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Kage bunshin no jutsu!
Ding ding!
...music ninjas,
to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
We're gonna go serious,
and teach you the hidden art
of music hand sign languages.
I summon Sibelius Violin Concerto!
Orchestra part!
That's right, guys.
Accent the subscribe button.
Accent the like button,
and legato subscribe button right now.
So we can simp Sibelius!
Today, we are going to learn
how to do solfège.
- With the hand signs. - Yes.
So for those of you that don't know,
solfège is a way to help...
- ...get people started with music. - Mhmm.
The thing is, there's also hand signals for it.
And so we're gonna go through them.
Recap it, I think I learnt it a long time ago.
Let's recap it, learn it together,
so you guys know your
- do-re-mi solfège hand signals. - Yes.
Preschool Prodigies!
Dude, we're in. This is our school.
Dude, they look like...
Brett: Xue Hua Piao Piao face head.
It's been a long day.
Ding ding!
Oh, it changes.
Ooh! We can do dynamics.
More dynamics than a brass player!
Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding.
- Everyone's like, "You guys are roasting everyone." - I know.
I said, "No we're not!"
I mean, maybe we are.
Anyway, we're doing everything we can
- to procrastinate for learning this. - I know, I don't really wanna start.
Hey everyone, and welcome to
- a very special episode of Preschool Prodigies. - Hi!
Today, we're not playing any songs,
but we are gonna be talking about something
very important: the solfège hand signs,
which are technically called the Curwen hand signs.
- Curwen hand signs! - Curwen!
I didn't know that.
So the Curwen hand signs start out down here,
with two little fists kinda by your waist.
And we like to sing...
You try it.
(all) ♪ Do ♪
Video: Again!
(all) ♪ Do ♪
Did he just—?!
- Did he just do a whoa? - Yeah.
(both) ♪ Do ♪
Then we go from that strong do to a rising tone.
You sing.
- Dude, he looks like... - Yeah!
Looks like, um... You know Dragon Ball Z, that dude?
Tri... Tri-blast?
♪ A re ♪
Oh, oh!
(both) ♪ A re ♪
We should take this seriously.
- Education, very serious. - Yeah.
Nice job! Then we get flat hands for...
Why is he making that face?
(both) ♪ Mi ♪
- You gotta do it. It's part of it. - Oh, yeah.
Sing it with the sign.
Dude, dude, dude. You know what's funny?
- His mouth is like... Yeah! - His mouth!
Eddy: His mouth's like, mi~
And his eyebrows.
- ♪ Mi ♪ - Mi mi mi...
Flat hands are nice, 'cause it shows us that
mi is a sort of a restful tone, or a peaceful tone.
- Is it? - I have no idea.
Then we do a thumbs down for the inspiring tone...
Why is it inspiring?
Yeah, why is fa inspiring?
Why is he stereotyping notes?
- Geez, dude. - Yeah, keep them all equal!
- Yeah! Like, each note... - I don't want a kid being like,
"I only play fa."
"Cuz it's inspiring."
You sing.
(all) ♪ Fa ♪
Video: Yeah!
(all) ♪ Fa ♪
♪ Thumbs down, for... ♪
Thumbs up for...
You sing.
(all) ♪ Sol ♪
Sol is the grand tone, or the bright tone.
Then we go from sol up to...
♪ La ♪
♪ La ♪
He looks traumatized.
♪ La ♪
- Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la. This is the weirdest one. - ♪ La ♪
- Yeah, this is weird. - I mean, hey.
I mean, it's a little bit more comfortable than this.
- It's a bit annoying. - Yeah.
La is kind of the sad or the weeping tone.
Excuse me, that's the note we tune.
- It's our open A string! I know! - Yeah, it's like, leave our open A string alone.
From la we keep on going up like this, to...
It's like the...
- Nah, I think you're mixing trends, bro. - Oh, really?
- I think this is the... - I'm getting old.
Oh, yeah!
(all) ♪ Ti ♪
Ti is sort of the piercing tone,
and ti is kind of a rising tone also,
'cause it really wants to go up to the higher...
Let's try.
(all) ♪ Do, ti, do, ti, do... ♪
Dude, that's a TikTok trend as well.
Oh yeah!
(both) ♪ Do ♪
- ♪ A do ♪ - ♪ Do ♪
So we started out with do, and we ended with do.
And that's because the musical notes always
repeat in a pattern.
We start with do, we end with do.
We can sing some higher notes -
What about the accidentals?
Actually, when you learnt it,
did you learn moveable or fixed?
- Fixed. - So if it's...
If we're doing a D major thing,
how would we do F sharp?
Oh, that's so confusing.
- I hate the moveable do. - Fi... Yeah.
- But I hate moveable do too. - Yeah.
Brett: Comments are turned off!
- People disagree. - Yeah, probably.
Well, let's see. Solfège...
...hand signs for accidentals.
- Oh, ra. Do, di. - Depends if it's a D flat or...
- C sharp. - ♪ Do ♪
- Eddy: Is that it? - Brett: Dude, that's so...
- Eddy: I think it's just more angled. - Brett: Is that D sharp?
What the heck?
Oh right, cuz you open it.
♪ Fa ♪
I thought his fa was open. Anyway.
- Alright. I'm gonna need this... - Oh nah.
...cheat sheet.
Alright! Now we're going to practice our...
...basic solfège.
Let's just play some beginner stuff.
That doesn't look beginner for solfège.
I guess since I have my violin on me,
- you can try first. - Okay.
This is re, right?
- ****. - No, that's ti.
♪ Re sol la ti do re ♪
♪ Sol, s... ♪
Oh, sol.
- ♪ Sol ♪ - Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah.
♪ Mi do re mi fa ♪
- ♪ Fi. Fi fi ♪ - Oh! ♪ Fi fi ♪
♪ Sol ♪
- F sharp! - ♪ Fi, fi ♪
S... Oh, s...
Dude, that's hard.
Should I try a different piece?
- Yeah, try a different piece. - Yeah, let's try a different one.
I'm gonna do Xue Hua Piao Piao.
- Yeah, just do that! - Do you know it?
- Do you know the... - How does the melody go?
Ding -
I can't believe we learned this.
How fast can you do it?
- Do re mi fa. - Do...
- I've already for— Alright. Do, re, mi. - Do. Re.
But oh, with one hand!
(both) ♪ Do, re, mi ♪
Fa, sol, la...
- Fa, sol, la... - Ti, do.
Ti, do.
We can make a dance out of it!
♪ Do, re, mi, fa, sol... la, ti, do ♪
♪ Ti ♪
♪ Ti, do ♪
♪ Ti do, ti do ♪
Just like TT.
Just like...
Just like TT...
♪ Just like TT ♪
- Just~ G. - What's the note?
(both) ♪ G ♪
- ♪ A. Ti, ti ♪ - Oh. ♪ G, A, ti ♪
♪ G, A, ti, ti ♪
- Oh, wow. The possibilities are endless! - Oh my god.
Wow, guys. This is a new choreograph. The do...
Oh! Do, re—
- Doe, a deer, a female deer. - Yeah.
- Everyone knows that, right? - Yeah.
(both) ♪ Doe, a deer, a female ♪
♪ Fe... ♪
- Oh, ****. - Fi, fi's down.
- Mi, mi. Female. Yeah, yeah . - Oh. Mi. Oh yeah, fe, oh f...!
- Oh, you're saying "fe," but it's mi. - You're saying "fe," yeah.
Oh, that's annoying!
Brett: Oh... That's...
- Brett: That's like... - Eddy: Can you imagine?
Brett: Oh, it's gone out.
Brett: Oh wait, there's no battery.
- Eddy: Alright guys, the battery's out. Make sure to - Brett: Yeah, battery's out!
subscribe, accent the like button.
- Brett: Please like it, otherwise... - Eddy: We love you all.
Brett: Check this out guys, I know you can't see us,
but enjoy the black screen and some music.
Brett: Here we go!
Brett: Please accent the like button!
Legato subscribe button!
Brett: We ran out of battery.
Brett: TwoSet running out of electricity.
Brett: Check out our merch! See you guys next time.
Brett: Ling Ling says go follow us!
Brett: iF yOu cAN pLaY iT sLowLY,
yOU cAn pLAy iT qUicKLy!
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Learning Musical Hand Signs

37 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on July 13, 2020
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