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Hi, everyone, we are Kuogeous mei
In this channel, we are gonna share the love episodes based on true stories.
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Alright. Today we are gonna talk about what will happen to you if you don't stop an on-again-off-again relationship.
. Lily and her Japanese ex husband Keita had been dating for six years
and although there was lots of friction between the couple, they still decided to get married.
Unfortunately, Keita decided to divorce soon after the marriage in this summer and he immediately flew back to Tokyo from Taiwan after the split.
Lily was so depressed and wonder if she should buy the ticket to Tokyo to get her ex back...
Lily believed that they would get back together as long as she stuck hard enough to this relationship
so she just bought the ticket to Tokyo.
But c'mon dude, Keita acted like a douchebag.
He ran away immediately as he saw her
Lily was sad and disappointed. that she went back to Taiwan afterward.
She couldn't put herself together and even got herself laid off from her job.
Not only did she lose her job her marriage, but the faith in everything.
If she had not slid back to the old relationship, her life right now would have been better.
If she had chosen to visit her friend in Thailand, instead of going back to Tokyo to visit her ex.
She would have definitely ended up in a better result.
I bet most of you don't buy it.
and you might think Hell no
we will get back together as long as I believe in it
Well, however
I hope you can understand
Not every love story has a happy ending
and that is OKAY
If he really loves you
He wouldn't just turn around and leave
He wouldn't block you on social media
and ignore all of your messages
You still think you guys could get back together?
He keeps giving you a cold shoulder
So why did you still wanna go find him and keep chasing him?
C'mon he doesn't deserve you!
After such a long relationship, I bet you've already known who he actually is.
And what might have happened if you stick around for him
and and get yourself stuck in this relationship
Love is Blind!
Stop hoping he is someone he is not!
Don't be stuck in a toxic relationship!
Get over it!
Just like Lily
Go visit your friend after a breakup
And if you are lucky
maybe you can meet someone else who can really make you happy
Alright, so this story is based on a true story
I am not gonna say this is my story but..
you know what I mean right, haha
Anyway, you are not alone.
and ya'll always got us with you
your past experiences make you a stronger woman
Share with us if you have any same kinda stories
or experiences about sliding back into an old relationship
Leave the comments below
Kuogeousmei will keep sharing our love stories with you in English Chinese and Japanese.
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Stay tuned! Bye-bye!
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(Love Advice) Stop your On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

18 Folder Collection
delon published on July 22, 2020
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