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Hi guys! Hi everybody!
And welcome to the season finale of “On the go with EF”.
This is our fourth season and, since the start,
we've travelled to over 30 EF destinations and 15 different countries.
Wow. It has been amazing, and it also has been so much fun
to get so many comments and feedback from you guys who watch us. Thank you for that.
Yes, thank you. It's been so amazing,
and Maria, you have travelled with EF and done “On the go” for four seasons now.
I know! I can't believe that! That's a long time.
Do you have a favourite memory from any of the seasons or destinations that you've been to?
From every single place I've traveled to, I have a favourite memory.
In Tokyo, it would be the Harajuku area.
And Cape Town, strolling the streets of London or Paris,
vintage shopping with you in Bournemouth … That was so much fun.
I know, and all the delicious food I've had! Yes.
And to meet all the people like Melody, Chris, all of the staff at the EF schools,
and the schools themselves. I have to say, I was very impressed.
What about you?
I think one of my favourite memories, especially, was my first ever EF vlog that I did
and I got to visit the EF school in San Diego, which has a beautiful campus, by the way.
They have a pool and a volleyball court. It's amazing.
I met so many students there.
I was able to interview them, talk a little about their holiday traditions, and it was amazing.
I got to know so many people.
It's fun to see the diversity at the schools and it's just amazing.
I remember being so nervous, but so excited, so I will always treasure that memory.
Today is our season finale.
And this is the last episode that we, the EF vlog presenters, will do.
Wow. This feels special, so we really wanted to gather all the presenters for this episode
and they're with us today from all over the world and you will meet them just a little bit later.
Yes. We know that many of you watching have traveled with EF before and like to make videos,
so we thought it was time to hand over the video-making to you guys, our viewers.
This is very exciting, guys,
because today, we're launching our “EF Student Stories Video Competition”.
You can participate, whether you've traveled with EF before or not,
because we have several different categories.
The winner is going to win a pretty amazing prize,
so what you'll win is a 2-week language course to any EF destination of your choice,
and the language courses, accommodation, and half board will be included.
There will also be five other winners who will win a $100 gift card to amazon.com
Those are pretty amazing prizes, right? So, what kind of video should you make?
To give everybody a chance to participate, whether you have traveled with EF before or not,
there are four different video categories that you can choose from.
If you have studied with EF before, then categories 1 and 2 are for you,
because they're all about your EF experience.
The first category is called the “EF Destination Video”,
and this is perfect if you have studied with EF before and you want to talk about your experience.
You could mention your school, talk about the language classes you took,
some of the students you met and places that you went to visit while you were there.
We're going to go see Liam in Barcelona now and he's going to give us an example.
Are you studying at an EF school?
Make a video about your stay with EF and send it in – like this.
Barcelona is well known for its lovely beaches, palm trees and wonderful architecture.
One of my favourite things is the street art. This city is full of different types of graffiti.
Like in this skate park, here, you can see lots of different colours
and the artwork is being constantly updated.
People come here every day, pretty much, and just spray new stuff on the walls,
so this is one of my favourite parts about Barcelona: all the street art.
Video Category #2 is “EF Student Testimonial”.
This means that you are going to tell us about your experience starting with EF,
so set up your camera and go!
You can include footage from your trip if you would like to, but it's not mandatory.
Asia is going to tell us a little bit more.
Hey guys, it's Asia. I hope you guys are all doing really well.
Have you studied with EF and want to share your experience or advice?
Make a video! Talk into the camera and send it in. Just like this.
I went with EF to Vancouver and the city was so great.
There were so many fun things to do, it's clean, and I met a lot of really great people.
So, the first two categories are for people who have studied with EF.
If you haven't, don't worry,
because the next two categories coming up are for those who have not traveled with EF before.
Video Category #3 is called “City Guide”. If you'd like to have a look at the eligible cities,
follow the link below, and Kendra is going to tell us more.
Hi, guys! How are you? Are you going to London or, say, Berlin?
Well, make a City Guide and send it in, sort of like this:
On a sunny day, I'm in Berlin, at Treptower Park.
I walked down from the shops and restaurants in Kreuzberg
to have some peace and quiet and really just enjoy the weather.
Here, you can also take a ferry boat to other parts of the city
or relax next to the water and have an ice cream.
Before you leave, make sure to walk down along the water and see Molecule Man.
It's a cool monument and you get a great view of Oberbaum Bridge.
Then we have the fourth and last video category, which is General Travel Advice.
Elenor will explain more about it.
Hey guys! For the fourth type of video you can make,
you're going to make a video about travel advice, regardless of whether you have traveled with EF.
Choose your angle by yourself.
Maybe you're really good at packing or dressing for a flight.
We want to hear about all your travel tips and we want your video to inspire others to travel.
Your imagination is the limit regarding what kind of video you want to make.
As an example, I'm going to show you what I bring in my hand luggage on a flight.
I like to bring a good book because I'm going to have a lot of hours to fill and I like to read.
I also bring some headphones and my phone
because I like to listen to some previously downloaded podcasts.
A sleeping mask,
so if you want to take a nap and the lights happen to be on, you can still fall asleep.
I also bring some hand sanitizer because it's important to keep clean.
Those are my travel tips. Now we want to hear yours. Thank you so much. Good luck!
These were the four categories.
They're also listed below in the competition rules, so just choose your category and start creating.
You should start making and submitting your videos now
because we will be reviewing them continuously, and the best videos that you make will be featured
on EF's new YouTube channel called the “EF Student Stories”,
and all the information will be in the description box below.
If your video is really awesome, it may also be here on EF's main YouTube channel.
The final date to submit your video is October 1st
and the winners will be announced on October 30th 2020 here,
on EF's main YouTube channel, and they will be announced under the “Community” tab.
To enter the competition, you must be at least 18 years old
or, if you are just under 18, you can ask your parents to help you sign up.
All of the complete competition rules will be listed below.
So, it's time for you to start creating, making videos and just be creative.
See what you come up with! We're really excited to see them.
And have fun, guys. Yes.
Guys, let's celebrate this amazing adventure that we've been on and … have some cake!
Yes! Cake! This looks so nice.
Thank you.
Speaking of those who are going to make their own videos,
Angelina, what would be your advice?
Oh, I think that one of the most important things when you're making videos
is definitely to have good sound.
Have a microphone, maybe film where it's not super loud and crowded, you know.
That would be my advice. Very useful.
What about you?
Try to relax as much as you can, have fun with it, and be yourself.
Don't you forget to make those videos
and remember, life is a journey and you learn so much by traveling and studying abroad.
Thank you so much for watching. And I have a surprise for you.
Look at this. It's a party popper! Party Poppers!
One, two, three! Yay! Glitter everywhere! Oh my gosh!
Bye, guys!
Have some cake. Mmm. It's good.
It's really good. I know!
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Video competition: Now it's YOUR turn to make videos -On the go with EF #123

45 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on July 9, 2020
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