plastic in front of them, including the character artist.
It's a new normal.
We have to get used to Disney is under construction.
Oh, my God.
We have to remember that during times like these, nothing lasts forever and everything's going turn out okay.
In Japan, they give you a white toothpaste with paper and you put the burger inside somehow that's a huge Asperger.
Those Yugi didn't believe me when I said you could get it to go box even though we've done it three times already.
Doesn't remember.
But he wanted to make sure.
Yeah, like I'm so embarrassed.
But do you have to go boxes?
Girls like here We do it all the time because in Japan they don't usually do it right now.
And he's a very American thing.
So in Japan, they don't do it, Which is weird because people waste food all the time.
But Oh my God!
What did I order?
Good slice.
What a slight He looks so happy.
Yeah, My favorites.
Oh, my God, I'm a mess.
Everybody hits the next day and I'm about at this video.
So hopefully we have enough footage on here to you Talk about our new normal and everything that's going on here in Japan.
Still crazy right now.
There's been like 48 cases in Tokyo recently, and that's really scary.
Everything is being lifted now and nobody knows why.
Obviously, like, I feel like a lot of people, even in the States are kind of like done with the virus.
And so people are just, you know, not taking the precautions anymore or anything like that, and it can be kind of dangerous.
Please check out my Log Channel.
Kelly Anne Marie DSA Logs.
That's what it's called.
I did upload a video there, so you guys go check it out.
And, um, it's me preparing for a trip they were going on, which will be up on this main channel.
So you will be able to see art our weekend trip.
We didn't go on a week.
Interrupt that.
We took all the precautions.
When we went, we took a car instead of a train and all that stuff.
So that's happening.
And if you guys want to see it, it will be up in this main channel.
And I'm just packing in my vlog channel videos.
If you want to see that that channel literally has no theme, no nothing.
It's literally just random of logs of my days might be boring.
It might not be.
Just go check it out.
I'm going to upload them weekly.
So just day in my life stuff I've been at this video and I will see you guys next one by, Thank you guys for watching.
If you'd like to donate to this channel, I am taking donations on both patri on and paypal.
If you'd like to check out my coaching programs courses Blawg and Resource is head over to my website at kelly Martita dot com.
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TOKYO DISNEY Opens it's Outdoor Mall During a Pandemic

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 30, 2020
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