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Hello, darlings! Welcome back to “On the go with EF”.
If you're following our vlog, then you know that I am in London now.
Last week my friend Daniel took us to this really nice place called South Bank.
Today, we're going to discover a livelier part of the city - the shopping part of the city.
It's probably the centre of all the shopping in Europe: Oxford Circus.
It's a very good place to be if you want to discover some of the biggest flagship stores that are there.
We're not only going to be discovering shops, but I'm going to take you to some of my favorite
beauty salons – some hidden places so that you get the real insider tips.
Behind me is one of the biggest British flagship stores, Topshop.
Here you can find all the hip, cool and really interesting things
designed by young and upcoming designers. And it's also nice to your wallet.
Right next to it is Topman, the counterpart for guys, so you can all come shopping here.
Let's go discover it.
Hi guys! We're in Topshop now and we're going to try on some really cool things. Check it out.
Hello, darlings. Topshop was awesome. I think I can spend the whole day here,
but let's continue walking on Oxford Street. There's so much more to see.
This is my favourite: Assam skinny bubble tea.
They opened a little counter in Topshop next to these delicious cupcakes.
We're going to walk to my favorite department store. We're going to show you all the goodies there.
Guys, there's basically everything here. This is John Lewis, a big department store where you can find a lot of things.
Behind me is H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and a bunch of nice-to-the-wallet brands here.
Some are British, some are international.
Even if they're international, they bring the collections that you only get in big cities like London and Paris,
so it's really fun to come shopping here. I'm in love with this.
Forever 21!
Okay, guys. This is probably even cheaper than Topshop and has a lot of fashionable styles.
Look at all of these Coachella vibes. It's really good.
London is full of department stores,
but if we're talking fashion, there are four that you really need to know.
In Knightsbridge, there's Harrod's and Harvey Nichols, which is a bit more young and trendy.
Then, in Soho, there's the quirky Liberty.
But my favorite of them all, here on Oxford Street, is Selfridges.
They just have the most amazing of the latest fashion trends,
collections and beauty things … It's just really full of really good things!
And it has the bright yellow bags.
Here's the famous Selfridges Beauty Workshop.
Here you can get anything done: your hair braided, a manicure, makeup, facial … Name it, and get it done here.
I'm going with the Portobello Terrace. Let's get it done.
From straight to curly in 15 minutes. Less than 15 minutes!
This was fun! Look at me, I'm all new. I'm done.
Let's walk a couple of more blocks on Oxford Street. There's another place I want to show you.
This is Primark behind me. It's unbelievably big, cheap and very popular.
You can buy jeans, shoes, and T-shirts there for under 10 pounds,
and a cashmere sweater for under 30 pounds.
They have stuff for girls and guys. You guys can imagine how busy it can get.
We're not going to go in, but if you do want to, come early in the morning to avoid all the crowds.
I've changed my mind now. I just had to check it out and see what else I can get.
That was huge … and a lot of cheap stuff.
We've reached the Marble Arch and that was the Oxford Street stretch that I wanted to show to you
with all the really great shops from Oxford Circus until here.
It's a really great place to go shopping and get yourself a new outfit,
but also a very good place to change the way you look.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done to change your look?
Comment below and the winner is going to get these awesome flash tattoos from Topshop.
See you guys later!
Next week: Kendra explores Berlin.
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Maria's shopping guide to Oxford Street, London - On the go with EF #31

60 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on July 9, 2020
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