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  • Hello YouTube.

  • I live in London, which is a pretty multicultural place, but every time I go into these Western grocery stores, I see how they sell rice and it just hurts my heart.

  • Earlier this morning, I went to our grocery store, Tesco, and I bought a bunch of rice.

  • And I'm gonna show you what they do to our beloved carb.

  • Many different types of rice here that I'm never gonna eat, and I kept the receipt because I know I'm gonna return this shit after I record this video.

  • Tesco Easy Cook Brown Rice.

  • It says there on the packaging, this rice is easy to cook.

  • I never knew that was a problem.

  • Growing up, we just made rice every day.

  • I didn't know making rice was a hard thing.

  • You just dumped it in a rice cooker and pressed the button.

  • Is rice hard to cook in this day and age?

  • Is there such a thing as hard-to-cook rice?

  • You start cooking it, your house burns down, someone breaks in and kidnaps your pets.

  • That rice is so hard to cook.

  • If only a scientist could come up with an easier way.

  • As if the easy-cook rice wasn't enough, now they have boil-in-the-bag, easy-cook boil-in-the-bag rice.

  • So you're gonna cook the rice and the container at the same time.

  • Is that how busy your life is that you don't even have time to remove rice from its container before cooking it?

  • I'm in such a hurry, don't take the rice out of the bag, just put the rice in the bag and we will boil both of those things together.

  • So if you boil the rice in the bag, then you're gonna eat the plastic.

  • Oh that's my favorite rice topping, you know, I put an egg on it and a plastic bag.

  • This just sounds horrifying.

  • You're eating plastic, my friend.

  • Don't do that.

  • And there's this electricity in the air.

  • In the UK, the most popular brand of instant rice: Uncle Ben's.

  • Their unique selling point is they come in a pouch, all right, and they make it really easy to cook.

  • You just put the whole pouch in the microwave.

  • So they went boil in the bag, that is not convenient enough.

  • Let's get rid of the boiling and we turn the bag into a pouch.

  • Just put the rice in the pouch in the microwave.

  • Just, beep.

  • That's enough Asian culture for me.

  • It's time to squeeze my lunch out of this pouch.

  • Squeeze it out like toothpaste.

  • No good cuisine comes out of a pouch, all right?

  • I've never been to a Michelin-star restaurant: "Holy, shit, that was really good, man.”

  • "Yeah, man, my favorite dish, lobster from a pouch."

  • And then Uncle Ben's, they have a whole array of different types of rice.

  • Look at this, Chinese-style rice.

  • If you haven't noticed, Uncle Ben's is a middle-aged Black person.

  • I don't know if I trust this guy to make Chinese-style rice.

  • Can we have Uncle Wong?

  • "Uncle Wong's Chinese-Style Rice," maybe I'll give that a chance.

  • Also, who is selling rice in a yogurt cup?

  • Uncle Ben's, that's who.

  • Oh, yeah, it comes with a free plastic spoon.

  • You open it up, it's in there, you scoop rice out of this yogurt cup.

  • Oh, it's delicious.

  • That's how Asians all over the world eat rice, you know?

  • We go to a street-food stall and they serve us a yogurt cup and then when we are finished with the rice, we put a string over these two cups and make a telephone.

  • Just, oh, I can hear the sound of rice crying.

  • Tesco Arborio Risotto Rice.

  • Risotto looks like rice, but it's not actually rice.

  • It is pasta.

  • Stop selling risotto in the rice section.

  • You can't just put the word rice after risotto and think, yeah, people are gonna be tricked into thinking this is rice.

  • Asian families will love it.

  • You can't east risotto with chopsticks.

  • That's where I draw the line.

  • It's not rice if you can't eat it with chopsticks.

  • You're not gonna believe this, cauliflower rice.

  • Oh, boy, white people have really outdone themselves here.

  • Cauliflower rice.

  • What's next, white people?

  • I can't believe it's not rice?

  • You're making rice from cauliflower?

  • Why're you still calling it rice, then?

  • Just call it cauliflower granules of shit that nobody likes.

  • This hurts my heart.

  • This is not Asian, but it seems like Western grocery stores also bring in other races into the mix.

  • "Oh, we are so cultured."

  • We got Tesco Spicy Mexican Inspired Rice.

  • So who inspired you to make this rice?

  • A spicy Mexican.

  • If you wanna buy good rice, go to an Asian grocery store, where they sell rice by the largest sacks and the rice is actually fresh and it's good.

  • I'm gonna stop talking about rice now because it's really upsetting me.

Hello YouTube.

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How The West Ruins Rice - Nigel Ng

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