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- [Narrator] This is the story of Game of Thrones,
seasons one through seven in three minutes!
Let's begin.
Season One: don't lose your head.
Great houses strive for dominance of Westeros,
land of violence and nudity.
King Robert Baratheon asks Ned Stark to be Hand of the King.
House Targaryen plots to retake the throne.
Daenerys marries the Dothraki Khal Drogo
and gets the dragon eggs.
Robert dies, Cersei seizes the throne.
Robb Stark leaves to go to rescue Ned.
Joffrey orders Ned executed.
Robb's men pledge loyalty to him.
Khal Drogo dies, the dragon eggs hatch.
Season Two: White Walker wedding.
Stannis Baratheon gathers armies to claim the throne.
Robb wages war against the Lannisters.
Melisandre births the demon that kills Renly Baratheon.
Due to daddy issues, Theon betrays the Starks
and seizes Winterfell.
Robb decides to marry Talisa and not a Bolton.
Stannis attacks King's Landing,
but is defeated.
Joffrey sets Sansa aside to marry Margaery Tyrell.
Season Three: the monster gets married.
Jon joins the Wildlings.
Daenerys arrives in Slaver's Bay,
takes control with the Unsullied to kill the Masters.
Jaime's captured by Stark's soldiers.
Tywin forces Tyrion to marry Sansa.
Robb agrees to terms with Walder Frey
to make up for him not marrying a Frey.
Odd friendships form.
Daario and the Second Sons join Daenerys' army.
Robb and his men are betrayed and killed by Walder
at the Red Wedding.
Season Four: Long live the King?
King Joffrey is poisoned at his wedding.
Tyrion is blamed, Tommen is made king.
Daenerys convinces the Meereen slaves to rebel and join her.
Tyrion demands a trial by combat,
and for a close fight the Mountain wins.
Littlefinger seizes power in Vale.
The wildling army arrives at the Wall.
Stannis rides his forces to the wildlings to surrender.
Bran comes upon the Three-Eyed Raven.
Jaime secretly frees Tyrion, Tyrion kills Tywin.
Varys helps Tyrion escape King's Landing.
Arya flees the Seven Kingdoms.
Season Five: Team Dragons, Harpies, and High Sparrows.
Mance refuses to bend the knee to Stannis,
so Melissandre burns him alive.
Arya trains to become a face changing assassin.
Jon becomes Commander of the Night's Watch.
Margaery marries Tommen.
The Sparrows assert themselves in King's Landing
with Cersei's help, and take Loras and Margaery prisoner.
Later, Cersei is seized and
forced to walk naked across town.
Jaime tries to rescue his daughter Myrcella
from but Dorne, is caught.
Prince Doran lets Jaime leave with Myrcella,
but she's poisoned by the Sand Snakes.
Littlefinger marries off Sansa to psychopath Ramsay Bolton.
Jorah brings Tyrion to Daenerys.
Jon goes to the Hardhome to get wildling allies.
White Walkers attack.
Jon makes it back to the wall with thousands of wildlings.
Stannis, a detestable father,
allows Melisandre to incinerate his daughter as a sacrifice.
Stannis arrives at Winterfell
and is defeated by Bolton's men.
The Harpies attempt to kill Daenerys,
but she is saved by Jorah.
They are trapped until Drogon arrives
and begins eating Harpies and breathing fire.
Alliser and some of the Night's Watch ambush and kill Jon.
Season Six: George is watching. Hold death's door.
The Sand Snakes murdered Doran.
Ramsay Bolton kills his father.
Euron Greyjoy appears and kills Balon in secret
and takes over the Iron Islands.
Melisandre resurrects Jon,
he kills the men who rebelled against him
and leaves the Night's Watch.
Sansa and Jon plan to retake Winterfell.
Daenerys is captured by Dothraki and forced
to live with Khals' widows.
She burns the Khals to death
and is the only survivor of the fire.
The Dothraki join her.
Bran learns that the Children of the Forest
created the first White Walkers to fight man.
White Walkers attack and Bran takes control of Hodor
in the past to save him in the present.
Bran is the new Three-Eyed Raven.
Mace Tyrell and Jaime try to defeat the High Sparrow,
but he is allied with Tommen.
Arya, now a killing machine, returns from
summer murder camp in Braavos.
Jon marches on Winterfell and wins with the help of
Littlefinger and the Vale Knights.
Many gather for the trial of Cersei and Loras.
Cersei blows up the Sept with wildfire, killing everyone.
Tommen realizing Maragery's dead,
throws himself out the window.
Arya in diguise, feeds Walder Frey's sons to him
and then kills Walder.
Littlefinger reveals to Sansa that he wants
her to be his queen.
Bran learns from his past vision that Jon is the son
of Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.
Cersei becomes queen.
Tyrion is made Daenerys's hand, and she sails for Westeros.
Season Seven: Shit! Is that a zombie dragon?
Arya disguised as Walder, kills his relatives with poison.
Daenerys arrives in Westeros and meets Jon.
You're on six-two of Daenerys's fleets.
The Lannister army defeats the Tyrells.
Afterwards Jaime's army is destroyed by Dothraki,
and dragon rider, Daenerys.
Jon leads a team to capture a White Walker,
Daenerys rescues them with the dragons,
but one is zombified by the Night King.
Cersei meets with Jon and Daenerys to see the White Walker.
Cersei agrees to a truce and to march North to help.
Littlefinger tries to turn Sansa against Arya but fails.
Sansa accuses him of treason. Arya kills him.
Sam and Bran realizes Jon is
the real heir to Targaryen throne.
Naturally this means Jon and Daenerys have sex.
Lannister style.
The Night King uses his new zombie dragon to melt the wall
and march past it with his army of the dead.
And that's Game of Thrones in three minutes!
I hope you guys enjoyed the video,
if you did like the video, comment down below.
If you want to see more content please subscribe!
I'm tired.
(dramatic orchestral music)
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Game of Thrones Entire Story in 3 Minutes! | ArcadeCloud

47 Folder Collection
Mahiro Kitauchi published on July 14, 2020
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