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  • Imagine you're walking down a street.

  • It's a street you know well.

  • Maybe one you walk down every single day.

  • But you're so caught up in your own thinking, wondering what you're going to have for lunch, or thinking back to a conversation you had earlier, that you end up falling down a hole.

  • At the bottom of this hole, you find yourself thinking, how did I end up here?

  • Worse yet, the next day you do the exact same thing.

  • And then again the next day.

  • It may not sound like an especially cheerful idea, but as an analogy for the mind, it's really helpful.

  • Because so often, we follow the same habits of mind, over and over again.

  • And so we find ourselves in an emotional hole.

  • Maybe even a place that's really painful.

  • But imagine if you started just noticing being more aware of your surroundings.

  • Sure, maybe next time you'd realize it a little too late you'd still end up in the hole again.

  • But maybe the time after that you'd notice the hole and choose to walk around it instead.

  • This is what it means to train the mind.

  • This is what it means to have "headspace."

Imagine you're walking down a street.

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