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  • 'Cause you're gay and you can tell who other gay people are?

  • Do you know how l know you're gay? How?

  • You like Coldplay.

  • You're dead.

  • [both groaning]

  • Come on.

  • Leave my torso alone at least.

  • l also wanted to call...

  • and see what night you might want to go out.

  • l'm actually free tonight.

  • Okay. Now, l was thinking maybe this weekend, but that's good. Okay.

  • (Trísh) Great.

  • Okay, what time do you want to pick me up?

  • Let's see.

  • That's actually kind of a problem because l ride a bike.

  • That's cool. Are youddíng me?

  • l love getting on the back of a motorcycle.

  • My boyfriend in college drove a motorcycle.

  • So, l mean, l'm cool.

  • Yeah, l bet that was cool. l ride a bicycle.

  • You know how l know that you're gay?

  • How?

  • You like the movie Maíd ín Manhattan.

  • You know how l know you're gay? How?

  • l saw you make a spinach dip in a loaf of sourdough bread once.

  • You know how l know you're gay? How?

  • You have a rainbow bumper sticker on your car that says:

  • ''l love it when balls are in my face.''

  • That's gay?

  • God damn it!

  • l'm ripping your head off right now. It's off.

  • And now l'm throwing it at your body.

  • Fuck you!

  • You guys...

  • she's picking me up in an hour.

  • Oh, drag, dude.

  • She's picking you up from here? Yeah.

  • That's fucked up, man.

  • Why? Why?

  • Seriously. l mean, Iook at this place, man.

  • You gotta see this through the eyes of a woman, you know?

  • What is she going to think when she comes in here? Look.

  • He's got a billion toys. So what?

  • And more video games than a teenaged Asian kid.

  • lt's all right.

  • ls that the Síx Míllíon Dollar Man's boss?

  • lt's Oscar Goldman.

  • Why do you have that? That's worth a lot of money.

  • That's much more valuable than Steve Austin.

  • Well, that may be the case. But none of this shit is sexy, okay?

  • l'm not trying to be sexy, man.

  • l mean, seriously, Asia?

  • You framed an Asia poster?

  • How hard did the people at the frame store laugh...

  • when you brought this in? They did not laugh at me.

  • Know why you're gay? Because you like Asia.

  • You guys cool it with the gay.

  • You know, she's on her way over here, okay?

  • First, you relax, okay?

  • Just stop calming me down and tell me what l should do.

  • Okay, we iust take everything that's embarrassing...

  • and we move it out of here.

  • So it doesn't look like you live in Neverland Ranch.

  • Hi. Hi. How are you?

  • Good.

  • So, you wanna head out?

  • Did you iust move in or something?

  • No. Actually l'm getting new carpet in.

  • l'm having carpet put in tomorrow, so....

  • Well, you know. Yeah.

  • Okay. Looks good with the floors.

  • Yeah. All right.

  • l should tear up the hard wood...

  • and see if there's carpet underneath.

  • That's never the case.

  • This is gonna be fun. Yes.

'Cause you're gay and you can tell who other gay people are?

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