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It's like even though I know it's impossible, sometimes I still think I might be on the Truman Show.
Anyway, didn't you guys say that you had some single friends at this party?
Oh, yeah.
But trust me, you're too good for them.
Oh, yeah.
You're way too good to date any of our friends.
I mean I guess that's a compliment, but like really?
All of them?
I mean, what about...what about this guy?
Oh, Mark.
Yeah, I've known him since we were kids.
He is so funny.
But he's also super arrogant, afraid of commitment, and doesn't believe in holidays.
What? That's insane.
Okay, what about this guy?
Oh, Rauger.
We met in college.
And honestly, we had one of the most meaningful hikes of my entire life together.
That's so nice!
But he is a narcissist, only reads Ayn Rand, and doesn't believe in holidays.
What? That's crazy.
Why are you friends with these people?
They're good friends.
Totally fine.
They just make for bad partners.
What about this guy?
He's literally petting a puppy.
Oh Grugery, yes.
That is the dog that he got from the rescue center.
He's so smart, super successful, and insanely funny.
He's just a really fun guy.
But he also steals from department stores, thinks reading is consumerist, and cheats on all his girlfriends.
And he doesn't believe in holidays.
What the fuck guys?
Why are you friends with these people?
Look, they're just our friends.
Sometimes we don't see them for weeks or even months.
They just pop in and out of our lives, and we see them in the context in which we enjoy them.
But a partner, you gotta know that you can rely on them.
You need to know that they are solid.
That they complete you.
Man, that is some shit Krogery would say.
He is the best.
He is a bad listener.
The life of the party.
He doesn't believe in medicine.
Amazing chef.
Will break your heart in an instant.
Never let your guard down around him.
Why do we do this?
Why do we permit our friends to be fine to us and terrible to their significant others?
Today is the day that this stops.
That we demand that our friends be better.
That they're good to everyone in their life.
So, is Rekha single or what?
Oh my God, Rekha is awesome.
But she's super judgemental.
She collects all this intel about people before she even knows them, which is understandable sometimes.
But other times, it's just wrongful.
And it prevents her from being in a relationship.
Baggage much?
Yeah, all my friends are terrible.
Ah, whose aren't?
Okay, what about this one?
[Yeah, Pouchy's great, but super needy, also he doesn't believe in holidays.]
Oh, that bad.
God, everything sucks.
Hi, I'm Rekha from College Humor.
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Click here for other fun stuff and thank you so much for watching.
I love my job, and I'm definitely not trapped in this video. [Help]
Things are great.
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You're Too Good To Date My Friends | Hardly Working

2182 Folder Collection
Cindy Lin published on July 30, 2020    Cindy Lin translated    adam reviewed
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