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Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is one of the most haunted places in America.
Winchester Mystery House is a [an] incredibly unique Victorian mansion created by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune.
Sarah Winchester had a series of unfortunate things happen to her, including the death of her husband and daughter.
She was a spiritualist and visited a medium to try and understand why.
The medium said, well, the gun that won the West, there's a lot of karma there, so head west and build a house to appease these spirits.
She started construction in 1884, which didn't stop till the day she died.
The house is a 160-room Victorian mansion with no master plan.
There's a lot of strange attributes.
There's 40 staircases, 40 fireplaces, four elevators.
We have a number of staircases that lead right to the ceiling.
Doors that open up into nothing, or it's just a wall.
The house is known for its spirits, who many people believe are the ghosts of people who worked at the house or even Sarah herself.
A lot of our guests and employees have had very strange things happen to them in this house.
Sometimes it's just footsteps or hearing a voice, a light that flickers, or sometimes it's an actual full, physical manifestation.
If we haven't solved the mysteries in 93 years, then I don't know if we ever will.
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Step Inside a Real Haunted House

1314 Folder Collection
Celine Chien published on July 30, 2020    Celine Chien translated    adam reviewed
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