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Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin!
Today we have a very
Of course, in a world filled with lots of fake...
- Sacrilegious! - ...shows,
with fake...
- Sacrilgious! - ...talent,
We wanted to shed some light and share with you guys
- what real talent is like. - Yeah.
Also just to cleanse my ears,
- and purify my soul and my mind. - Yeah. Yeah.
Please join us on this purification process.
TwoSet purification!
We're gonna be playing a game called...
- So we're going be listening to five recordings. - Yes.
Audio excerpts.
We don't know who it is.
Yep. We have no idea who they are,
- a friend's prepared them. - Yeah.
And then the loser
has to then play
one of the pieces that we listened to,
- Yeah. Yeah. - that the winner chooses.
Just so the whole world
- can see the loser get flexed on by the prodigy. - Yeah!
- Chance to get humiliated! - Yeah.
(both) Shame!
- Shame! Sacrilegious! - Sacrilegious!
Let's do it.
Dude, that's so clean.
I can't even guess the age.
The person clearly plays better than me.
- Dude, I'm getting hand cramps listening to it. - I know! I was like,
- The bow... - The thirds, all the string crossings and jumps.
I'm gonna write it first,
and then I'll tell you what I'm thinking.
(both) Three, two, one.
Alright, you ready?
The answer is...
Guess I'm closer!
You know what gave it away for me?
- The violin sound. - It sounds, it sounds a bit like...
- It didn't sound like a full size violin. - Weaker, right? Yeah.
- Alright! Alright. - She could play, but when she smashed that
bottom B, ♪ bum ♪
- The violin just gave up. - Yeah.
But 10 is lower than I expected.
Face reveal!
What the ****, bro?
I don't like this game.
This game is called
Guess How to Destroy Your Self-Esteem!
Like, I put 17 just to cope,
- in my head. It's like... - Yeah.
It's a different thing when you look.
It doesn't match.
- What I'm hearing and what I'm seeing is not matching. - I know. It's very different. Yeah.
Alright, next!
Dude, what— Is this The Last Rose of Summer?
Aw, that's so good!!
It just keeps going higher.
Dude, that, that...
I can't stop it.
I can't stop it.
Yeah, I wrote 16.
She can't be that young.
It's like... that is not possible.
Who the...
...plays Ernst's Last Rose of Summer at 12?
Have you guys seen like,
our ABRSM video where we're like,
"Okay, after Grade 8 there's like,
those 3 diplomacy levels?"
And you know how we were like,
said how we did that when we were around 13?
- The diplomacy level? And everyone was like, - Yeah.
"Oh, Brett and Eddy flexing the fact
that they did that when they were 13!"
This Last Rose of Summer is at least like,
10 grades above that diplomacy level.
Yeah, well, if diplomacy had grades above,
it would be 10 grades above.
I wanna see it.
I wanna see the 12-year -
I wanna mess my head up.
Can I just say, that looks a full size violin.
- I think so. - She's like, just got it.
You can tell by 12, they start moving a bit.
Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah, she's moving.
But do you think that's an age thing?
Or do you think that's a character thing?
Probably character, actually. Yeah.
- Damn! - Oh my god.
Next one.
I feel very not confident with this game. At all.
Why are we doing five? Three is enough to destroy -
I know!
Five is like, really putting salt to the wound.
It's like, just so you know,
you need to go practice!
You know, I'm picturing like,
some 8-year-old kid in his living room.
Dude, I picture a fetus.
I'm gonna guess.
(both) Three, two -
I thought you meant 3 years old!
What is that piece? Is that Paganini, right?
- Yeah. - Caprice.
Himari Yoshimura!
Oh, it's her!
Oh, we've seen her before.
Yoshimura! Flex.
- Yoshimura flex! - Yoshimura back with a flex-su~
Wait, what did you guess, the one before?
(both) 17.
So I'm on 2 and you're on 1.
Dude, that accompanist is me, man.
Yeah! It's like,
"What happened to my life?"
Dude, that's like the Menuhin accomp -
Yeah, I remember! He was like,
"I had dreams."
Dude, her octaves!
How are her octaves so good?!
At 7?
Can I just say?
Finding that note...
♪ dun, dun ♪
- ...is very hard! - She even breathes! She's like...
She still has 4 fine tuners!
(Why are we still here? Just to suffer?)
That's how young she is!
- She can't even tune her... - Her violin is -
She probably can't even tune the instrument!
But plays it better!
She can't tune the pegs,
'cause the pegs are very hard.
But! She can play Paganini.
All I know is I'm simping for all of them right now.
- Prodigy simp! - Prodigy simp, yep!
Simp for real talent!
I wonder like,
if their teachers have their self-esteems destroyed?
Or were the teachers just as talented?
I feel like their teachers
would be talented in different ways.
- You're really good at teaching. - Yeah, really good at teaching.
And the teacher would be like,
"Yeah. I'm good at teaching.
I made this 5-year-old become a prodigy."
"Next goal, make a 4-year-old."
- "Next goal, 3-year-old." - Oh, my god.
Next goal:
L i n g L i n g .
Dude, that rip!
It's really good.
- It had like, the whole vibrato... - I know! That...
You know, if I didn't know these were like, prodigies,
I would've thought this was like, a...
- 20-year-old. At least 20, yeah. - At least 20. At least 20.
And like, better than all the 20-year-olds at my uni.
Dude, better than every single uni student at our uni!
I've got mine.
Only 'cause I know it's prodigies,
and they have all been consistently
- lower than I expect... - I know! Yeah.
- So I'm pushing it down now. - You see the one before, 6, I thought I was pushing.
I was like, "Maybe Eddy's right. I think it's really 9."
It's like, 7. "Ohoho..."
Alright, what'd you get?
- I put 14 as well! - Oh, really?
Three, two, one.
Even younger!
What, is 14 not a prodigy anymore?!
Bro, he doesn't look 13.
This guy looks 20.
He looks and sounds 20!
- Okay, no, yeah yeah... 13. - Yeah, nah. Now he looks 13.
- Just that close-up shot. - Yeah.
- He had a mature expression. - Yeah.
Like a man that's been through life.
- Eddy: Dude, look at these musicians here. - Brett: They're all like us.
Brett: They're like, "We all had dreams."
Bro, 13!
It's very interesting,
'cause Ysaÿe's not just the type of piece
where it's about technical flex.
Ysaÿe requires more musicality than...
- It's a lot of music, really subtle - ...say, Paganini.
- amount of musicality inside it, as well. - Yeah.
The way he's taking time, it's impressive.
Obviously, no fake talent shows will understand
what real talent is like.
Unfortunately. But it's okay!
We're here to show them to the world.
So what's this guy's name?
Man, these are crazy.
Last one!
Dude, those harmonics were brighter than my future!
Those double stops were more supportive than my teachers!
And the worst part is, you can tell by the recording,
a) The reverb, like it's live. It's, ****,
like, it's fully live.
The violin doesn't sound that expensive.
Alright. You know what?
Three, two, one.
- No. Nah nah nah... - I'm going that low.
Nah! Nah, nah I refuse!
If it's 5, everything I've known
about this world and about violin will collapse.
(Are you sure about that -)
Well, I'm just doing it so I feel better about myself.
It's like, "Oh, it's not that low yet."
- Let's see. - Ready?
I was like, "Nooo, there's no way. No way."
- But it sounded like a small violin! - It did.
Oh my god, she looks so young!
She doesn't look 10. She looks like, 5.
- Okay. - She's got four fine tuners.
- Hence the violin sounding... Yeah. - Yeah. That's probably why, right?
And like...
The piano's as tall as her.
- It's not even on full stick. - It's not even on full stick!
Can I just say like, the way she moves her bow.
It's very good!
- It's very, very good. Yeah. - It's just, she's just drawing the sound out!
She knows how to, um...
push and pull the sound, the phrase.
Yeah, she's better than us.
At 10 years old!
- At 10!! - Wait, can you imagine—
We're almost 3 times her age.
Some people subscribe to the...
school of thought...
...of practice.
There's times like this,
that I wonder if you're born with it.
Nah, but obviously they practice a lot.
- Dude, they obviously practice 40 hours a day. - No amount of talent can be like that
- unless they practice 40 hours a day. - 40 hours a day.
Dude, they don't even have great violins.
- I know. - So that's not an excuse.
Though I do think instrments matter.
I think most teachers can agree,
just if you can afford and get a better instrument,
do it.
- Yeah. - And well, don't wait.
Just get the better instrument. It will help a lot.
I should've got a better instrument earlier.
That's probably—
Dude, I would've sounded like that,
- if I started on a better instrument. - Yeah!
- I wasted time on a bad instrument. - Oh yeah. Yeah yeah,
- it's all the instrument now. - Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
- Well, I think you lost though. - But, to be f...
Yeah, I lost.
All right, what piece do you want me to play?
Can you get the music ready? I gotta get my violin.
I wanna hear you play the Hubay.
I don't want...
Let's go.
Is that right?
I ran out of bow!
I can't see.
Is that G?
Oh, play this.
You gotta keep going.
And of course, our camera is sick of my playing.
And on that note...
Don't forget to subscribe and ACCENT
the like button.
See you guys next time...
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Professional Violinists Guess the Age of Violin Prodigies

35 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 27, 2020
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