B1 Intermediate US 1856 Folder Collection
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Let's just say "truth or dare" is my favorite game.
It's intense and it's a super entertaining game.
I'm the type of player who would always choose dare and never truth--intensity!
Background information: played it since late elementary school.
But anyways, I love truth or dare, and I'm not trying to brag, but I am a monster at it.
And I do mean crazy, I've licked the seat of a toilet in a boys restroom, walked into the boys locker room during school, asked out a sixth grader I didn't know.
And don't worry they were for money.
But, sorry, that was loud.
But one day in ninth grade at math class, I don't remember what caused this.
But one of my table mates, let's call him Billy, brought up a topic about truth or dare.
And I commented "I'm a truth or dare master," and he did not believe me.
Then Billy and the other table mates dared me to go into the boys restroom.
And one of my table mates tried to scare me and say the walls are glass, so we can watch you.
Pretty cool huh? Our school has glass walls.
Anyways, so I gave my group a thumbs-up and took the hall pass walked out of classroom.
Then stood at the entrance of the boys restroom.
I turned around and they were watching me, I held the double thumbs-up and walked backwards into the restroom.
About one minute later, I walked back into the classroom and my teacher knew, and she got mad.
And that destroyed me because she was one of my favorite teachers, and I was a great student in her class.
But did that stop me from playing truth or dare? Nope.
Later during lunch I saw Billy and a few friends of his.
I told him to dare me something, and he said "jump into the trash can."
Okay, I was so used to answering dares, I didn't think about how the garbage bin was in a spot where it was so visible the entire cafeteria could see me.
And also Billy was probably trying to trick me into throwing myself away.
So I took off my backpack dramatically, not being sarcastic.
And put both of my hands on the trash can, and put one leg in there and then the other one.
I know Billy said jump, but the bin had wheels underneath.
Of course, his friends freaked out, then I gave them the peace sign.
And when I tried to get out of the bin it slowly started rolling, which was really embarrassing.
And as soon as I got out, a teacher walked up to me and questioned me.
In the next class, I realized how awkward that moment was, and I did it in front of the cafeteria.
I couldn't focus and work the rest of the day because of how embarrassing that moment was.
And yep, I regret it.
And I officially quit truth or dare now.
Thanks for listening to my story people, be sure to play friendly games!
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I LOVE Truth Or Dare But Too Risky, Had To Quit

1856 Folder Collection
Cindy Lin published on July 15, 2020    Cindy Lin translated    adam reviewed
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