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  • [Red chose Raichu!]

  • Oh God, are we... are we back in Viridian forest?

  • Great. Hey guys!

  • F**k me, look who it is!

  • Look who comes crawling back!

  • Yep, I'm back, how are you?

  • Raichu now, huh?

  • Fancy!

  • Yeah, yeah, you know I've grown up a lot since the old days...

  • Oh. Mr. Bigshot, huh?

  • Mr. I've got a trainer now!

  • Mr. I get to live in a ball!

  • You guys know I didn't have a choice!

  • I got caught!

  • Oh, look at Mr. Special over here! He "Got caught."

  • He didn't choose, fate chose him.

  • Destined for great things, huh?

  • Because nobody wanted us lonely Pikachus!

  • You too good for the tall grass now, huh?

  • That's not what i'm saying! Hey, could we just run away? These guys are making me really uncomfortable.

  • Oh, little Raichu goes running to his trainer when he's scared.

  • Come on, lets be mature about this...

  • You think you're so big because you got evolved. Guess someones ashamed of being a Pikachu!

  • Well you ain't fooling us with your fancy evolution!

  • Hey Raichu, I got your evolution right here!

  • [A Pikachu used middle finger, it's super insulting!]

  • OK you know what? I'm not going to let you drag me down to your level, so...

  • Oh he's just above it all now!

  • You ain't better than us just because of some biological alterations.

  • Raichu? More like Raichump!

  • Alright that's it! You clowns done frickin' asked for it!

  • [Raichu used thunderbolt]

  • See.

  • You're still a tall grasser, on the inside...

  • Yeah, well while i'm here maybe i'll go give your mom a visit to see what her insides are like!

  • You leave my mother out of this!

[Red chose Raichu!]

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