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hello! it's seo from tbhstudying and i'm here with an updated tutorial on how i take notes
generally. i adjust slightly depending on the subject
how lazy I'm feeling but this is just a bare-bones method that i always revert
back to. you will need pens, paper, and a ruler. if you want to be extra (and i'm always extra)
bring a couple of highlighters and brush pens too. number one: write the header
this is where you can be fun and creative by using calligraphy or different colors
i've been liking crayola supertips for my headers recently
but if you're interested in different brush pens, the pentel fude touch, tombow fudenosuke, and
and pilot enso watercolor extra fine brush pens are small brush pens that are good to write titles with.
number two: subheaders
i usually write it down and put a box around it to make it stand out
sometimes, i write it in a different color if i'm feeling jazzy and pizzazzy.
no idea where that phrase came out of me
but yeah, yeah, yeah, that's cool????
if i want a sub sub header, then i'll just underline it
number three: the actual notes
i use bullet points,
dashes for information that is part of the main bullet point, and arrows for information that is part of the dash.
i like to start out with the main concept, break it down into understandable parts, then add details through the arrows
number four: color use
i like sticking to one color, maybe two, never more than three though.
too many colors can be distracting and chaotic on the page. i generally
use colors on vocab words and important concepts
number five: extra extra important things
i have a couple of options, either i'll write it in colored ink, highlight it, or draw a box around it
i'm more likely to use a highlighter for lecture notes after the lecture is done because I need to write faster in class
and i just don't have the time to change out pens during lectures
if i'm taking reading notes in the pleasure and peace of my own time
i'll probably use colored ink because i'm trying to use up my excess colored pens
unrelated but i have used up over 20 pens this year and it's so satisfying to just clear them all out
decluttering feels good, babey!!!!
number six: making things pretty
let's be real. most of you kids came here for this because boy, oh boy
do i love making pretty things!
first, i'd like to emphasize the fact that functionality is the most important thing
however, making things pretty can be a motivational factor in of itself
sometimes i'll slap on some washi tape and sometimes i'll slap on a few stickers, add a
calligraphy header, use some pastel colors, put boxes around things or maybe even clouds
i keep the washi tape and stickers stuff to a minimum though because too much stuff can cause the entire page to look too cluttered
but the sky's the limit! go pursue your own dreams of prettiness, my friends!
do what makes you feel good about your notes
now for a quick rundown of faq type of stuff!
some people have asked me how i manage to write and straight lines on blank paper
however, i just angle the paper to match my own handwriting angle. you know, when you're writing,
normally your handwriting either goes up or down or shifts a little bit
tilt the paper to match that angle and you'll write in straight lines. easy as that :)
some people have asked me if i rewrite my notes and the answer is no, i
personally find rewriting my notes to be a waste of my time
however, i do like making study review sheets at the end of every unit
i'll leave a link of my tutorial on that in the description if you're interested. for my favorite note-taking supplies
it's kind of hard because my favorites tend to shift pretty easily from time to time
however, currently i've been really liking the pentel energel in 0.7, muji gel pens in 0.5, tombow mono correction tape
this random ruler for my cousin
0.5 mechanical pencils, mildliners, pastel friction highlighters, and the aqua blue and purple uni propus soft color highlighters
because i don't like the other three in that set
i've also liked using papermate inkjoy gel pens and the bic bu3 gel pens if y'all are interested for more
cheaper and more accessible options and for paper, i either use generic college-ruled notebooks and notebook paper,
generic blank printer paper or the muji b5 looseleaf paper. hope that helped and thanks for watching!
and this was such a throwback to the first video i ever made and NO don't go watch it because it's like
2 years old and it's super cringey
hopefully, this was more informative than that
but honestly
my system hasn't really changed for years and years and years and years and years
if you look at my middle school notes, you'll see the same system
maybe my handwriting's gotten a little better and my preferred way of stuff headers and headings have definitely changed
but other than that the basic bits of it are all the same
so, good luck to your own note-taking adventures, and i'll see you in the next video.
thanks for watching and bye-bye!!
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how i take notes

30 Folder Collection
ka ka published on July 27, 2020
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