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Located in Romania around 400 feet below the town's surface is the Salina Turda, an underground theme park inside one of the oldest salt mines in the world.
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Salina Turda is believed to be nearly 2,000 years old.
During its time as a salt mine, it is estimated that over three billion tons of salt was excavated from the walls before mining stopped in 1932.
This underground hub has had various uses in the past from a cheese storage center to a World War II bomb shelter but its current usage is perhaps its most unique.
In the early 1990s Salina Turda was carefully converted into a subterranean theme park and museum.
This active park includes a 180-seat amphitheater, an underground lake with paddle and row boats, mini golf course, ping pong tables and of course, a Ferris Wheel.
Over 2 million people have visited since its opening.
The dizzying effect of the place will leave you feeling like you've left reality in this subterranean wonderland.
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From Salt Mine to Subterranean Theme Park

84 Folder Collection
Celine Chien published on July 30, 2020    Celine Chien translated    Eunice Lin reviewed
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