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  • Physical, umm.

  • That's the obvious.

  • It's extremely physical all day to squat, to quadruped,

  • To get up on things and make it look like it's effortless.

  • That's just obvious.

  • It's just physical.

  • The hardest thing is probably to find and play the essence of an animal that has a character that feels that, you know, has perspective.

  • That's the hard part is playing, playing the essence of an ape.

  • You ape like me.

  • No, no, put down.

  • How long have you been here?

  • Long, long, long time.

  • People talk about Andy Serkis as being like the premiere performance capture actor.

  • And that as a concept is sort of nonsensical because performance captures the technology that records performances.

  • What he is at the forefront of is being a great actor.

  • He's one of the best actors in the world, and the reason that people, um, respond so emotionally to Caesar is because behind Caesar is Andy Serkis' performance, which is remarkable.

  • You are impressive.

  • Smart as hell.

  • You're stronger than we are.

  • But you're taking this all much too personally.

  • So emotional!

  • Andy's, you know, one of the greatest actors I've ever seen.

  • Uh, I think his, his ability to express himself as an actor is almost unparalleled.

  • Uh, I loved working with him.

  • No mercy, no peace.

  • This is war.

  • I mean, I've always said about acting.

  • Using performance capture technology is... there is no, in a way, there's no mystery to it.

  • There is no mystery to it: You, one has to play the character as if you were researching or getting under the skin of any live-action character.

  • Koba!

  • Obviously, if you're playing something like an ape there's a certain amount of physical working you need to do.

  • But it's only the same as if you're in a musical you learn the choreography, and you learn dance steps, and you learn how to how to sing the songs.

  • So there's a technical approach, but it's all bound up with character.

Physical, umm.

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