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Welcome to another distinguished and
i n t e r e s t i n g
episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we will be combining two of the most
historical and sophisticated
art forms.
Classical music,
with visual arts.
So basically, we've
- gathered a series of famous artworks. - Yeah.
And for each one, we are going to pair it up
with a choice of classical music
that we think pairs very well with this artwork.
For those of you...
...high IQ,
- Intellectual people. - ...artistic, cultured intellectuals,
you'll be able to enjoy both these masterpieces of art,
while listening to a masterpiece of art.
Dude, it's like masterpiece plus masterpiece.
This is our...
Before we get started, make sure to...
the subscribe button,
- and ding the accent button, - Ding~
- and accent the triangle. - Ding ding!
The first artwork we have is...
the famous...
"Lisa Mona."
"Va Dinci."
I can imagine people that don't understand it,
they take it seriously.
"TwoSet..." - "Lisa Mona and Va Dinci!"
"Oh my god, you got it wrong!"
Apparently, the actual piece of art is very small.
- In the museum. - We've seen it!
- Nah, I haven't seen it. - Oh, I've seen it.
Oh wait, does it follow you?
- Apparently, the eyes follow you. - Yeah, they follow you, but it's...
It's kinda underwhelming.
No, no, not the artwork.
Like, I thought it was gonna be a really big artwork.
- Oh, yeah yeah yeah. - And I remember it's like,
everyone's like, "It's just around the corner!"
And you see people huddling.
And I'm like, "Oh my god!"
Turn around, it's like, "Where is it?"
- It's just this tiny... - And I can imagine the amount of tourists,
- like the sea of tourists. - Oh, it was packed, it was packed.
And I was like, "What is everyone...?"
"Oh my god, it's tiny!"
Wait, okay. Actually, first, I want some historical context.
Dude, that's 500, that's...
- That's over 500 years ago. - Holy moly.
Is Da Vinci... Yeah, he's Italian.
Alright. I got one.
Nah nah nah nah nah, that doesn't work.
Are you getting any ideas?
- Nah, this sounds like... - This is like, it sounds like you're in feudal age.
It's got more of that...
- Female... - Yeah.
The Mona Lisa. Her face kind of suits it.
Like... Here, listen to it.
When I play it, she smiles.
Dude, that's creepy as ****!
Apparently, people were so obsessed with this painting.
Men were like, in love with her.
Yeah, I guess that was a look back in the days.
Imagine a monobrow!
- I don't know, it feels... This feels alright for me. - It feels nice.
- It's kinda elegant as well. - Yeah.
- Cool. Next. - Nice, next one.
By van...
Van Gogh.
- Okay, now... - I like this one.
Now, okay, here we go.
In my mind, I'm already thinking either...
Impressionistic, 'cause he's French.
Actually, I wouldn't say Impressionistic.
'Cause Impressionism is not so surreal, like, um...
Sorry if I'm not using official art...
Dude, I just, I like the artwork.
- Yeah, it's really nice. - The more I look at it, the more I like it.
It's just all those lines. Whatever, dude I think,
- whatever the technique is. - How much do you think it is worth?
200 million.
Dude, that's ten Strads.
For a painting.
- You can't even play on the paint. I guess you can... - You can't even play!
- You get to look at it. - I guess you can look at it.
Every day you walk into your room, it's like...
♪ Starry, starry night ♪
What is... How do you protect it?
- What if a fire goes off? - Yeah, that's what I thought.
Like an earthquake happens.
It's like, or someone just rips it.
Alright, I reckon...
Alright, let's see. Van Gogh...
I like the Debussy Violin Sonata.
Debussy Violin Sonata.
- Felt a bit slow. - It's... Yeah.
It needs to be something like, more shimmery.
I'm actually more impressed that the violin and the
- woodwinds are so in tune. - Yeah yeah yeah...!
It's so in tune.
I liked it, though.
It worked. I think it's better than the Debussy.
- Let me see. - But something still feels missing.
- We're missing something, right? - Um...
- Ooh. - Oh!
This might be it!
- Yeahh! That suits really well. - I think so. I think we found the one.
- So what was that? - I think this is...
Yeah. That one's good.
- Alright, next one. - Yeah, that's the one. Next one.
- This took way too long. - Yeah.
- We saw this, in Norway! - Yeah!
- We ran, like... - In the museum.
The museum was about to close in like,
- 15 minutes or something. - Yeah.
And we're like, "Can we just go see it?"
- They're like, "Okay, just straight to the left." - Yeah.
And the dude in Norway gave us a discount.
- Yeah. - That was nice.
I just hear the...
Oh, the...
- That film music, the Psycho right? - Yeah.
(both) Yeah.
- Yeah. - AHHHHH!!
- Nah, that's it. - That's it, right?
(both) I think so.
- I think so. - Yeah.
- I'm feeling Bach. - Okay.
Just because Bach was very religious.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. - Yeah.
Dude, yeah.
Oh, that's epic.
Oh, that's... Yeah. It's just...
The lights in the back.
There's discussion going on, the Last Supper.
- Oh, I'm getting goosebumps looking at that. - Yeah, that's good.
(both) Yeah...
Guys, if you haven't checked out Bach "Bass" in B Minor,
- just look at this painting. - Dude...
- And listen to it. - This will change.
All right. Next.
Girl with the Flaxen Hair.
- I thought that. - Yeah!
But I actually don't think it would work.
- No, 'cause the background is black. - Yeah.
That's why it won't work.
Girl with the Flaxen Hair is too...
- Outdoor, dreamy. - Yeah.
- And the flowers, and the... - Yeah.
Like a painting with grass and blue sky.
Girl with a Pearl Earring. What's the context of this?
This is so educational.
It's the Dutch Mona Lisa.
There needs to be some darkness to it.
This is hard.
- This one's hard! - This is really hard.
- 'Cause she's got this, this... - Dammit.
This girl has two sides of the coin.
Why is this girl so complicated?!
Debussy Reverie.
Let's try this.
- I like this one. Yeah. It's a lot better. - Oh, you reckon?
- That's my favorite one so far. - Because the music kinda...
Pulls you in, it's like...
- Yeah, it's just like she's pulling you in. - Yeah, she's like,
"Come here."
"Do you want to know who I am?"
"Are you sure you want to know who I am?"
- Oooh, I like that! I like that! - Yeah, it's like thinking...
- I think this is it. - Yeah, this is it.
- Yeah! - Mmmm...
Dude, Debussy is so good!
Ohh, Debussy!
I want Debussy!!
Dude, I like this painting.
- Yeah. - I want it. How much do you think it is?
I reckon 19 million.
I reckon 75 million.
Oh, 10 million.
Okay, we were overshoot.
- But that's still a lot of money. - Dude, that Van Gogh is really...
...high then.
Dude, 10 million is still ridiculous!
That's a freaking Strad.
This one's not a painting. It's a sculpture!
Why that...?
Dude, he's just thinking.
That is not think—
- Is that what thinking is like for you bro?? - Yeah, dun dun...
What does thinking sound like for me?
So what music is now?
Just silence.
John Cage.
John Cage, 4'33".
We need something.
A fugue!
Yeah! A fugue, a fugue.
- The most cerebral type of thing you can... - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, of course. - Yeah, I think a fugue.
- There's multiple things. - Yeah.
Let's try...
It sounds like an anime, Conan is like....
Eddy: Yeah...!
Yeah, that one.
That hits.
- This needs to look like... - It's just spazz.
What's that modern music that's just...
I don't know what that is.
- Do you guys know what that was? - I mean, every single—
I don't know.
Wait, how much do you think this is worth?
- What is this picture called? - Let's go "No. 5 worth."
140 million!!
And this was in 2006!
American. What's an American composer?
This is hard, this one's hard.
This one just sounds like...
- Is there any piece of music where it's just...? - So...
- Every instrument just starts playing randomly. - Frantic. George Crumb.
You know what it is?
It needs, um...
...wind instruments as well.
I think it needs all timbres.
- Dude, I'm out of ideas. - Yeah, I'm trying to think.
This has to be it.
Come on Bartók, pull through.
I think this is my closest so far.
I mean...
- I think it's... Yeah. - It's just like, the kind of...
- Infinite strands, like which line are you following? - There's swirling.
Yeah. It just needs a bit more intensity somewhere.
Do let us know in the comments.
What you think.
Moving on.
This is the Venus, right?
She's Venus, right?
Mars, Holst?
Venus, from Holst.
I feel like it works, but not in the original intention.
It's like a re-interpretation of the...
Yeah, the violin solo seemed to me like
- Brett: that woman in the middle. - Eddy: Yeah.
Brett: It's so different.
Eddy: I kinda like it.
- I feel like there's all those people there as well. - Yeahh...
- The multiple lines, they're like... - Yeah yeah yeah...
♪ I'm here ♪
- I like it. I like it. - Yeah. Done.
Nice one!
- But like, messed up time. - Tick.
This has got to be post 20th century.
(both) I like it!
I actually like it.
- The harmonies are like... - The times are like...
I almost wiggle. That's why the clock is like,
This is actually called Quartet for the End of Time.
That was quick. Next!
Why do I think...
Carmina Burana!
You thought that as well?
- It's a bit intense though. - It's a bit too intense, actually.
With the little angels.
But it's pretty epic. It's like, freaking God.
It's probably the closest.
I can't think of anything else for now.
- Carmina Burana. - Won't play too much of it.
Just 'cause... copyright.
- Copystrike. - Yeah.
Oh, this one's easy.
- Debussy, La Mer! - Mhmm.
Let me find the exact spot.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, nah, that is... Yeah, the w—
And it's just waves.
- Brett: That's so good. - Eddy: Yeahh.
- It's so the waves! - It is!
It's like you're getting seasick, it's like,
- "Whoa, whoa!" - Yeah!
Dude, Debussy figured it out.
Fun fact, they actually used that on the, um...
artwork for the first score.
- Ohh! - For Debu...
- Debussy, La Mer. - There you go!
Ooh, last one! Ooh!
What's this one?
- Ohh! - This is a super famous painting. Um...
Bro, it looks so trippy!
Guess how much it's worth.
200 million.
Do you think this will work?
- Almost. - I feel like the picture's too colorful for it.
I somehow, I felt Vocalise because...
Vocalise is melancholic.
But it somehow doesn't look like she's enjoying it.
Yeah, I mean, his neck is extraordinarily long.
What is the...
...synopsis behind this? The kiss?
Romantic intimacy.
Brahms? Schumann?
What do you guys think?
- Nah, I think that's the closest I could think of. - Yeah, think so.
All right, we'll go with that one.
But I think there's definitely room for exploring for that one.
Let us know what you guys think, and if you enjoyed this
very high cultured video.
Please accent the like button and subscribe.
And see you guys next time.
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Matching Classical Music to Famous Artwork

33 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 14, 2020
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