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  • It's like even though I know it's impossible, sometimes I still think I might be on the Truman Show.

  • Anyway, didn't you guys say that you had some single friends at this party?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • But trust me, you're too good for them.

  • What?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • You're way too good to date any of our friends.

  • I mean I guess that's a compliment, but like really?

  • All of them?

  • I mean, what about...what about this guy?

  • Oh, Mark.

  • Yeah, I've known him since we were kids.

  • He is so funny.

  • Okay.

  • But he's also super arrogant, afraid of commitment, and doesn't believe in holidays.

  • What? That's insane.

  • Okay, what about this guy?

  • Oh, Rauger.

  • We met in college.

  • And honestly, we had one of the most meaningful hikes of my entire life together.

  • That's so nice!

  • But he is a narcissist, only reads Ayn Rand, and doesn't believe in holidays.

  • What? That's crazy.

  • Why are you friends with these people?

  • They're good friends.

  • Totally fine.

  • They just make for bad partners.

  • Okay.

  • What about this guy?

  • He's literally petting a puppy.

  • Oh Grugery, yes.

  • That is the dog that he got from the rescue center.

  • He's so smart, super successful, and insanely funny.

  • He's just a really fun guy.

  • But he also steals from department stores, thinks reading is consumerist, and cheats on all his girlfriends.

  • And he doesn't believe in holidays.

  • What the fuck guys?

  • Why are you friends with these people?

  • Look, they're just our friends.

  • Sometimes we don't see them for weeks or even months.

  • They just pop in and out of our lives, and we see them in the context in which we enjoy them.

  • But a partner, you gotta know that you can rely on them.

  • You need to know that they are solid.

  • That they complete you.

  • Man, that is some shit Krogery would say.

  • He is the best.

  • He is a bad listener.

  • The life of the party.

  • He doesn't believe in medicine.

  • Amazing chef.

  • Will break your heart in an instant.

  • Never let your guard down around him.

  • Why do we do this?

  • Why do we permit our friends to be fine to us and terrible to their significant others?

  • Today is the day that this stops.

  • That we demand that our friends be better.

  • That they're good to everyone in their life.

  • So, is Rekha single or what?

  • Oh my God, Rekha is awesome.

  • But she's super judgemental.

  • She collects all this intel about people before she even knows them, which is understandable sometimes.

  • But other times, it's just wrongful.

  • And it prevents her from being in a relationship.

  • Yikes!

  • Baggage much?

  • Yeah, all my friends are terrible.

  • Ah, whose aren't?

  • Okay, what about this one?

  • [Yeah, Pouchy's great, but super needy, also he doesn't believe in holidays.]

  • Oh, that bad.

  • God, everything sucks.

  • Hi, I'm Rekha from College Humor.

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  • I love my job, and I'm definitely not trapped in this video. [Help]

  • Things are great.

It's like even though I know it's impossible, sometimes I still think I might be on the Truman Show.

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