B2 High-Intermediate US 29 Folder Collection
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The Loud House randomizer is always unpredictable and
filled with tons of surprises.
Let's see what the randomizer picks first.
So your first step is to sharpen your skills at home.
Fresh tuna shrouded in a cold beet sauce,
and laid to rest on a bed of pineapple.
Great job, Lucy!
This is the perfect update to the Aloha Comrade menu.
I was just gonna say fish in sauce.
Looking for an outfit that will knock them dead?
This black sequin gown shimmers with the eyes of 100 vampires
on a moonless night.
This is perfect! I can't wait to put it on my fashion blog.
Nice work. The next step is to get some formal training.
OK class, give me your best rhymes for 'rose'.
- Clothes. - Bows.
Ooh, evocative.
The next step is to start putting your work out there.
Oh honey, these pillows would be perfect for the nursery.
I can't decide. 'Rage against conformity'
or 'erase the darkness'.
Get 'em both. You might have twins.
OK, you're almost ready to read your work in public,
But first, you gotta build a thick skin.
Melancholy night before a hopeless dawn.
The sun is rising soon, but all my joy is gone.
Oh, I don't wanna do this.
It's for her own good.
I'll show you how it's done.
That poem is terrible.
I have been more moved by Lynn's farts.
Aw, thank you.
You smell weird, your hair is wrong,
and I would not recommend you to my friends!
Mean little blonde, you throw stones and sticks.
But what would you know? You're only six.
Boo-ya! That's my girl.
Go for Operation Cone Zone.
Detour? Has that always been here?
Yup. It's right here on the race map.
Eyes on the road, Lans.
Woohoo! Nothing can stop us now!
And we're stopping.
Come on, Loud Lightning, you've got this.
Go for Operation Magna-Boost.
Yeah! I knew my baby could do it.
I'm OK.
Go for Operation Pig Parade.
Showtime, y'all.
We're so close to the other cars, I can smell them!
Wait, that's no exhaust. That smells like...
Mud! Sweet, sweet mud!
Not now, Lana. This is our chance.
Gun it for that ramp!
Right, right.
Woohoo! Yeah!
Tie the knot and cast away.
The wind's at your back, so don't delay.
Yes! I love sailing.
Totally, I mean you know, who doesn't?
Here, here, let me help you.
All we gotta do is make it across the pond.
Luna, hoist the main sail.
Um... yeah, the main sail...
Right by the boom.
- That pole. - Right, the pole.
Whoa, whoa!
Thanks for coming. My sisters were too busy to help.
You guys will get to share in profits.
Plus, you get all the leftover cookies you can eat.
- Mm! - Sounds great!
I don't know, man. A hairnet?
These locks can't be tamed.
- Huh? - Just put it on, Rust.
Hm... Ya! Ya!
Whoa, easy tiger.
That rolling pin is vintage.
Oh, sorry. I'll be more gentle.
Still a little rough there.
I'm barely pressing it.
Here, why don't I just do it.
Well, the label looks great, but are these bite marks?
Wait, all the cookies have them. Zack, what the heck?
What? Doing quality control.
Bad news, bud. We're out of butter.
Dang it. I already used up my allowance on the first round of ingredients.
And I used up mine on that vintage rolling pin.
Aw, don't worry fellers, I'm on it.
Now which one of you's got a gentle touch?
Hey guys, come look at the conveyer belt I rigged up.
I think it'll help make things go a lot faster.
I made it out of a treadmill your parents were getting rid of.
See, we can do an assembly line and--
The cookies!
Whoa, hey!
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The Crazy Loud House Rand-O-Mizer! | The Loud House

29 Folder Collection
鳥取 一芳 published on July 11, 2020
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