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- "Moderate beer consumption
"lowers your risk of heart attack by 25 to 40," lies!
Instagram has some controversial medical information on it,
but Facebook is known to be the home to medical conspiracies
so let's check out these health posts,
and give a huge thank you to Thrive Market
for sponsoring this video
and these sweet potato chips.
(loud crunch)
Wee woo!
"The best breakfast for you based on your zodiac sign."
This is a meme, right?
Like this is not a Facebook health post.
A Gemini should eat raisin bran?
A Leo, it looks like a wrap from Dunkin Donuts.
This is absolutely ridonkulous.
"Health benefits of dance.
"Boost memory, improve flexibility, reduce stress,
"increase anxiety, improve balance and posture."
(hip hop music)
Okay look.
Is dance gonna boost your memory?
Probably not.
Is it gonna improve flexibility?
Probably 'cause you gotta keep your hips moving.
Any time you got through a wide range of motion,
you're gonna improve flexibility.
Are you gonna reduce stress?
Yeah, 'cause it's awesome to dance.
Are you gonna increase energy?
Yeah, because you're exercising.
Are you gonna improve balance and posture?
Yeah, 'cause look at these moves.
(imitates cat)
I actually took some dance classes
at the beginning of this year
and they got shut down 'cause of COVID.
My dance moves are awful because of COVID
and I'm sticking with that statement.
"How to calm a crying baby in one minute," ooh I like this.
"These pressure points will help to relax them."
(lively music)
I'm scared where this is going.
Head and teeth.
(lively music)
Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It says, "Head/Teeth," and then they're pressing
on the baby's toes.
I don't know what's going on in this video,
it already seems highly inaccurate.
Chest, and then the foot lights up.
Wait, I'm so confused.
Don't listen to this.
If a baby's crying, A, you need to figure out
what could be going wrong.
Are they hungry, have they wet themselves,
is there a part of their body that's bothering them,
and if you've checked all those things
and you think your baby's all right,
you should really try and move the baby around.
I wanna tell you about my long partner, Thrive Market.
It's an online marketplace
that makes healthy eating and healthy shopping affordable.
They have 25 to 50% off retail prices.
They have home goods, beauty products, food.
What I love is when you go on their website,
you can actually sort it by the things
that are important to you.
Values, diet, for example, if you're following Keto,
click Keto, Paleo, Paleo, cruelty-free it's there.
And during COVID, it's really convenient
to have all these things delivered right to your home.
I've used it for a really long time
and I've been recommending it for you guys as well.
There's all sorts of membership options.
For me, the 12 month package at $5 a month
is the no-brainer to select.
They have a money back guarantee option
and their warehouses are zero waste.
So it's not only good for you,
it's also good for the environment.
"You can run on one!
"Some people are born with just one kidney
"and live healthy lives."
Can you live with one kidney?
In fact I know people who have donated a kidney
to their loved one or a compatible match.
Hold on, I believe Selena Gomez received
a kidney from one of her friends,
but you have to take really cautious steps
once you only have one kidney.
You really need to make sure you're well-hydrated
and you're not taking medications
that could potentially harm your one kidney
'cause you are at higher risk
for certain medical problems.
Obviously 'cause you don't have a backup kidney.
"Miracle cure," I already love the name of this page
'cause we all need a miracle cure.
Doesn't exist but we all need one.
"Try these sleeping positions to improve your health."
Well why does it say "try these sleeping positions,"
when it says two out of three those are wrong,
and only one of them is right?
I don't like that sleeping position that much.
I mean for certain people it might be comfortable.
Keeping your arms like that, elevated above your head,
can really cause some impingement issues,
especially around your rotator cuff.
Your rotator cuff is made of four muscles
that attach to your shoulder,
really give it fine motor control.
This is the infraspinatus, supraspinatus,
teres minor and subscapularis,
sometimes that one gets stuck in my head.
When you have them in this position,
that can sometimes put pressure there, decrease circulation.
You wake up sort of with a dead arm,
so I'm not a huge fan of that position.
Laying on the side is fine, laying on the back is fine,
if you have the right pillow and mattress combination.
Ideally you want to have a firm enough bed,
where you have support,
so you're back doesn't completely collapse,
but not so firm that it puts pressure on you
as a side-sleeper into your shoulder
'cause that could also be quite uncomfortable.
A little pro tip here.
Depending on how much you weigh,
will also play a role in the firmness
that you experience from a mattress.
If I, as someone who is 200 plus pounds
lay on a medium mattress,
I may find it too soft 'cause I'm heavier
than if let's say my sister,
who's like 120 pounds lays on that same mattress.
So always test them out if you have the option.
"Seven things about your tongue color
"can reveal about your health.
"Stick out your tongue for a quick health check-up."
Before we start, know that these videos
are almost never accurate
because there is variations to human color,
variations to organs
and there could be normal anatomical variations
that this thing can't take into consideration.
So it's bound to make huge generalizations,
which end up inaccurate,
but let's see how inaccurate.
Light pink, "You are healthy,"
and they painted the tongue the color of a neon highlighter.
If your tongue is the color of a pink neon highlighter,
you're a cartoon 'cause I don't think I've ever
seen that in a human body.
Whoa, what a jump from pink.
If your tongue is red,
"You might be suffering from an infectious disease."
This is the definition of healthcare associated,
health information associated anxiety.
This where we always make the joke,
you go on WebMD, you find out you have cancer,
this is the problem.
The fact that this says,
"Your tongue is red,
"it means you have an infectious disease,"
this would scare the life out of me.
If your tongue is a color that you're not used to seeing,
talk to your doctor about it.
Do not assume you have an infelicitous disease
'cause honestly I look at my tongue
and say that it is red right now,
and I don't have an infectious disease, I promise.
"This is why beer is healthy."
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Beer increases bone density.
"Beer has a high concentration of silicon,
"which helps to bind muscle and bone tissue together
"and increases bone mass."
Not 100% certain about silicon whether
it helps bind muscle and bone tissue together,
but I will say that whatever ingredient in beer
helps you have strong bones,
can most definitely be gotten from other sources
without the need for alcohol.
So already I'm gonna say this is poo poo!
"Moderate beer consumption lowers
"your risk of heat attack by 25 to 40," lies!
They probably found an awful, poor quality,
uncontrolled study and they're trying
to draw conclusions from it.
This is absolutely not true.
In fact, the studies that we've used in the past
to say that there is some benefit to drinking alcohols,
usually came from studies
related to wine consumption, not beer.
In fact, heavy drinking increases the risk of heart disease.
Alcohol is actually cardiotoxic
to the chambers of your heart, the muscles of your heart.
It could actually cause dilated cardiomyopathy,
where your heart becomes so enlarged
that it's floppy and doesn't work well
in pumping blood throughout your body.
"Enjoying a beer also helps increase the amount
"of healthy HDL cholesterol in your body."
No, it does not lower your cholesterol level.
Drinking beer often will increase your cholesterol level
overall and cause more problems
leading to plaque formation,
which is why having a high cholesterol is worse.
So no, beer is not a solution
for any of these problems thus far.
Whenever I give advice about alcohol,
my advice is always, "If you don't need it, don't use it
"because there's no real proven benefit from it."
If you do use it, make sure you use it
in a smallest amounts possible
so that if there is a potential benefit,
you're maximizing that and minimizing the harms.
"Top nine benefits of grounding," oh this is my Mercola.
"Did you know that the energy from the Earth
"can help you live a healthier life?"
Yeah, like if you go out into the sun,
your body can create Vitamin D.
"Improves sleep quality and promotes
"feelings of restfulness upon waking."
Now I know this whole time,
my patients have been struggling with sleep,
I should've just told them to go out for a walk
on grass without their shoes on.
"Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness."
I mean these claims are just ridiculous.
At least give me how that could happen.
Like are you gonna make a stretch
and say there's an electrical charge
leaving my body and it becomes one with the Earth,
and that makes my muscles relax?
Like come on.
Like we have to be reasonable.
I'm gonna summarize this video for you without lying.
This is the honest version of this video.
Hey, go outside and go for a walk in nature,
and I guarantee you because you're happy,
because you're less stressed, you're breathing fresh air,
you're seeing green all around you,
which is actually more pleasing to the eye,
you're gonna feel more relaxed.
You're gonna have better health outcomes overall.
You can keep your shoes on or take them off,
whatever's most comfortable to you,
and I don't need to promise you anything
'cause overall it's a healthy thing.
Ooh, "The Best Hangover Cure."
Just so you know, a hangover is usually oversimplified
when we think about it.
A hangover is this all sort of different symptoms
and simultaneous things are happening within your body.
Dehydration, alcohol intoxication, diarrhea, nausea,
gastritis in the stomach,
all these things are happening simultaneously.
So a hangover is really a combination, a confluence,
of symptoms if you will.
"If anyone knows how to cure a hangover,
"it would be a chef."
If anyone would know how to cure a hangover,
it would be a scientist.
Two ingredients.
Two parts Fernet and one part what?
My man solution to hangover is to drink more alcohol.
Yeah, if you're having alcohol withdrawal,
it will ease your withdrawal symptoms,
but that is not a cure by any means.
"Tastes like a minty pinecone."
You know what, sometimes I do wake up in the morning
and I'm like, "I wish I had a
"minty pinecone taste in my mouth right now."
How is that pleasurable.
"Breaking: Courts discreetly confirm
"MMR vaccine causes," no.
It doesn't.
And that's not what the court confirmed.
In fact, just today, there was a medical article published
from The Journal of American Medical Association,
they looked at five countries, 2,000,000 participants,
they found 22,000 of them who were diagnosed with autism,
which is one in 90,
and they found that 80% of the autism cases were inherited.
That means not due to vaccinations or anything external.
That's so important to talk about
'cause those who are anti-vaccine
will hijack some of this misinformation
and try to convince you their points
to scare you away from vaccines unnecessarily.
This is about the truth
and if we're trying to do the best for our patients,
we can't just go off of unproven hypotheses and theories,
we need to look at the evidence,
and there's been a study of 600,000 children
who've been vaccinated, no link with autism found.
This study with millions of people
finding that autism, 80% of the time is mainly inherited,
these are important things to look at.
Please do not fall for the misinformation
that comes from a lot of these
"natural" sources on Facebook.
This is probably the worst form
of misinformation on Facebook.
Check out these hilarious TikToks,
or this awesome video I do with my nephews recently.
We also gotta give a huge thank you once again
to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video.
I just placed my order and I can't wait to get it,
you should too, link's down below.
Stay happy and healthy.
(lively music)
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Doctor Reacts to BIZARRE Facebook Health Posts

62 Folder Collection
chengye.cai published on July 24, 2020
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