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  • Hello, Peanuts fans.

  • My next page, Erratic.

  • I work a trial Schultz, a studio in Northern California.

  • And I thought it be fun today if we draw Marcy.

  • So to drop Marcy, we're gonna start with her head.

  • We're gonna draw a nice circle all along shape.

  • Not a perfect circle.

  • We're gonna draw kind of lightly bring.

  • Go back over it later.

  • This is just to give us an idea of space.

  • We're gonna do her neck.

  • Marshy kind of has a little slightly longer neck than some of the other Peanuts characters He wears an orange T shirt.

  • I'm gonna draw a T shirt, which is basically just a triangle that kind of morphs into her shorts.

  • Usually most of pants, character wear shorts year round, do Just a little suggestion of this is where her hand will go later.

  • This is where shorts are.

  • I got a little short.

  • Peanuts legs and the peanuts characters have.

  • Their feet are kind of like little loaves of bread.

  • That's how I kind of think about rounded.

  • So that's the rough shape of feet, legs, body and hit.

  • Now marshy has very unique hair.

  • Has this bit that kind of comes up right here.

  • We're just going to sketch this and comes down like this, then comes down on the back, kind of like it's like a kind of then on the other side.

  • She has a little bit of hair that comes down on this kind of flattens out her face on that side.

  • So we're really gonna draw her chan right here.

  • I'm gonna dio a line here to show where no should go.

  • Gonna like we do a little knows she's a smaller nose in spite of the characters and harassing at your feature is for glasses or she always wears glasses.

  • And for whatever reason, Schultz didn't draw her pupils.

  • So Tom far her nose ends up being the bridge of the glasses can like this.

  • Then we're gonna come back in and dark in her hair.

  • And it wasn't solid.

  • Black had little highlights, kind of like Lucy's hair.

  • It was black writing care.

  • And then this little part right here was black was usually, like, kind of one sort of wild hair sitting on the back.

  • What?

  • Sometimes marshy was perplexed.

  • So we're just gonna give her sort of a nondescript of expression a little drop shadow on her neck.

  • Car, T shirt, shorts, shirt, yours.

  • I think I'm a left brain person.

  • A drawing pencil.

  • Their shorts were not gonna fill them in either.

  • We're just gonna dio loose little black right there.

  • T shirt has a folder in the front.

  • You really see your back arm talks?

  • She slices my fortune.

Hello, Peanuts fans.

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