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- I guess I kind of faint pretty easily,
like I'm a little goat, like a fainting goat.
(energetic music)
- [Caitlin] How long have we known each other?
- Oh my God, so long, like four years.
I remember shortly into my relationship,
wanting to own my sexuality more
like during sex, I wanted to be more in charge.
I was having my period, and I suggested
that we have sex in the shower.
This was one of our first shower sex moments.
It was like you released me from the locker room
at a game like at halftime, I was so ready!
So what I do, is I jump into the shower (shower running)
and without even really being any what aware
of what he was going through, I mount him.
This is getting kind of graphic but we're family.
So I mount him like this and I'm holding on
and my face is like right here and I'm just thinking
I'm just thinking the whole time,
I'm like you've got this Becky!
You're an animal, you're amazing!
But as I'm doing that, there's
no thought of what he's doing.
In this five minutes, it was very brief,
in this five minute period, there were
a few just kind of like (breathing heavy)
sounds which weren't on brand for him
but I didn't think anything of it
'cause once again, I'm like so in my head
just like, yeah you're killing it!
- And it also sounds like sex sounds
though like that could be --
- Kind of but it was slightly different than his usual
but I wasn't even, I was just completely
in my head, it was not about us.
Out of nowhere, I'm like this and then we just go down.
Like smack because he passed out
because it turns out that he had just gotten off a flight.
- Oh my God.
- And six hour flights are very dehydrating.
- They are.
- Once he came to, like he fell, boom!
And then I'm like, oh my God!
And then he kind of woke up quickly
and I was like, you didn't say anything,
you weren't saying anything!
And he's like, yeah that's it.
I wasn't, I couldn't even say anything
and I was like, oh yeah.
- 'Cause you were fainting.
- 'Cause you were fainting. - Or in the process.
- And I might have noticed that it was
deathly silent for almost five minutes
had I not been just like, yes Becky!
It's good to want to own your sexuality
but it's still a two person event.
- Yeah, you still have to listen to the other person.
- Alright, so when I was about 11 years old,
I was in Catholic school (bells ringing)
and I was alter serving one day.
I was with my sister and it was really hot
and the incense was terrible and I passed out
and I started leaning backwards.
- So this is in church?
- In church in front of everybody.
- Okay.
- And it was a Sunday so it was really full.
And my sister thought I was just screwing around
and so she kind of hit my back to make me sit up forward
and I just flew forward and hit my head on the ground
and fell off of the bench we were sitting on.
My parents were in the church watching
and so they freaked out.
A man in front of my parents tried to get up to come help
but my dad pushed him down, ran up,
and sort of charging towards the alter
and the priest not knowing what was happening behind him,
was freaking out thinking he was about to be attacked.
- So it looked like a scuffle.
- Yeah.
- But you're just passed out on the ground.
- [Emily] On the ground, yep.
- Oh my God.
- My dad comes and picks me up
but as he's leaning over to grab me,
he rips his pants in front of everybody.
And takes me to the back and when I wake up,
there's this really old deacon giving me
the Anointing of the Sick which is part of
the last rites sacrament that they give --
- Wait, when you die?
- Yeah, yep!
- They think that you died?
- I don't know!
He was old and probably just thought, better be safe.
- Might as well.
Might as well anoint her.
Oh my God...
- So this story happened three years ago,
spoiler alert I'm the one who fainted,
Becky was there so this is an awkward fainting
story that involves both of us.
Honestly for me, the whole thing was not traumatic
'cause I don't remember what actually happened.
- God.
- So Becky and I live on the same floor
of the same apartment building.
- How cute is that?
We live in the same apartment building
so it's literally, you can just come over.
It's like the show Friends.
- Our apartments probably aren't as
big as the apartments on Friends but that's fine.
- That's fine.
- So basically, I was touring their building this day,
to see if I wanted to move in.
We're standing outside on this terrace.
Literally as I'm signing the application
for the background check, for the apartment --
- Yeah. You were like, and how much was the rent again?
And she tells you and you're like, oh okay
and then you go back down to sign it.
- But apparently, I'm kind of like slumping over
and I say, not once but twice,
oh I don't think I feel very good.
- Oh I don't think I feel very good.
Like she's keeping herself presentable
as she's falling over.
- Yeah and apparently then I just crashed into Linda,
who's my best friend I live with.
- Oh my God, you just hit the ground.
- And I literally fell into her
which was good 'cause it was a tile floor.
- And you were out for maybe about a minute or two.
- Yeah.
- It was scary!
It was enough time that we went upstairs, got a rolly chair
and our landlady got her husband's blood pressure machine.
Her roommate, Linda, is on the phone being like, 911! 911!
And then we look at Caitlin and actually,
Caitlin was like, no not good
and then Linda was like, wait are you?
And you were like, yeah and it worked
'cause then she was like, okay nevermind
'cause you played it off.
- I just did not want to go to a hospital.
- Yeah.
- Like that was it, I just was like no,
I'm not going to the hospital.
Yeah so kind of like to this poor landlady,
it probably looked like she told me that the rent
was more expensive and then I passed the (beep) out.
- Hydration is important.
- Yeah, yeah.
Hydration is important. Stay hydrated.
- Mine is not nearly as crazy but I'll still tell it.
I guess I kind of faint pretty easily
like maybe it's a blood sugar thing or a fear thing.
I faint when I'm giving blood.
I have no control over it and it's really frustrating.
One time, I was getting my eye examined at the eye doctor
and you know how --
- I don't like where this story is going.
- And you know how they do the Glaucoma,
have you ever had this done?
Where they blow air into your eye?
So your head is in this like metal contraption
and they're just like poof, poof.
Just like blowing air into your eye
and I started to feel faint and I guess
I just fainted inside of the machine.
- Oh no!
- And I wake up on the ground with my mom
and the eye doctor standing over me.
The eye doctor is like fanning me
and very concerned and so scared.
He said no one had ever fainted in his office before.
- You were the first.
- I was the first.
And I still have no explanation as to why.
I think I maybe was just afraid.
Have you ever fainted before?
What's your story?
Comment below.
Also, I want to know if there's other people
that have fainted during church
'cause I feel like church just gets hot.
- [Emily] It does, it gets really stuffy.
- [Ella] So I want to know if others
have experienced that as well.
So comment with that specifically.
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Awkward Fainting Stories

1 Folder Collection
Summer published on July 30, 2020
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