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Hey, how's it going?
Welcome back to another episode...
Of Twoset Violin.
You already know from the title,
but today we will be listening to some pop music.
- Pop?! - Pop music on TwoSet Violin??
How's that pop-ssi, pop-ssi, pop-ssible?
Our friends sent us some links of pop...
Songs, I wanted to say pieces,
but songs that apparently...
Were either inspired or influenced by classical music.
We just thought we'd watch it together today.
Listen to them, see if we can identify the source and...
And try not to cast our judgment on them.
On one hand, it would be cool to see how...
Classical music is still truly alive in today's pop music.
But also just to see...
Whether how creatively or un-creatively
- they have reimagined it. - That's true.
And first one we have...
A piece, I mean...
Called "Blue" by a guy called Zayn,
- who apparently has 11.2 million subscribers. - Whoa...
I don't know who he is.
Makes me feel quite in-Zayn!
- Oh!!! - Oh!!!
Oh, yeah, that's um...
Um... The Bach Prelude.
C major.
- It's also the Ave Maria chords, right? - It is.
The harmony is the same.
- But his melody is completely different. - He changed the melody.
Which I actually appreciate.
Yeah, thank you.
Because um...
It's definitely Bach, but it's different.
And I like it.
But, I mean, I don't like it cause it's pop, but I like it.
Yeah, I still prefer Bach.
To be honest.
It's a bit more pure.
Purer than Zayn.
I mean no offense to Zayn.
11.2 million Zayn subscribers just like...
"You guys are attacking pop s -"
I know, I just prefer Bach.
I think it's cool too that it's also like doo-doo-doo-doo.
- Yeah. - It's like a...
- Honky-tonk. - Voice.
A voice.
Okay, it's a voice.
Instead of piano.
- Yeah. That's true. - Nice.
It looks like coffee beans in the background.
Anyway, that's all I see.
Next one.
All right, this isn't like modern day pop.
But it's a very famous song.
Celine Dion's "All by Myself."
Which we all love.
But, I mean, I don't like it cause it's pop.
♪ When I was young ♪
♪ I never needed anyone ♪
I don't know it.
- You don't know this song? - Nah.
♪ And making love ♪
Celine Dion's O.G.
♪ Just for fun ♪
♪ Those days are gone ♪
♪ Livin' alone ♪
♪ I think of all the friends I've known ♪
♪ But when I dial the telephone ♪
Da~ Da~ Da~
- ♪ Nobody's home ♪ - Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~
- Oh, I know this one. - Yeah.
- ♪ All by ♪ - All by~
I mean I don't know it, cause it's pop.
I don't know if you guys caught it,
but that was very clearly
Rachmaninoff concerto no.2. Piano concerto.
A little bit, right?
Yeah, it sounds kind of similar.
And then, this bit.
It's the same, right?
In the, no... The strings, listen to the strings.
- That's the same. - Da~ Da~ Da~
Da~ Da~
And this one is...
Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. - It's the same.
But just in the violins.
- Yeah. - Versus the...
Wow, Celine Dion, didn't know you like the violins.
- Hmm... - Hmm...
Rachmaninoff, the O.G romantic.
Did you guys hear that?
Next one.
Apparently, this is an Asian song.
By S.H.E called "Bu Xiang Zhang Da."
A combination of everything.
Dude, that had like freaking Indian drums.
Indian drums, bass line, techno.
Bro, that was the most confusing mix of genres.
I wanna listen again. That was so funny.
All right, in case for those of you that
don't know the original, we'll play it here for you.
Very, very, very famous.
If you don't know, be ready for an IQ boost of 50.
Oh god.
I mean, this whole video is going to be copystriked.
I know.
So please check out our apparel,
cause it's going to get copystriked.
Check it out. Mmm.
Don't forget to practice.
But it's the famous...
*Hums music*
Isn't it crazy that
a semitone can become so recognizable?
- I know. - Na, na, na, na, na~
Mozart nailed it.
Apparently it's someone called Little Mix.
13.6 million.
Have you heard of Little Mix?
No, are they going to mix a lot of classical music?
- Just a little bit. - Just a little bit.
- It's a little mix. - Little mix.
- Not a lot, a little mix. - It's a little mix of classical music!
Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~ Da~
- You know it, right? Yeah. - Yeah.
♪ She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl ♪
♪ Voice so quiet ♪
Oh, it's still going in the background.
It's still running.
The harmonies.
Doo-doo~ It's a very famous pavane by Fauré.
But they just added some hip-hop beats.
We'll show the evidence...
That it is indeed inspired by Fauré.
Dude, the most iconic.
So, the next one.
Maroon 5, "Memories."
530 million views...
Did you get it, guys?
If you didn't...
Check this out.
- Mmm... - Hmm...
They took every cellist's favorite piece.
Oh yeah, every cellist is like...
"How dare you take it away from us?"
- "We suffered all these weddings." - "We suffered for so long."
♪ Here's to the ones that we got ♪
♪ Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not ♪
♪ 'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories ♪
♪ Of everything we've been through ♪
You know what would be so funny?
Imagine you started playing at a gig.
Pachelbel's Canon in D,
- because it's the same chords. - It's the same chords.
And the first violinist starts playing...
I mean a lot of people won't know
it's from classical music actually.
- Subconsciously. - Subconsciously.
But they won't be able to put the dots together.
They be like, "oh, that's the one!"
"Yeah, Pachelbel! Yeah!"
Pachelbel just got another hun -
530 million views.
- In the background. - Whoo!
All right.
- Bum Bum Tam Tam. - Bum Bum Tam Tam.
I think we made a short skit about this once.
Oh, really? Okay.
Yeah, I think you'll recognize it.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
♪ É a flauta envolvente que mexe com a mente ♪
♪ De quem tá presente, as novinha saliente ♪
♪ Fica loucona e se joga pra gente ♪
♪ Aí eu falei assim pra ela ♪
I love how the beginning is like Bach, right?
And then once the beat comes in,
the flute part is reduced to...
It's just like one note from Bach.
They had to dumb it down.
They had to dumb it down for the masses.
Try not to cast our judgment on them.
This is literally the reaction of every pop person
that is listening.
*Hums the introduction*
Bom! "Oh, yeah!"
I mean, it's cool though.
I think it's very creative that they found...
Bach and um...
- And used that part. - Turned it into something...
Very non-Bach.
- Imagine Bach hearing this. - He's such a religious person.
- Seeing this music video. - He'd be like...
"This is sacrilegious."
- He would be. - "Oh!"
- So sacrilegious. - "Oh, my fugues, my toccatas."
All these toccatas on screen.
Apparently, some people have said this one.
I'm not so sure about, but we'll listen to it.
This is "White Stripes."
You know this.
- Oh, I know this one. Yeah. - Pretty famous.
- Doo-loo-doo~ - Doo-doo~
I've never actually watched the music video for this.
Me neither.
Dude, it's so trippy.
I feel like I'm unlocking some consciousness.
All right, so some people on the internet
have been saying that it is taken from Bruckner.
Let's see if it's true.
It's kind of fun listening to that and listening to this.
- Yeah, cause they're so different. - It's so...
It's so different.
I don't think so for me.
This one to me feels like,
it could have been a coincidence.
I believe it was a coincidence.
I mean, he might have copied it from Bruckner
or be inspired,
but it also very much could have been...
He just came up with that idea.
Yeah, and I also highly doubt
they would listen to Bruckner.
Is that too rough?
And try not to cast our judgment on them.
They just don't strike me as a -
They just don't strike me as
people that will listen to Bruckner.
Maybe they do.
And with that...
Ling Ling insurance!
This video has officially become a roast video.
All right guys, please accent the subscribe button...
And accent the like button.
Did your IQ increase by 50?
I feel like...
Mine increased by 50,
but then the pop music decreased it by 50.
Yeah, so it balances.
- So it's the same. - Back to zero.
No IQ gang, ding, ding.
See you guys next time.
Go check out the merch.
It's gonna get copystriked.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
TwoSet Apparel.
Musician wear, makes you practice.
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Pop Songs That Are Inspired by Classical Music

29 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 13, 2020
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