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Can you hear that beast?
I can hear that beast.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Loud and clear.
I've been fishing in some remote places, but never in front of an audience of hippos.
I'm constantly looking over, because those things charge.
That thing's getting closer.
Yes, I can see it.
We are safe for now.
Are you sure?
Yes, yes.
I'll tell you when to run.
Lonely, I'm three times heavier than you.
I don't move that quickly.
I can see they run faster than you.
Trust me.
I am not leaving here until I catch a decent fish.
Yes, yes.
Come on, bass.
I'd like to catch a f****ing fish.
Come on.
I think I've got one.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No. No I haven't.
- You missed it. - No, no.
- He's on. - Still on.
He's still on.
Yes, yes.
Pull it back slowly, slowly.
Good. Oh.
You see?
Now that is a good one for the...
- For the chief. - For the chief right.
He's going to be happy, eh?
Now Lonely may have caught the most fish, but let's be honest, I caught the biggest.
I want to save my fish for the chief.
So I'm taking one of Lonely's back to Zola.
She might assume that I caught it.
But if you don't say anything, I won't either.
We are not empty-handed.
Oh, look at that.
I'd like you to scale and gut that guy for me, please.
Scale and gut it.
The point here for the week is to hone your Zulu warriors skills.
Braaing is quintessential.
We're keeping it very plain, very simple, just a little bit of seasoning.
The ingredients speak for themselves, generally.
Which is, you know, in line with tradition, in terms of our flavor profile of Zulu people.
So here I'm making something called ushatini.
It's a combination of onions and tomatoes, chopped up, which I've got here.
And I've been mentioning to you how, you know, the Zulu palate is very simplistic.
But KZN is the biggest population of Indian people outside of India.
We do add a touch of chili every now and then.
Because that sort of culture has infiltrated throughout the region.
So no oil?
No oil.
No, no oil.
Remember, this is Zulu warrior cooking.
There was no such thing as olive oil available, et cetera.
So you just went straight on to the fire.
- Straight on? - On to the fire, yeah.
So wherever you see the coals at their whitest you'll know that they're the right temperature. - There.
There you go.
Good sizzle.
What's becoming very obvious is that it's very simple.
That's it.
This tribal cooking, in a way that it's a huge emphasis on the fish and the meat.
What's the big no-nos for the chief?
Zulu people in general do not like their meat rare.
- I know - Damn.
- You know, you're Gordon, so you're going to want to give them medium rare. - Damn.
What would happen if you just try and suggest he takes it medium rare?
I don't know.
I've never heard anyone suggest anything to the chief before.
But you could be the first, Gordon.
Beautiful, fresh piece of fish.
- Right on there. - Oh my god.
Hang onto that for me.
And then I'm going to pop the shatini on top of the flesh.
Amazing how simple it is.
And you think of the fierce warrior, in terms of what he stands for, how important he is, and look how simple that is.
That's it, simple.
- Good fishing. - That's delicious.
Hmm. So good.
- So good. - But so simple.
So simple.
All the ingredients speak for themselves.
I will see you, I'll see at the end of the week.
At the end of the week.
Any tips?
-Mostly listen and learn. -Right.
And always remember, the chief is a hard man to please.
- Gotcha. - Good luck.
Thank you.
Sounds like I'll need it.
Wanna see more from my unchartered adventures? Please click here to see more clips.
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Gordon Ramsay Learns the Art of Braai Cooking | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

978 Folder Collection
Minjane published on July 21, 2020    Minjane translated    adam reviewed
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